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Suboxone Clinics In Escondido Ca?
We Have No Insurance And My Sons Probation Officer Wants Him On This Medicine. Any Ideas. We Are Also Broke.

Here is the company's "find a doctor" locator:

I have heard of a 1 year trial that the drug company used to offer but I guess you would have to talk to them about it. There are plenty of drug cards available through the internet like:

The officer may have just meant that class of medication, like buprenorphine which is a lot cheaper. A doctor can prescribe burprenorphine and nalaxone in the same doses that come in suboxone and also save a lot of money.
Hope things work out.

I Am Addicted To Painkillers. Does Anyone Know Anything About The Drug Sub Oxygen And How Do I Get It?

Well I probably know a lot about it as I participated in the clinical trials for it 3 x in from1994-2001. It is actually buprenorphine. It has been around a long time but was approved by the FDA about three years ago as an alternative to methadone. It is being marketed in two forms. Suboxone and Subutex. Subutex is a monotherapy drug containing just the bupe. Suboxone is a combination drug containing the bupe and naloxone which is an antagonist. If you were to take the suboxone and then abuse another opiate you will quickly become sick enough to wish death.(much like withdrawal) They like to use this one as there is a much greater chance of not using anything else. You would only do it once for sure.Doctors had to take an online course of 14 hours to be able to prescribe it. You should be able to get a list of them by typing in buprenorphine treatment + your state. Sometimes there is a waiting list but they have just upped the number of patients each doctor can have from 15 to I think 45. I think you will find it to be a great benefit if you are seriously ready to be done with the whole thing. It works well. In the clinical trials we were all just guinea pigs and that made it a little tough. I begged for less as i was getting real high and fallling asleep on my way home and they refused because it would mess up their data.There is a big case going on here in Vt. right now as a client fell to sleep on his way home from the clinic and hit a car and killed five people on their way home from IBM.Do use caution until you know what your dose needs to be and how you react to it. Any more questions please e-mail me.Good Luck

Living With A 33Yr Old Son'S Drug Abuse?
Hi, My Son Who Is Living At Home In An Adjacent 35Ft Caravan As His Partner Has Thrown Him Out Leaving His Little 4Yr Old Girl That He Loves Dearly Over 400Miles Away Whilst My Husband And Myself Were Away For The First Time Traveling Europe, He Should Have Been Looking After The Home But Did Some Considerable Damage And Left Us With Some Debts Phone Etc. However I Returned Spent Weeks Sorting Out Mess, He Admitted To Me The Problem That He Was Smoking Heroin As He Missed His Daughter So Much. So After Trying Myself To Get The Pills He Needed To Detox Him At Home And Failing. I Went With Him To My Doctors, Who Was Extremely Helpful Wrote Out Prescriptions Etc So Detox Could Go Ahead. On The Second Day Of Being Clear, A Dog That He Had Previously Been To See, For His Daughter, Phoned Up And We Went Up With My Son To Collect Him. Where He Was Near The Area Where He Had Previously Got The Heroin He Opened The Door And Ran Out Of The Car We Followed Him. When We Saw Him Go To The Door Of The Supplier My Husband Who Is 68Yrs Old Tried To Intervene, My Son Returned To The Car Furious As The Supplier Would Not Deal With Him, Because He Could See A Problem. He Punched The Back Of My Chair And Literally Laid Into His Father With All His Strength Causing A Great Deal Of Pain. I Drove On But Decided To Give Him An Ultimatum As I Was Frightened For Our Safety And Our Two Bassets That Were With Us In The Car. I Told Him To Get Out And Get His Heroin Them But He Would Lose His Daughter, Who Was Coming Down For Her School Holidays If His Ex Partner Decided He Was Cured. His Employer Who Was Aware Of The Situation He Would Loose As Well And Myself And His Father As I Don'T Want To See Violence Like That Again. I Frightened To Leave Home As I Feel He Will Damage Our Home. I'M Frightened To Stay And See His Addiction Grow And Whatever Violance May Come From That. Can Anyone Outthere Advise Me, I Can'T Shop Him To The Law. If He Went To Prison Thats How Most People Get On Drugs In The First Place. Help Please?

