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FAQ's Rehab Centers That Accept Medicare In Worthington Springs Florida

I Did Cocaine, My Mom Said Before I Went Out That I &Quot;Can'T Fool Her&Quot;...How Do I Talk To Her?What Do I Say?
This Is Gonna Be Kinda Long, Since I Think The Background Is Important(Sorry). I Am Supposed To Be A Recovering Heroin Addict. My Mother Knows, Since I Told Her And My Stepdad, So I Could Get Into Some Kind Of Drug Rehab Program (Im Under Their Medical Insurance Plan). Well, Im In Outpatient Treatment,Waiting To Get Into Inpatient. Today I Did A Lot Of Cocaine, And My Mother Knew As Soon As She Saw Me That I Was Planning On Getting Drugs (She Can Tell By Now).She Doesnt Know What Drugs, But She Just 'Knows' When Im Going To Do It. She Left Me A Really Sad Message On My Cel. Phone Saying Simply That I Cant Fool Her;Then She Called Me And Basically Told Me That She Knows What Im Doing,Etcetera. She Didnt Yell At Me Or Anything, She Was Just Sad.Worried.Despair Has A Tight Grip On Her Heart. Apologizing Would Be Stupid And Meaningless. I Really Dont Know What To Tell Her When I See Her. Anyone With A Similar Experience?I Need Insight. Im Emotionally Constipated.

well, if you had ANY desire to STOP doing drugs (eeww) then you will take your moms comfort and love and support in a heart beat! If you keep doing drugs, YOU WON'T HAVE A HEART BEAT!

I suggest that you just blert out everything to your mom. Since your brain is not functioning well at this time. Let her help you!

She sounds very calm about what your doing and that is a good thing. You wouldn't want her yelling at you right? because you'd probably want to never talk with her. So she is expressing her feelings about this with you in a sad voice. She's telling you that she dis likes what your doing but also letting you know through the TONE of her voice, that she is WANTING to help you! Listen to her, Let her help you!

Stop doing drugs. They will NOT get you anywhere in life. I know it's easier said than done. But I pray for you and I will keep you in my thoughts and prayers. Please listen to your mom. Let her take care of you!

You are putting a price on your life(or limit) but your mom is PRICELESS! ( UNLIMITED )

Generally, How Much Do Rehab Programs Cost If Not Covered By Insurance?
I'M Looking Into This For A Friend And A Price Range Or Something Would Be Extremely Helpful. (If It'S Important, It'D Be A Self-Esteem Rehab Program For Like Depression/Eating Disorders/Etc) Thanks So Much In Advance.

There are non-profit treatment centers such as the Caron Treatment Centers in PA, TX, NY, etc

Call 1-800-854-6023 to find out more information about the Caron Treatment Facilities and other services they offer for family and friends. They are mostly for drug, alcohol and eating disorders.

The page below has videos and much more information on the Caron programs.

County rehabs are far less expensive than state-run facilities. There are 2-week and 28 day programs, which can run from about $200-1,000 dollars a day in my Appalachian Mountain region. If your friend has been court-ordered into treatment, the county you live in must pay the costs for inpatient care and follow up treatment. Social services, juvenile authorities, and police (in cases where the law has been broken) can persuade attorneys and judges to court order treatment.

People rarely go to treatment centers for depression or self-esteem issues, but they do go for addictions and/or trauma (such as chronic child abuse, incest related illnesses like ptsd)..

Whats A Good Rehab Center In Texas Or Near Albuquerque, New Mexico?

There are several good places in both states and several organizations that can help you. It is hard not know what your problem/addiction is to recommend a place. Each place may specialize in different areas. Some places to all kinds of rehab however they are usually really good or recommend for one thing. You need to find a place that specializes in your problem/addiction. Here are some places and also websites that tell about the organizations to help you and what each rehab specializes in. Also there are places that are all male or female if you prefer that. It also depends if you are looking for a day program, inpatient or outpatient program. The websites below can help you find places that will meet your needs.
This website is wonderful we have recommend it to several people (used to work in mental health) they have a 24 hour hotline that can help you find a place.

These are some clinics that I have recommended:

This place has locations in both TX and NM which could be helpful to continue OP treatment if you are going between each state.

As for places in TX there are several across the state. Here are a few that I have recommend people to:

Here are some other great sites that offer information and hotlines to help you find places, they also have counselors that will speak with you on the phone should you find yourself needing someone:

If you have insurance coverage you need to check with them before you go anywhere. Make sure you find out what your benefits are and what facilities they will cover. A lot of insurances require you to have “pre-certification” before you go. If you cannot make the call you can give permission to the person on the phone to speak with a relative and friend. I would hate to see you check into a clinic and have a huge bill because of the insurance. I know it is hard and I know that it is a pain to call them however when everything is said and done with you will be happy you did. If you do not have insurance contact the clinics they might be able to find ways to get some of your stay paid for with some of the state programs. I might also contact the department of health services they might be able to assist you in getting some type of help.
When you do find a facility to go to you need to contact them first. Why well you need to make sure they have room and some require appointments for evaluation. They do this so they can put you in the proper program. Again I understand how frustration this can be, but think of how frustrated you will be if you show up and they do not have room. Most places can get you in within a day or two, just be patient and use people for support until you get in. You can also call several hotlines that will help you stay on track! Good luck to you or whoever is seeking treatment, it is a huge step and one that you/they should be proud of. It is not easy, but you/they can do it. Get your family support and remember you/they are doing this so they can live life again.