Sounds like a horrible situation. People do drugs for many reasons and I know that heroin is the one of the worst if not THE worst for addiction and withdrawal, making it an extreemely hard drug to get clean from. If I was in your situation I wouldn't inform the police at all, but I would look into rehab centres to send him to. Even if he doesn't want to go at first, you should still send him there. I guarentee he will thank you in the future. Drugs alter people's perception of the world, along with their perceptions of right and wrong in ways wich can be extreemely scary. Getting clean will make him see things that are the most important to him, ie. family and friends, namely his young daughter. You need to be extreemely supportive of him no matter how bad he gets. The worst thing in the world is feeling as though no one in your life cares. Rehab is definately the way to go.
Good luck, I hope your story has a happy ending.

I Think I'M Starting To Develop A Drug Problem?
I'M A 16 Year Old Guy, A Junior In High School. Straight A Student, President Of Student Council And Several Other Clubs. I Live In A Rich Town, My Parents Are Very Successful Business Owners And We Have A Lot Of Money. I'M Expected To Go To Harvard Or Another Ivy League. I Have No Problems At Home, My Parents Are Together And Happy. I'M Very Popular At School. The Point I'M Trying To Get Across Is Basically, I'M The Last Person You Would Expect To Have This Problem. For About 3 Years I'Ve Been Taking Prescription Drugs, Specifically Oxycontin. At First I Would Just Swallow Them A Couple Times A Month. Then You Know How It Goes, I Started Taking Them Every Week. Then Twice A Week. A Year Ago I Started Taking Fioricet. Thats When My Problem Really Started. I Have Been Taking Those Every Day For About A Year Now. I Cant Get Through The Day Without At Least 10 Pills. 4 Or 5 At A Time. I'M A Little More Scared Of Oxycodone So I Try To Take That Only 3-5 Days A Week. I'Ll Take Any Other Opiate I Can Get My Hands On And Recently I'Ve Started Taking Adderall When I Can Get It. Heres Where It Really Gets Bad. Within The Last Month I'Ve Started Snorting Everything (Except The Fioricet, You Cant Snort Those). Like I Said, I'M Pretty Strict About Not Taking Oxy Every Day But On The Days I Take It, I Take 40-50 Mg. I'Ve Done 80Mg Pills In A Day. I Started Leaving Class To Go To The Bathroom To Do A Line Of Oxy Or A Line Of Adderall. I Pop Fioricet All Day In Class. Its Funny, Me, The Class President Will Leave My Ap Class To Go Snort Drugs In The Bathroom.. On The Weekends When I'M Hanging Out With People, I Drink, Smoke And Of Course The Pills. I Have Never Felt Any Withdrawl Effects. And When I Have Cravings Its Not Like I Feel Like I Need It, I Just Want To Feel Good. The Way You Crave Ice Cream. But It Seems Like This Is Becoming A Problem. Dont Say Rehab, Its Not That Bad And Its Just Not An Option. Talking To Someone Isnt An Option Either And I Wont Do That. And Honestly, I Dont Want To Stop Completely. I Just Need Help Cutting Back. Thank You!

Honestly, I do not want to stop completely is what an addict says. Then you know how it start taking more, the addict says.

You are messing around with some serious drugs. You think you can control withdrawal because you are never completely off anything. I know you do not want the lecture because you are too clever by pointing out how you are snorting like a junkie in the bathroom. Your parents have given you the world and you do not respect yourself enough to keep your nose clean.

Since you have all the answers; figure out for yourself how to cut back. Find out what you are doing to your body and your mind and consider yourself lucky to be alive. Laugh your butt off. It will catch up with you and you will pay the are making incredibly bad choices in life. Good luck.

I Would Like To Hear From Anyone That Is Taking Suboxone Instead Of Methadone Maintenence.?
I Have Been On Mmt For 10 Months, And Am Thinking Of Switching.Cbs News Has Been Talking About It Today, And I Would Like To Hear From Actual Users. Please Don'T Tell Me About Herbal, Or Anyother Kind Of Treatments.

I've recently done both. My pain clinic closed, and the doctor did not refer us to anyone else ( I heard he got taken down for over-prescribing; I can't imagine that as he was always very strict and stingy with the meds, but who knows, certainly the closure was abrupt so I guess it could be true). I was totally unable to find a clinic that would maintain me on my meds, so I went to rehab to detox from the Oxycontin and then started Methadone.

While I was in the day- patient program at the rehab clinic, I was on Suboxone. I started out at 2 mgs every 2 hours, up to 10 mgs a day, then went to 4 mgs 3 times a day. It worked very well for the withdrawals. I had absolutely no symptoms once I started taking it, although it sucked quite a lot to have to be in active withdrawal before I could start taking it. That part was brutal. It made me a little drowsy, but not super sleepy; I was still able to function normally, and not taking any from about 4 o'clock in the afternoon to 8:45 the next morning presented no problem at all. I had trouble sleeping but the doctor gave me Rozerem and that helped a lot. I don't know if you would be going to an in-patient program (That was what my first program was considered even though I was only a day-patient) or getting it from a doctor, but if you were getting it from a doctoir, you'd likely get a 30 day's script and could space your doses out so you could take some at bedtime, which would probably help the sleep issue. The downside to Sub is that it's crazy expensive if you get it at the pharmacy and very hard to find ( you usually have to find the pharmacy in your area that stays open 24 hours and does Hospice scripts; it's usally near the biggest hospital in your area, or you can go to a hospital's out-patient pharmacy, they sometimes have it).

I was in-patient for 3 days on Suboxone, then I started MMT. The same doctor that works at the in-patient rehab I was in is the medical director at my Methadone Clinic, so I was able to transition with no hassle whatsoever. We decided on MMT for the long-term because I still have the chronic pain issue. (I did the 3 days in-patient to get most of the Oxycontin out of my system before starting MMT.) I'm still in the process of getting my dose stable (I started at 30 mgs and we're upping every 5 days until I get to my target dose of 120mgs) but I find Methadone to be a very good treatment. It helps with the pain as much or more than the Oxycontin did, I only have to take it once a day, it's cheaper than Sub, and I can stay on it as long as I want. Of course, it sucks to get up at 6 every morning to make it to clinic and to have to go to group every 2 weeks, but I will eventually earn OBT therapy and only have to go once a month with group being optional. As far as I know, doctors won't keep you on long-term maintenance therapy with Sub-- they're going to want you to taper down, so if that's something you're wanting, you should probably stick to MMT.

All in all, Methadone and Sub are pretty comparable. The benefit I have with MMT is that the Methadone helps my pain, whereas the Sub didn't really do much for it, so Methadone is a better choice if you have pain issues. If you want long-term maintenance, Methadone is probably a better choice since I'm not sure they do that with Sub. If you're wanting to be clean at 0 mgs in a relatively short amount of time, Sub is better choice as it is easier to get off of completely. I also like that I don't really have to think about taking my pill every x hours or deal with handling my meds with MMT... I just go to the clinic once a day, drink my nasty orange cup full of meds, and that's that. Even with take-homes, they pre-measure your doses, you drink it once a day, and that's that. It's all a matter of how MMT fits into your lifestyle; if getting up early and going to clinic cramps your style, go for the Sub.

Can I Get Someone Into Detox Against Their Will?
My Cousin Has A Big Drug Addiction She Just Recently Formed After A Traumatic Experience. She Is Over Medicating Herself Daily To The Point She Is Almost Dead And She Won'T Willing Go Into Detox No Matter How Much We Plead With Her. She Is Killing Us With This Every Single Day And Someone Always Has To Watch Her Just To Make Sure She Doesn'T Sneak Off To Go Od. I Really Need An Answer Fast Because We Are Trying To Get Her Committed Today Before She Really Does Kill Herself. Again We Can'T Get Her To Go In Willingly, So She Could Check Herself Out So Is There Any Other Way We Can Do This Asap? Please Help Us Before Its Too Late...

Detox treatment cannot be forced upon someone. However, if the patient that has substance abuse issues has a psychiatric illness that coexists, such as major depressive disorder or bipolar disorder and is danger to self, others or property, then, that person can be hospitalized involuntarily (after going through appropriate channels). Be advised that commitment rules and regulations vary from state to state and the best place to find out is either by calling a local crisis hotline or going to the nearest ER for further assessment.

Hope this way helpful

For accurate and easy-to-understand information on mental health and illness, visit:

How Will My Son Find An Alcohol Rehab In Brookfield, Connecticut?
My Son Confessed On The Phone Last Night That He'S Having A Problem Regarding His Alcohol Consumption. He Already Wants To Change, And I Want To Help Him By At Least Telling Him How He Can Find An Alcohol Rehab. I Would Really Appreciate Your Suggestions.