Methadone Detox While Pregnant?
Hey-Been On Meth For 2 Years After Foolishly Getting Stuck On Heroin. I Was Detoxing And Down To 35 Mgs When I Found Out That I Accidentally Got Pregnant. My Husband And I Def Did Not Plan This! I Am Now 8 Weeks Pregnant And Down To 26 Mgs, Dropping 3 A Week. My Reasons For Continuing The Detox: I Would Rather Have A Miscarriage Than A Baby Born Addicted. I Would Rather Not Have Another Baby (Have One Healthy Beautiful Daughter 5 Yrs) Than Have One With Child Services In The Hospital Or &Quot;Monitering&Quot; Us, I Am Ready To Be Off Meth. I Have Seen That Most Reasons In Scientific Papers For Advocating Mothers To Be To Stay On Meth While Preg Is That They Think I Will Run Out And Jam A Dirty Needle In My Arm The Second My Detox Is Over! My Question Is, Has Anyone Out There Done This? I Am Nervous Because I Am Hiding The Pregnancy B/C If I Tell, They Could Stop My Detox And I Am Buying My Own Vitamins B/C I Am Afraid If I Go To An Ob/Gyn B4 I'M Off Meth, They Will Report Me To Social Services!

If you REALLY plan to have this baby, it's time to see an Ob/Gyn and tell your methadone clinic you're pregnant. They've all seen worse scenarios than this. Nobody is going to fault you for being pregnant while on methadone. They might even commend you for getting off the heroin.

Chances are that they will not stop your treatment all at once. And they probably don't believe you're going to "run out and jab a dirty needle in your arm." They keep you on it because they don't want you to go into shock or lose your baby during a rapid detox. They might help you wean off of it, so you and the baby are clean by the time the baby is born.

YOU SHOULD NOT TRY TO GET OFF THE METHADONE ALL AT ONCE ALL BY YOURSELF. Rapid detox is entirely more harmful to you and the baby you're carrying.

Whats The Average Street Price Of Subutex In The Uk?

You are asking about illegal drugs being idea.
Buprenorphine can cause a drug dependence, Subutex is not for occasional recreational use. It is to be used as a continuous treatment method and may become dangerous if usage is stopped too quickly and prescribed by a doctor

I Am Planning To Home Detox Off Of 6 To 10 7.5 Norcos A Day Have Been Taking Them For About 6 Years?
What Will Help With The Withdraw Symptoms And What Will The Withdraws Be

My friend, this is probably not going to be what you want to hear but the best thing you can do is check yourself into a detox facility and allow them to treat you with a clonidine and methadone or suboxone taper. 6 years is a long time and the withdrawal from this, though not the strongest of opiates, will be very uncomfortable. If you insist on going through it at home (which i do not recommend) there are a few things you should have near you at all times so you don't have to travel too far to get them. trust me on this one, you wont want to.

1. Immodium (for GI disturbances)
2. compazine or some similar nausea medication (Rx only, but you should have no problems getting the physician who wrote you the script for the norcos to prescribe for your situation.
3. Motrin (take 800mg or 4 tablets as needed for bone pain)
4. benedryl (or something similar to help you sleep, but chances are you won't be able to)
5. Skelaxin/Robaxin (or some type of skeletal muscle relaxant again RX only)
6. Gatorade or some kind of easy to drink fluid replenishment.
7. Vitamin B complex

Basically what you're going to be doing is symptomatic treatment. Opiate withdrawal will not kill you in its own right, but it can make you wish you were dead. The thing is, malnourishment and dehydration from not eating and vomiting can kill you so have someone who can anticipate what you're going through to be there to help you with anything you need. Get rid of any narcotics in the house because they will want to help you when they see you suffering and begging, but more narcotics are only going to prolong the whole thing. just do it one step at a time.

this is going to be a rough time for you, and I implore you to seek professional help. Even if you have a legitimate need for the hydrocodone, you should look up Narcotics Anonymous/Alcoholics Anonymous meetings in your area. they are everywhere so you will be able to find one.

I know that this is going to be tough, but you can do it. I know almost exactly what your going through except my problem was with a sorry boy called "Charlie." I want to help you and i'm pretty sure that you will be able to email me once you get this response, feel free to email me if you want to talk about anything. Unfortunately this is all too familiar to me, and I just happen to have a terrible amount of experience with it. If you have any questions about anything, need help finding NA/AA meetings in your area, or just need a little support email me.