Below are links to sites that will be able to help you find alcohol rehabs and addiction treatment centers. You can forward them to your son. Looking at the phone book will yield results too. He can also ask around at the nearest hospital and someone is sure to give him recommendations. Good luck! I'm glad your son has accepted that he has a problem with alcohol. Be thankful that he's taking the first step to recovery now. :)

I Have A Drug Addition And I Don'T Have The Money For Rehab?

It's unfortunate that all of us are not able to access the best of medical care, and when we or a family member struggles with addiction and substance abuse, it can be hard knowing that there are great drug rehabs available locally, but at a price that is simply out of reach to any of us without private insurance coverage.

If you are unable to pay upfront for your drug rehab care, you are left with three options, and they are all possibilities.

Three options you have

1…Ask for a reduced cost stay

This sounds unbelievable, but the truth is that many if not most better private drug and alcohol rehabs have some form of program available for lower income participants. This can be a mutually beneficial program of subsidizing care, and the rehabs can deduct their charitable care as a tax write off. You can sometimes access very high quality and otherwise prohibitively expensive drug rehab facilities, at a price you may be able to afford.

It will probably still require of you a significant investment, but they may work with you to come to terms acceptable to all.

Additionally, although private drug and alcohol rehabs do exist to make a profit, most people working in these drug rehabs are compassioned and committed professionals who truly want to help you, and they don’t like turning away people in need any more that you like not getting help you deserve.

It won’t always work, but it worthy of an attempt.

2…Ask about financing

There are enough people without insurance coverage (and without tens of thousands of dollars at the ready!) that rehabs have had to, by necessity, arrange for credit and financing options for payment. You may never hope to be able to afford the best of private facilities (whose admissions can range upwards from $20 000 per month) but you could certainly obtain credit for a car of that amount; and if you can get credit for that--- you can get credit for rehab.

You are ultimately responsible for the full price of the rehab, but working together with staff at the facility, you may be able to negotiate a payment schedule satisfactory to all.

No one wants to be left with monthly payments for years after a rehab stay, but if it works, and if you can achieve sobriety, the savings in drugs or alcohol, in reduced health care costs and in increased workplace productivity, should more than pay for your monthly payments for treatment.

No one wants to pay for care, but addiction is a disease much like any disease, and it can kill you in the end if left untreated. You wouldn’t hesitate to pay for cancer treatment, and you shouldn’t defer addiction treatment either. You don’t have so many years in this earth that you can afford to waste many of them with a life of addiction.

3…Look into public rehab programs

There are hundreds of governmentally funded programs for drug and alcohol abuse, and some of them offer an excellent standard of care, and many of them will offer free treatment to those unable to pay for rehab.

Unfortunately, because the available treatment spots never meets demand for care, there is often a waiting list, you may not be able to stay as long as you need, and you won't get as much individual attention and therapy.

These drug rehabs do the best they can with the resources at their disposal, but these resources are inevitably stretched very thinly. Private is not always better, and there are some excellent public options, but in general, public rehabs have to treat more people each year than they can treat with an optimal level of care.

If you decide that a public rehab is your best option, you should contact your local health clinic about information on how to get onto a waiting list immediately.

Anything is better than nothing

It is well worth it to spend a little time and do some research into the best available local drug and alcohol rehab facilities. If you find a drug or alcohol rehab that would be perfect, but is slightly (or even a lot) too expensive, do not hesitate to ask about a reduced cost of stay and to ask about financing. They want to make it possible for you to enter just as you want to access great quality care.

If you simply cannot afford private inpatient care, get on a waiting list today for the next available local governmentally run program of rehab.

Rehab Hotline - 1-800-403-3304

Much Love.