Hope this helps

Methadone Or Suboxone?
Hello, I Am Wondering About People'S Experiences With Methadone And Suboxone, And Any Opinions On Which Would Be Better For Me. I Have Been Addicted To Hydrocodone, Then Roxycodone, For 5 Years. I Have Tried Rehab Twice, And Gone To Na For Awhile. I Continuously Relapse. Now I Am Just Trying To Keep My Job And Stay In College Without Going To Rehab Again After Relapsing. I Take 3 To 5 Roxycodone A Day. Get Very Very Sick After Going Over 12 Hours Without One, Etc. So I'M Wondering Which Would Be Better? Because There Is A Treatment Center Near My House That Offers Counseling, Meetings, Therapy, Programs, Tied In With The Choice Of Methadone Or Suboxone Treatment. Thank You..

Everyone is different. Some swear on methadone while others do much better on Suboxone. Personally I have done great on methadone but never felt right during the month or so I was on suboxone. But then I know people who feel horrible on methadone. Imo, since your use isn't very heavy right now you should try suboxone first. Give it a couple of months. If it isn't working for you you can switch to methadone. It's much easier to switch to methadone from sub than the other way around. There are also benefits with sub that you don't have to come to the clinic every day (although some clinics do require frequent visits but they aren't required to by law as methadone clinics are). Federal law allows doctors that are licensed to prescribe suboxone to give their patients a prescription for 30 days worth of medication right off the bat. With methadone you have to attend the clinic daily for the first 30 days and then you get one take home dose at a time. After about a year you get to come weekly and eventually you can come once a month (some states only allow max bi-weekly takehomes).
Going to a methadone clinic every day sounds like a real pain, I know, but it's really not that bad and you gain your takehomes quickly. The routine of going to the clinic is also helpful for some people. If sub doesn't work for you methadone is a great alternative.
One drawback is that suboxone is usually more expensive. It's usually covered by health insurance but if you don't have insurance methadone may be cheaper.

Please keep in mind that there are a lot of misconceptions out there about methadone and suboxone, especially methadone. People like to tell you what they've heard like it's the absolute truth. It rarely is so take what you hear with a grain of salt. One example of a common misconception is the one mentioned above, that methadone is so hard to get off. There is some truth to that but those who use it as an argument against methadone don't understand the treatment. Methadone withdrawal is like any opiate withdrawal for the most part. One thing that sets it apart is that it lasts much longer because methadone is a long acting drug. But this is just an issue if you get off cold turkey and that is never the intention with the treatment. Whether you stay on methadone for a short time or a long time the idea is always to taper slowly so that you don't experience withdrawal symptoms. The same is true for suboxone. Suboxone will also cause bad withdrawals like any opiate but if it's tapered you shouldn't have any significant symptoms. If you do it correctly you should be fine.

One thing that is important to know with both medications that a lot of people don't understand is how super important a correct dose is. A lot of people stay on a low dose because they think it's better but that's a huge mistake. If you take too little it won't work and you will continue to have cravings and often relapse. A correct dose is different for everyone. But it should be a dose that keeps all withdrawal symptoms away for at least 24 hours and that completely eliminates your cravings and desire to use opiates. You could put me in a room full of dope right now and I wouldn't touch it because I don't want it. But if I wasn't on methadone I would be using the dope before I knew it. That's why methadone and suboxone works - it removes your desire to use, not only the physical withdrawal symptoms.
Once you reach a dose that will "hold you" for 24 hours you will normally have to go up a bit more until you reach the correct dose that removes the cravings. The average correct dose for methadone is 80-120mg but some need much more and some need less. Just don't worry about staying on a low dose for the heck of it. A good suboxone dose is usually over 8mg. Just focus on how you feel. It may take a while to get there but you will.

Some people think it's best to taper as soon as possible. That's also a mistake. The longer you are in treatment the better. At least 2 years are recommended. Many need much more than that and some need to take medication for life.

I wish you the best of luck. You'll be amazed at how good you feel once you no longer have to use drugs and can feel normal and live a normal life.

Question About Alcohol...?
I Was Just Watching Rehab: Party At The Hard Rock Hotel, And They Were Talking About Selling Magnums And Belvederes (Sp?). Are Those Types Of Alcohol, Or Sizes Of Certain Alcohol? Thanks!

belvedere is a brand of premium vodka... most commonly in the range of grey goose, ciroc, and chopin. it is better than absolute but lower than stoli elite.

in this situation, magnum is not refering to a beer. instead, it is refering to the size of the bottle. in the club, all the bottle prices are listed for the basic 750ml standard bottle size. in some cases, the word magnum may appear next to the name of a brand... if this happens, it means that the size of the bottle is 1.5L (twice the size of a standard bottle).

in the club, the magnum size bottle is most commonly seen in the form of vodka, cognac, or champagne. mostly because belvedere, ciroc, hennessey, moet, and dom perignon are all brands of the same family. louisvuittonmoethennessey incorpoarated. this was a marketing move many years ago to make people pay more for alcohol inside of the club.

Am I Actually A Cocaine Addict?
I Am A 19-Year Old Guy, And I Just Started College A Little While Ago. I Have A Chemistry Class With Someone Who Sells Cocaine. I'Ve Been Snorting In For The Last Couple Of Weeks, And I Love The Feelings It Gives Me. I Feel So Cool, Popular, So Amazing. But I Know It'S All Fake. The Trouble Is, All I Can Think About Is Wanting More Cocaine. I Just Want To Cut A Few More Lines And Enjoy The Amazing Feelings. I Honestly Couldn'T Focus On My Studying Tonight Because All I Could Think About Was Cocaine. Am I An Addict?

Sad to say but yes you are an addict. What I would do is take a few days off go to a therapist or a rehab center near by before any of this gets worse. Many have gotten into horrible danger from this type of situation. Its good you want help, also stay away from this guy and if he talks to you about buying so more say no and walk away. Don't do anything stupid or get in any fights and if your strong enough then this will help but if not then there is nothing else that I can tell you. I hope this helps and I hope you get off it soon.

My Only Income Is Ssi Where Can I Get Into A Drug Rehab Program. I Live In Barstow Calif?

Drug Rehab near Barstow
Barstow Center for Change
(760) 256-9224 - 200 E Williams St, Barstow, CA
Get Directions
Panorama Ranch-Barstow
(760) 256-7313 - 234 E Fredricks St, Barstow, CA
Get Directions
Oasis House
(760) 255-3857 - 300 S 1st Ave, Barstow, CA
Get Directions
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Need Answers! Have A Friend Addicted To Drugs!?
He's Been Addicted To Drinking, Oxycotin, And Now Heroin!!! I'm Very Scared For Him. I Know He Is A Grown Man But What On Earth Can I Do To Help. He Knows Exactly Where I Stand On The Subject. I Offer For Him To Hangout With My Husband And Our Friends To Keep Him Out Of Trouble. But It's No Help. Are There Rehabs That Don't Cost Anything Up Front?! Can I Take Him Somewhere? He Seems Like He Wants The Help.

Heroin addiction is very serious. You can bring him to the emergency room for blood tests. They will have to hospitalize him in a rehab center if he has dangerous amounts of substances in his blood. If you don't have insurance, the hospital can negotiate a price and payment plan for you.
Some churches or parishes offer drug or substance abuse treatment. Call any local parishes of yours and see if they offer a like program.
I really hope you can find effective help for your friend. Good luck to you and him.

All About Drug Detox Tests...?
I Hope To Get A Government Job, And This May Sound Kinda Childish, But I Don'T Want To Give Up Marijuana. I Haven'T Smoked A Pipe In About A Year, So I'M Straight So Far. I'M A Heavy Smoker, I Could Probably Finish Off 3 Or 4 G'S In One Sitting (5 Or 6 Blunts), And I Don'T Hit Rookie Sh*T, Either. (A Typical Dime For Me Costs About $15 On A Good Deal). I'M 6'2&Quot; And 165 Pounds. I Started At Age 13. That'S The Basics... Do Detox Kits Really Work? Even After The First Initial Test That Occurs On The Day Or Your Application, I Know That The Government Test You At Random, And They Usually Fill The 90 Day Intervals. What Fluids Should I Drink? How Much Should I Drink For My Size And Weight? For How Long? Up Until When? Can I 'Overdo' It? If You Can, Give Me The Name Of A Site Or The Name Of A Good Detox Kit. I'Ll Even Travel To China For One. I Don'T Care About The Price, Either. Give Me The Name For One For My Hair And My System. I Hope My Question Is Easy To Answer. Thank You.

I would have to say - give up the idea of a government job. Your body is probably so full of THC I doubt you would ever get it out - not with a detox kit anyway. If by some miracle you did pass the first drug test, the random drug test would get you and what a waste that would be. You might as well find yourself something to do that won't require drug testing (which is getting increasingly difficult to find). Good luck.

I'M Situated At Beach Haven, New Jersey, And I Want To Know How I Can Find Drug Rehabs Here. Any Ideas?
A Friend Of Mine Has Recently Gotten Himself Heroin-Addicted. It Hurts Me So To See Him Act So Differently From How He Once Was. I'Ve Just Convinced Him That He'S Better Off Without The Drug, And He Has Agreed To Get Himself Rehabilitated. How Will I Find The Right Drug Rehab For Him?

You can take him to the nearest hospital to get him heroin detoxed. You can also ask the doctors for recommendations, and information about what kind of drug treatment would be right for your friend. You can peruse through the links I've included below to widen your choices. Be sure to inquire before you pick one for your friend. Good luck and I'll keep him in my prayers.

Rapid Detox?
Has Anyone Been Through Or Know Anyone Who Has Been Through Rapid Detox For Addiction? Is It Safe? Does It Work?