I Wanna Try Cocaine?
What Can I Look Forward Too... Well I Dont Really Want To Try It But I Have To Right A Paper About Its Affects...

go ahead, fry your brain, end up with a disease like Parkinson's or MS which is caused by deteriorating brain cells- your sinus' will get so out of whack it won't be funny, nose bleeds, feeling sick, vomiting, paranoid, maybe even violent. You will either land in jail or kill yourself or someone else. Before you try it? I would suggest you hold a room in the nearest rehab center for about 2 months from now, you might just need it.
Don't be stupid. Drugs are for losers

My Mom Is Taking Methadone?
So My Mom And Dad Have Always Done Drugs, Me And My 3 Sisters Have Been In Foster Care Twice Already. My Dad Passed Away From Over Dose On Methadone This Past May. I'Ve Confronted Her Many Times About It And She Says She'S Not Doing It. Of Course I Know She Won'T Come Out And Tell Me But I Can Tell She'S Taking It. My Aunt Knows, Grandma, People Around Our Town, Her Friend Just Came And Told Me She'S Taking It. But When Someone Confronts Her She Gets All Pissed Off. She Falls Asleep Everywhere, Going To The Bathroom, Sitting Outside Smoking, Standing Up, She Says She'S &Quot;Tired&Quot; But We Aren'T Stupid. I Don'T Know How To Get Her To Stop. I Don'T Want Her To Die Like My Dad. He Was Only 37 And She'S 34. Plus I Have A 4,9, And 14 Years Old Sisters. They Shouldn'T Have To See This. Anything I Can Say Or Do To Get Her To Stop? I Know She Will Stop If She Wants To But I Have A Feeling We Will Either Be Taken Away From Her, Or She'Ll Be Dead Before That Happens.

Look into Suboxone (buprenorphine) treatment and then maybe recommend she tries it. The Suboxone will replace the methadone she is taking so she won't have to go through harsh withdrawals and she won't have any cravings once she is at a proper dose. The doctor will help her find a suitable dose where she is stable and feels fine but she isn't always tired and nodding out. I think this would really benefit her as it would be extremely hard to just quit methadone cold turkey (the withdrawals from methadone are severe and can last for more than a month). When she is taking Suboxone, the doctor that prescribes it will also be able to direct her to counseling services where she can get help and for the issues that are causing her to use drugs.

Coming Off Heroin??
I Have Been An Opiate Addict For 4 Years. I Had Quit In January And Was Just Over 20 Days Sober, When My Cousin And Best Friend Overdosed On Heroin. I Have Ptsd And I'M Not Good With Grief (Not That Anyone Is, But I Just Can'T Deal). So Ironically Enough, I Started Using Heroin Again As Of Feb 7 Of This Year (Literally The Day She Passed) I'M Wanting To Come Back Off Of It Because I Don'T Want To Go Down Like Everyone Else Who Loses This Battle, But All I Have Is One Zubsolv. I Just Want To Know If I Will Have Big Withdrawal Symptoms From Just Using One Zubsolv? I Have Used Many In The Past, But I Am Not To Familiar With Them. I Have To Work So Going Through Full Blown Heroin Withdrawal Is Not An Option. Should I Take The Zubsolv In Pieces And Taper Down, Or Just Take One In The Morning And Nothing Else After That? I Am Broke, So Getting More Than One Zubsolv Is Also Not An Option. Thanks In Advance For The Answers...And I Snort It Btw, Never Been A Shooter And Don'T Plan To.

I'm so sorry you're going through that - every aspect of it. I have been clean for 4 years, and 6 months ago my brother passed away from an overdose, so I can definitely comiserate with you. Suboxone helped me to avoid withdrawal symptoms for the first couple of weeks and I checked into a county funded treatment center for 6 months immediately after detoxing. I didn't feel physically normal until about 4 or 5 months later. After treatment, I lived in a sober living for 6 months. I honestly don't think that I could have done it without both of those things. I needed a great deal of support a lot of the time, and going through the emotions of getting clean would have been too much to bear on my own. For continued support I.go to Narcotics Anonymous meetings 1 - 2 times a week, although I use to attend a lot more. As far as your losses go, nothing can make the pain go away, really. And there is nothing that getting loaded can't make absolute worse. Good luck to you.

Family Wants Me To Break Up With My Girlfriend Ever Since I Got Clean From Heroin A Few Months Ago...?
I Am 17 Years Old Been With My Girlfriend Two Years For The Past 3Months I Have Been In A Rehab/Detox Program To Help Me Get Clean From My Heroin Addiction That Was Honestly Destroying Me. Well Ever Since I Got Out My Family Has Been Pressuring Me To Break It Off With My Girlfriend And Just Cut All Ties With Her Because Her Brother Is The One That Introduced Me To Heroin And Everything But Yet There Blaming Her For It All And I Do Not Understand Since They Should Be Blaming Her Brother! I Do Love My Girlfriend She Is Actually The One That Wanted Me To Get Help In The First Place And Everything! But Being Around Her Means Being Around Her Brother And The Temptation! I Am Just So Unsure What To Do! And I Hate That My Family Is Pressuring Me My Mom Is The Worst Though! What Should I Do? Advice?

I can certainly understand where your parents are coming from. Heroin addiction is such a hard habit to break. 3 months in detox/rehab is not enough. You have to stay clean for between 1 and 2 years and even then you can be tempted. As her brother is the one who got you into the heroin, as a mother myself, I too, would want you to stay clear of the brother. Does your girlfriend use?

Why do you have to see her brother if you need to see her? Are your parents prepared to talk about a compromise? It is going to take your parents a long time to trust you (as you well could imagine), therefore maybe suggest to your parents that you will only see your girlfriend at your house while your parents are at home. Once they get to know your girlfriend better, they may start trusting you again. If you see your girlfriend when the brother is around the temptation is going to be too great and you are putting yourself in a terrible situation. How was detox? I bet it was horrible....I bet you felt like your insides were going to pop out, I bet you can remember the incredible sickness and vomiting. Keep on remembering the horrors of detox because if you get hooked again, you will have to go through it all again. Under no circumstances should you be anywhere near your girlfriend's brother. You have to steer clear of him forever, if you can.....but at the bare minimum, you have to stay away from him for at least 12 months. You have to get stronger and at the moment 3 months is not long enough to strengthen your resolve. If you see your girlfriend.....for your own sake, see her away from her home.....away from her brother. You're lucky I'm not your mother, I would have had her brother arrested. I could have very well lost my daughter because of heroin. I had to take the hard line with her......I had to be very strict. I believe if I wasn't so strict with her when she was 16, she probably would be dead by now. The girl who introduced her to heroin is dead.....she died at age 18. That is the stark reality.

Is There Life After Opiates?
A Little Over 2 Years Ago I Began To Become Addicted To The Pharmaceutical Oxycontin. My Brother Had Already Become Addicted To The Drug In The Previous Year And Although I Knew The Risks, I Knew There Was No Way I Would Let Myself Reach That Point (Or So I Thought). When I Initially Became Dependent, I Didn'T Really Understand That I Was Infact, Addicted. The Effect Is So Calming, So Clean, So Pure. It'S Like Waves Of Extacy Engulfing Your Entire Being. It'S Like It Cleanses You Of All Flaw And Ugliness. The World Seems Like A Better Place, You Feel Like A God, Except Even Better. As My Addiction Grew, My Pockets Shrunk And Morals Dissipated. At Was It This Point That I Knew I Needed Help. With My Parents' Help I Was Able To Find A Detox And Rehabilitation Program. I Spent About Two And Half Months In Treatment And Stayed Clean For Over Nine Months, Until One Day I Was Offered A Deal. The Deal Was To Sell The Pills For Profit. Since I Was Clean It Seemed Like A Decent Idea, However It Proved To Be My Downfall. I Soon Relapsed And Began Right Where I Had Left Off Previous To My Recovery. It Was About Three Months After That When I Learned About Heroin And It'S Cheap Price. I Spent The Next Two Months Buying Bundles Of Dope, Which I Obtained From The City For A Fraction Of Oxycontin Or Percocet Costs, However I Turned Back To Pills Because Of The Stigma Associated With Using Dope + The Impurities And Rage It Sometimes Gives As Well. What I'Ve Come To Realize Is That My Mind Literally Craves Opiates. Almost As If It Is A Neccesity Of Survival, And Even Though I Know That'S Not The Truth It'S Nearly Impossible To Curb That Craving. I Can'T Seem To Find Anything In Life Or On The Planet That Can Match The Euphoria I Got From Opiates, Which Begs The Question....Is There Life After Opiates? Will I Ever Genuinely Move On From Them? Or Am I Doomed To Cravings? Did I Open A Door, That I Can'T Close?

I am a heroin addict of what I def. Concidered at one time. The hopeless variety. I couldnt imagine a happy purpose driven life without opiates. It got to the point where i didnt want to live with them anymore.. but i couldnt SEEM to live without them. There is something that replaces the euphoria times 10.. and it is not a drug. Words cant explain it to you. Anyways.. i am now fully recovered and have a happy life. And i help others recover.. in order for me to stay well. Everything will be fine... did you ever feel like something in the universe crossed paths with you at just the right time? You are doing the first step by asking for help. Please dont discard this as a mere coincidence or me being nuts... my phone number is 203-280-2975... call me if you want to he freed from the obsession. I am not a doctor or promoter of any kind.. just someone that understands EXCACTLY what you are going through.. I lived it.. and made it to the other side. Hope to hear from you.