I've never gone through it, but I do have contact with a colleague who did work in a center that did it for a while. That is, if you are referring to the rapid detox done under anesthetic. I can understand why an addict might want to do it this way, because the traditional method of detoxing is not quick nor painless, and it takes a lot longer than just 2 or 3 days to go through. But honestly, the process scared me and her- which is why she's not working with it now. You are basically put to sleep, for anywhere between one day and up to 48 hours. While you are under anesthesia, they administer large doses of drugs to rapidly physically detox the body. You would need to be asleep for that, otherwise you wouldn't be able to stand the process. If it's successful, at the end of that time you are awoken clean- that is physically anyway. Unfortunately, that's as far as a lot of the programs will take you, and addiction isn't that simple. It's not just the physical addiction you have to deal with, it's the mental side of things, and the fact that a person's life may have been changed to revolve around the drug use. And unless those are addressed, you just aren't going to stay clean and free. At best, some of them will dismiss you with a prescription for a drug to help prevent a relapse- naltrexone, which is an opiate antagonist. If you slip up and do drugs with that in your system, you will really regret it. And it can also kill you. I think the jury is still out on how safe it is. I do know the facility she worked at did have a couple fatalities as a result of the detox process - but don't know the exact details. If you are looking at a program that is not being conducted in a hospital setting, by doctors and staff who are trained to do it, I would not recommend it at all. You also want to be very clear on what is included in the price tag as well- if it will only cover the detox process, or if there is additional support and therapy afterwards. Or if they are just in the business of doing the physical detox and then you are on your own afterwards. You can detox over a weekend, yes- but come Monday morning, there will be other things that still need help. I'm not, nor have I ever been an addict, so I can't really offer you any insight from that perspective. I've worked only with the traditional detox programs. So I certainly understand why you might not find the traditional detox program attractive. But I'm not sold that it's something you can do in just a weekend either. Addiction just isn't that simple, if just cleaning house and saying no afterwards worked, there wouldn't be such a problem with it. But if it means the difference between continuing an addiction or getting clean, and you could arrange for after care to attend to the rest of the addiction issues, then I couldn't blame you for giving it a shot. Just give yourself the best shot at whipping the addiction by making sure you have assistance for whipping all the addiction, and not just the physical side of it. One final consideration, for what it's worth- none of the medical insurance companies will pay for this particular therapy, at least none that I am aware of. It's not because it costs more, because as a rule it doesn't cost any more than the traditional programs do. They say it is still experimental, and it is very controversial in the addiction treatment circles. So whichever way you choose to go, just be smart choosing one and be sure there is support for afterwards. Otherwise, it most likely won't work for you.

I Have A Drug Screening Test. Can Anyone Tell Me How Long Cocaine Will Stay In You System. Has Anyone Taken?
Anyone Who Has Taken One Of Those Detox Drinks Before A Drug Test Tell Me Do They Really Work? Any Recomindation Besides Don'T Do Drugs Would Be Helpfull. Thanks!

Up to 4 days, depending on the test. If it's a standard urine or saliva test - the most common. Even if you went on a cocaine binge, I'd say like 4 days and you're totally 100% in the clear. If it's a hair or nail test, which are expensive and unusual for companies to perform (especially nowadays), then it could be several weeks, because those tests measure a sample of hair or nail, and evidence of your body's use of the drug doesn't not wane over time in such samples, it just grows farther and farther out until it is cut off.

Let's assume this is a urine test. If so, great! Those are the easiest to trick. You can find someone who doesn't use and ask him or her to donate some fresh urine, put it in a plastic blatter (smaller, but similar to the ones in carpet shampoo machines) under your clothes and cross your fingers that your friend was telling the truth about his drug use. The better option would be to get something called the Whizzinator, which my friend (really, it was a friend, not I) uses on a routine basis to pass drug tests. The Whizzinator is quite expensive (around $70 a pop), but it's synthetic urine that's clean clean clean! Not sure if it's from an actual human or truly synthetic, but no tests I know of are sophisticated enough to detect it yet. It's sold at adult stores as a "sex novelty" or "marital aid." You can also find it online by typing it in the way I wrote it (WHIZZINATOR). Tie the WHIZZINATOR urine pouch around your waist before you leave for the exam, and drain it like you're peeing while in the exam room or bathroom. Even if someone is standing behind you watching you urinate, they'll never know that the yellow liquid is coming from a container tied to your waist, and not from you. Not sure where you reside, but in the US it's illegal for someone to watch you urinate as part of a drug test - violates civil liberties or something. Because the Whizzinator sits right next to your skin, the urine will be at an acceptable temperature and no one will suspect a thing.

If you have a saliva test, which is also very common, I'm not sure what you can do! They make shampoos and soaps that supposedly wash away any traces of drug use from hair and nails, but who knows how well they work - I have no first hand knowledge. Golden Seal and other herbs sold at head shops are guaranteed to help you pass or your money back, so I would invest in a product with such a guarantee, so in the event that you DON'T pass, you can always try to seek a refund for the wasted money (usually at least $30 or more!). I have taken the Golden Seal before and I'm convinced that it DOES actually work, although if I had a choice of the WHIZZINATOR (which I haven't triied) or the Golden Seal, I'd take the WHIZZINATOR, even at twice the price.

Good luck to you and hope that lengthy answer helped clear up some questions.

Would This Man Actually Get An Meds By Doing This?
I Saw A Man On The Bus Asking Different People If They Could Call A Phone Number For Him Because He Claimed That The Phone He Had Was Out Of Minutes. I Declinedon'T And So Did The Other People That I Saw Him Ask, But He Had Some Paper With What Looked Like A Few 1-800 Numbers And It Said &Quot;Zubsolv&Quot; Or Something Like That At The Top. Just Wondering Why He Thought Calling From Another Number Would Help Him Get What Is Apparently A Controlled Substance.

If he was trying to get a prescription for a controlled substance it wouldn't matter what phone he used, and it is unlikely that he would be using a 1800 number. These things require a written prescription that has to be hand delivered to a pharmacist and picked up with photo ID so it can be tracked.

I'M Seeking A Quality Alcoholic Inpatient Rehabilitation Facility Located In A Good Area Of Las Vegas.?
I'M Looking To Get My Mom Into A Rehab In Las Vegas. Does Anybody Know Of A Good Inpatient Rehab Center Within The $600-$1000 Per Month Price Range? It Must Be Located In A Good Area, And The Center Must Also Treat Alcoholism (As Opposed To Solely Drug Addiction). Thanks So Much In Advance! I Need To Find One Asap.

Check out Spring Mt Treatment facilities, there are several that deal with drugs and alcohol and some by age group

Can Two Recovering Addicts Stay Together?
My Boyfriend And I Used Heroin Together (Snorting It Was The Only Route Of Administration We Used) For A Few Months. At First, It Was Only Once Every Other Weekend. It Did Bother Me A Lot At First, Because When It Started, I Didn't Really Like To Use It. I Talked To A Few Close Friends And Asked Them What To Do. I Suggested Giving Him An Ultimatum: "It's Me Or The Dope", Basically. However, I Leared From My Friends' Advice And My Own Insights That He Wouldn't Quit Just Because Of An Ultimatum. It Didn't Really Seem To Be A Problem Until We Started Doing It More. It Seemed That Some If It Seemed To Be A Coping Mechanism For Him To Deal With The Death Of A Close Family Member Of His. That Occurred Two Months Ago. For About A Month To Six Weeks, We Used It About Every Other Day. We Both Tried To Quit, But Found It Difficult Because Of The Painful Withdrawal Symptoms. I Suggested Methadone To Him, To Which He Agreed To Try. However, It Was Difficult To Get To A Clinic Because Of Our Obligations To Work, School, Etc. We Decided That As Soon As We Had Time Off From School, We Would Do This Together And Get Sober. Earlier This Past Week, He Called Me To Inform Me That He Admitted What Was Going On To His Mother When She Asked Him About It. That Morning, The Three Of Us Went To A Substance Abuse/Mental Health Center. After Talking With The Staff, He And His Mom Decided Not To Use Their Facilities For Detox Due To Its High Price. So, He And I Detoxed Ourselves And Neither Of Us Has Relapsed. It Hasn't Been A Full Week Yet, But That Is A Big Step Because It Happened When We Attempted To Quit Previously. Now, On The Morning Of The Day We Went To The Clinic, I Decided To "Finish" The Rest Of My Dope. I Remember Saying To Them, "I Don't Have A Problem" At The Clinic. However, I Later Realized That I Obviously Had A Problem If I Was Using Just Before Going There. Later That Day, I Went To My Boyfriend's House And He Started To Tell Me That He Didn't Want To Be With Me Because He Didn't Think That I Was Serious About Getting Clean. I Understand Where He Was Coming From. He Also Mentioned Moving For A Semester To Another Part Of The Country. Later That Day (Or Maybe The Next Day), We Reconciled And Decided To Stay Together. I Was Happy Because I Figured That One Of The Good Things To Come Out Of Our Sobriety Was The Fact That We Could Actually Be A Real Couple Again, Without A Preoccupation With Drugs. I Was Truly Happy About It. On Friday (Today Is Sunday), We Were Talking On The Phone, For His Parents Aren't Allowing Anyone To Come Over Or Him To Go Anywhere, At Least For A While. (His Mom Said That After The Weekend, Things May Loosen Up A Little Bit.) Anyway, I Became Emotionally Upset Due To The Fact That I Missed Him So Much, In Combination With My Withdrawal Symptoms. We Started To Argue And He Told Me That It Was Much Harder On Him, Etc. He Said That He Didn't Want To Be With Me Again. He Said That He Felt It Was Too Much About Drugs. I Feel Differently. Yes, They Were Part Of Our Lives, But I Know There Ws Much More To Our Relationship Than Drugs. He Also Said Something About Moving Again. I Didn't Talk To Him Too Much On Friday Or Saturday. When I Did, I Reiterated My Feelings. I Personally Feel That Much Of This Is Due To Being Overwhelmed. He Has Said Things In The Past That He Didn't Want To Be With Me, When He Was Stressed And Over Whelmed (After A Fight Sometimes), Only To Have Us Getting Back Together. Anyway, Moving And Cutting Out The "Enablers" Seems Like The Ideal Thing To Do. But, His Problems Will Still Be Here When Gets Back. I Can Understand Taking A Vacation, But Not Just Leaving Everything Behind. Also, He Is Still Remaining Friends With Other Users. I Do Understand That Right Now, We Both Need To Get Better On Work On Our Own Personal Recovery, But I Don't Think It Has To Involve End Our Relationship For Good. Just Knowing That We Were Still Something Gave Me So Much Strength. Perhaps We Can Spend Time Apart, But I Know That I Want To Still Be With Him. I Do Want To Respect His Wishes, But It's Hard When You Love Someone Like I Love Him. I Just Hope That He Will Start To Realize That We Were More Than Drugs. How Can I Help Him? Is It Possible For Us To Stay/Be Together After This? Does It Seem Like He Could Be Just Saying This Due To His Initial Resonse To "Cut And Run"?