Good Eating Disorder Centers In Arizona?
My Sister Is Suffering From Anorexia And My Parents Are Trying To Find A Place To Send Her For Inpatient Care. The Hospital Gave Us Some References, But We Haven'T Been Able To Find Any Patient Reviews About The Cost, Level Of Care, And Recovery Rate. Rosewood Ranch Seems Pretty Popular, Is It A Good Place? My Parents Really Need To Find My Sister A Place To Go When She Gets Out Of The Hospital. Please Help!

Some centers do more advertising than others. It would appear that your parents need to make a visit to some eating disorder centers in Arizona before your sister is released from the hospital.

If the hospital provided references, that might be a good way to begin. Ask the hospital how the list was reached? Affiliations or success rates. They may actually have the answers you need.

Below is a list of several eating disorder centers in Arizona by city:

Here is another listing:

Not much help her for Scottsdale and Phoenix

I'd forgotten about the Mayo Clinic in Arizona; however I didn't see an eating disorder center.

There is a place to leave reviews here, I don't know how to see the results

There aren't any online reviews that I can find and the best way to determine cost is to go the facility for a visit and ask. Don't accept vague answers. There are daily rates and there are extras. Begin at the beginning. There should also be a fee schedule which can be provided. Someone has a fee schedule at each center or they would be unable to bill.

Know also that there are online links to the facilities. Call or email them with rate questions.
Rating questions are another matter as if they have thank you letters, you will see them. If there are issues, you may be able to get information from the state or legal records but probably not in an online review.

It may be that your sister needs a broader list of services, several of these clinics supply these also.

But I do understand your need for client reviews and concern about costs:

To get an idea of costs, see this list:

At the only place I saw a semblance of reviews (but who knows if they are legitimate?) Rosewood received a 1* out of 5 for Quality of care and 2**/5 for Staff rating

Since the average cost of the top clinics is between $800-$1,000 per day, getting prices up front seems crucial. Especially when insurance might not begin to cover the stay needed to be effective treatment for the patient.

Question On Past Love (Serious Answers Only Please)(Christians, I Need Your Help)?
I Am 39 Yrs. Old And My X-Husband And I Were Divorced About A Year Ago. We Had Been Married For 19 Years. I Divorced Him Because Of His Addiction To Vicoden And Eventually Cocaine, And His Denial Of His Addiction. Well, His Addiction Made Him Very Violent Toward Me, And This Is The Main Reason I Divorced Him. Please Keep In Mind, Before This Addiction, He Was An Easy Going Guy, And Wouldn'T Hurt A Fly. Anyway, All That Said, He Went To Rehab, Is In Church And Trying To Straighten His Life Back Out. Well, He Wanted Me And The Kids Ot Move Back To Illinois So We Could Work This Out. Soooo, We Did. I'Ve Been Here Since Oct. 08. Well, He'S Acting Really Funny. He'S Extremely Over Sensitive, Everything Makes Him &Quot;So Called&Quot; Sick Now. I Can'T Say Anything With My Own Opinion Concerning Anything He Has Said Or Came Up With, Without Him Getting Angry. Also, He Is Very Defensive. I'M Not Really Sure What To Do. I'M Tired Of This. He Says I'M Not Showing Enough Emotion, But It'S Hard To Show Love After All I'Ve Been Through With Him. I Want To Love Him, But It'S Very Hard. I Miss My Old Husband Before Any Of This Drug Mess Started. Good Advice Please....I Don'T Need Any Mean Or Sarcastic Comments. I'M Very Serious!