Firstly, good luck with your recovery and well done. I'm glad you saw your problem and decided to fix it, many addicts don't ever get to the first part of that, you should be commended.

I believe that two recovering addicts can stay together, but it depends which two really. I'm not so sure about you and your boyfriend. From what you've said, it seems like maybe you will have to continue your recovery without him.

I understand that your relationship was about more than just the heroin, but that was to you, your view of the relationship. Your boyfriend is telling you straight out that to him your relationship was too much about the drugs. It seems you did not both get the same thing out of your relationship.

It's sad to see that but you seem like a really decent girl and sensible enough to know a one sided relationship would be really destructive for both of you.

Maybe, once you have both been clean for a while, things will change and you could try again with him. If you do that he may see the 'new' relationship the way you see things now, but as it stands, I would believe him when he tells you that to him it was too much about drugs and find the strength to let him go.

I hope you can continue with your healing and that you are doing it for you because doing it for anyone else will make it even harder and make you more likely to relapse. You have to be clean for yourself because you have a lot to offer the world as a sober person, and once your boyfriend realizes that, you might be able to have the type of relationship you see but have the same feelings on both sides of it.

Good luck, I wish you well and am sending lots of happy, positive thoughts your way.


Cost Of Cocaine In Grams?
I Was Just Watching Celebrity Rehab (Which Is A Terrible Show, I Know, But It's Just Sort Of In The Background) And Tawny Kitaen Stated That She Used To Buy 18 Grams Of Coke At One Time, How Much Would That Cost? I Haven't The Slightest Idea.

in quantity 3.5 grams (8 ball or 1/8 oz) is $150 so you are looking at about $750 but if you bought it in ready to use 1/2 gram bags it is $1440 at current Atlanta, Ga. market prices.

Insurance Drug Rehab?
What Instrance Companies Pay For Or Help Pay For Drug Rehab In North Carolina?

I would try putting a quote in online & be sure to put in the comments section that you need a policy that would pay for rehab. You may want to try a website that compares multiple companies at once to get you the best price.

Go to:

Take care,

Is Thai Massage Very Exerting For The Masseur,I'D Like To Train In It In Thailand But The Thing Is I Suffer From Lower Back Pain.Can I Do It?
Have Been Thinking About It For A While And Have Been In Touch With Various Training Centres There. Training Prices Are Pretty Good And You Get A Recognised Certificate At The End Of It. But The Lower Back Pain I Get Is Making Me Hesitate. I Take Stuff For It: Solpadol (Co-Codamol), Lyrica, Buprenorphine. They Suspect It'S Neuropathic Pain, If Anyone'S Ever Heard Of That. I Also Have Very, Very Slight Scoliosis But Was Told It'S So Slight That That Is Not What Is Causing The Pain. Thanks.

sounds like you need massage first. The back pain can be very puzzling. Have you tried a brace for a few hrs a day? Have you seen a personal trainer to get specific strengthening exercises for that area?

Well, giving a massage does involve lots of bending from the waist which would be affecting the back much. Standing or kneeling.

Nothing like trying.

Will My Daughter Need Methadone?
My Daughter Has Been Smoking Heroin And Crack For About A Month Now. She Accidently Overdosed Last Saturday By Injecting For The First Time (Or So She Told Me) Anyway She Hasn'T Had Any Drugs Since Then As I Have Kept Her In My Sight 24/7 The Doctor Has Refered Her To A Rehab Center And They Are Talking About Giving Her Methadone But If She Hasn'T Had Any Drugs In 6 Days Will She Still Need Methadone??

Im going to answer with the same answer again and please google this!!

OK... my husband is now 90 days clean from an opiate addiction. The cravings will continue. She needs to be kept inpatient in enough time for her to detox. Methadone is but just another form of heroin (an opiate) There is a drug called suboxone that my husband has been taking for the alst 3 months. It basically blocks the opiate receptors in the brain so it kind of tricks the brain into thinking that you are getting the opiate when you aren't... there is no buzz after about 2-3 days and what my husbands counselors and doctors have recommended is that he continue with the suboxone through his 12-step program (for addicts. NA or AA) and start to taper off at 8 months to a year whether he is far into the 12 steps or not. Addiction is a serious matter and if not handled correctly, relapse is inevitable. Please talk to her doctors about suboxone. it is a non-narcotic drug used for opiate addicts and a great alternative to methadone since it does not actually contain opiates. Some doctors don't know anything about it. You have to be certified to even prescribe it. Please go to google and google this drug and don't let them put her on methadone, this is basically the same thing as continuing the heroin and she would have to be detox'd in the end for the methadone same as she probably was for the heroin.

I want to add that methadone is the preferred drug for opiate addiction over suboxone because of price... suboxone is pricey, but not too pricey to save your daughters life.

Methadone Or Subutex?
Which One Is Easier To Detox From? I Have Heard Horror Stories About Both Of Them. People Say That Sub Is Just As Hard To Get Off Of As The Methadone. Most Dr'S Say Sub Is Easier.. I Am Just Curious. My Son Is On Subutex. Thanks!

Methadone is terribly difficult to withdraw from. You would need someone to reduce the dosage very slowly (say 5mg per week for higher doses and 2mg per week when you get to the lower doses). So if say you were on 40mg of Methadone for a couple of months, you can imagine how long the taper process itself will take.

Subutex on the hand is a very strange molecule. Some people have no withdrawals at all when stopping, but a great number of people do notice withdrawals. The withdrawals from Subutex can last up to 15-20 days for the physical and acute symptoms. However the withdrawals are much milder than any other opioids.

Ideally one should use Subutex for 2-3 weeks and taper off of them. But there are many reasons for which you may want to use it long-term. It is an excellent medication for weaning off of opioids. The withdrawals can be difficult yes, but nowhere near the difficulty of stopping Methadone. Hope this helps. Feel free to drop me a line if you need.

PS: There are a great number of questions asked in this category as well as the Pain Management category, pertaining to Methadone Maintenance. I urge you to read some of the answers given. Also, certain forums like contain a wealth of information for people wanting to know more about any kind of opioid.

There is a lot of confusion concerning Subutex, due to it being a partial agonist. Even pharmacologists have trouble dealing with the concept of a partial agonist. (A drug that binds to a receptor, but only activates it partially).

The reason why Subutex can make it difficult to stop is because it has a very long dissociation rate from the receptor (ie. it binds to the opiate receptor, only activates it partially, but sticks to it for a very long time and very slowly dissociates (removes itself) from the receptor.) In some people, this makes it easier to withdraw since the effects of the drug very slowly reduce. But in my experience, this can only make it tougher to quit since the withdrawals start much later, and tend to last for a longer time, and it is usually the longevity of withdrawals that can break a person, not so much the intensity.

Subutex being a partial agonist has *nothing* to do with how easy or difficult the process it. Being a partial agonist only gives it it's good safety profile. It may not be a "full-on opiate", but it still is an opiate (opioid is the correct term).

Need Recommendation For A Good Rehab In La, And A Good Wedding Chaple In Las Vegas?
Looking For Rehab For Drug Or Alcohol Addiction In Los Angles, And A Wedding Chapel In Las Vegas (Cheesier The Better, Near Greyhound Station The Best)! If You Have Recommendations Or Been To One Of Those Places, Please Let Me Know The Location And Especially If You Have Their Websites And Pictures, Thanks!

There are tons of rehab programs in the LA area. What you really need to do is fine one that fits you. Each one offers a unique program. Are you looking for Inpatient/Day/Outpatient? This really can make a difference on which one you choose. Here are some websites to help you:

When picking a place it does matter what you are seeking treatment for. Programs do speacilze in certain things such as cocaine addiction ect...You will want to find a place that meets the needs of your addiction. Also do you/other person have insurance?? Before you go anywhere you need to find out what your insurance will cover and how to get that covered. I use to do mental health benefits and people ended up paying a lot of money because they did not call the insurance first.....I know stupid but true. If you are on a state or federal insurance policy check with them, most of the time they have a few certain places that they will let you go. If you do not have any of the above, contact the rehabs and speak with someone. They will be able to help you find an assistance program. Call before you go to any of the rehabs, if they are full they will not take you so make sure they have room before you go!

Okay as for places to get married in Vegas, There is always the Little White Wedding Chapel. They do themed weddings and well everyone gets married there. Quick fast and cheap. Here are some other sites that have places have about the same thing:

Hope this helps good luck!

How Am I Going To Look For Drug Rehabs In Allison Park, Pennsylvania?
I Need To Do Research For A School Project, And I Want To Be Able To Know More About Drug Rehabs. I Want To Be Able To Conduct Interviews And Possibly Take A Picture Of How These Rehabilitation Centers Look Like. I Just Don'T Know How I'M Going To Be Able To Find These Drug Rehabs. Can Someone Help Me?

First, you're going to have to make a list of the drug rehabs near your vicinity. You can find a list in the local yellow pages. You should also check out the links that I have included below. These will be able to help you in your search. Good luck, and I hope that you get a high grade on this!

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