I don't know what to tell you except I went through something very similar, but I only lasted 11 years. My husband was an alcoholic, he went on to cocaine, and then crack. I am 56 yrs. old now. I left him when I was 41. He was abusive, arrogant, I was always tense around him. I chose to leave. I have no regrets. All I can remember the first time I lived in my own house was closing the door at night, locking it, and sighing with relief because I was finishing another day of peacefulness. And you can't put a price on that.
We have two sons together. they are grown now, 25, and 22. He is now with another woman. And I'm glad for him. I have a certain amount of love for him, not a romantic love, a brother-sister kind of love. I could not live with a man like that.
Sweetheart, you are still so young. You have your entire life ahead of you. And, you are young enough to possibly meet someone else. Someone who will treat you the way you deserve to be treated. I've lived alone for so long, I actually like it that way. I have men now calling me and wanting to get serious, and these are good men. Christian men, but, I don't know. I enjoy being on my own. I remember my therapist told me once when I was still living with him, many many years ago, he said "when you're ready, you will leave". And, I did. I hope whatever you do it is the right decision for you, and you are happy.

Are There Any Low Cost Drug Rehabs In Manor, Texas? How Will I Find One?
I'M Really Plumb Out Of Money, But I Have To Take My Husband To A Drug Rehab. He Started Doing Drugs Recently After His Friend Had Asked Him To Try It. He Thought He Could Get Off Of It Easily. But It Turns Out That He Can'T Handle The Withdrawal Symptoms. He'S Even Changed Too. We Both Want Him To Go Back To The Way He Was Before. Drug Rehab Treatments Are Costly, Though, So How Do We Find One That We Can Afford?

You can apply for a grant from the government. You can also call and get in touch with various drug rehabs and ask them if they would be willing to give you a discount or let you pay the bills at a later date. I heard that there are also some drug rehabs that allow the patient to work there and they will take a portion off the price you have to pay. Calling 800-559-9503 may be able to help. They know about drug rehabs and may give you a few suggestions. I'll keep your family in my prayers.

Rehab? Please Help Me! I Don'T Know What To Do Anymore.?
I'Ve Been Using Alcohol/Drugs For A Couple Years. I Started With Drinking, Moved Onto Weed, Pills, Coke, Ecstasy, Then Mixing Everything Together. Everything Is Starting To Really Effect Me Right Now, I Feel Like I Don'T Know What &Quot;Normal&Quot; Is, Or Even Remember What It'S Like To Be 100% Sober. I Want To Stop Doing Everything, I Just Don'T Know How. When I Try To Imagine My Life Without Drugs I Go Crazy Thinking About It! It Just Seems Insane To Me... To Live The Rest Of My Life Without Ever Smoking A Bowl Or Going To A Crazy Roll Party. I Just Want To Be My Old, Happy, Carefree Self Again Though.. I Feel Like I'M Losing Myself. I Was Considering An Outpatient Rehab? I Don'T Think I Need Some Intense Detoxifying 90 Day Treatment. Just Help And Support. Then I Don'T Know If I'M Being Retarded, Because Addicts Don'T Want Help And Are In Denial? I Just Don'T Want To Get Any Further Into The Scene. I'M Starting To Consider Things I Never Have Before. Drugs Are All That'S Ever On My Mind, **** I Even Dream About Them, And It Seriously Scares Me. They Are Taking Over My Life. As Much As I Hate The Side Effects, And For The Most Part, Don'T Even Enjoy My Highs Half As Much As I Used To... I Still Can'T Manage To Just Stop. If A Pill Is In Front Of Me, I'Ll Take It.. No Doubt. So, My Question Is, How Do I Get Help? Do You Think Rehab Is Necessary?

I think rehab is the best choice. I went to a 30 day inpatient rehab and it was the best choice I ever made. I was to the point where I was only doing coke a few times a month, but that was still interfering with my life, and I just couldn't seem to quit on my own. I didn't need to detox under medical supervision, but I went for the inpatient treatment anyway, and I'm glad I did.

Inpatient treatment puts you in a position where you have NOTHING to worry about except for getting better. Your schedule is set, your meals are prepared for you (even if they aren't the best! haha) and you are busy the whole time. That was very therapeutic for me that I didn't have to worry about anything but my recovery. It was also great that I had my schedule planned for me and I didn't have any free time to sit around and think how bad my life sucks. We had free time, but it wasn't entirely free to do nothing, rather we had a choice of different structured activities (for example, we might get to choose a game of softball, or a movie, or a round of board games, or reading time if we had brought books). We also got to go on outings a couple times a week to local AA/NA meetings.

I know that taking 30 days out of your life sounds like a lot, but compare that to the time you lose out of your life to your addiction. Taking 30 days to get better is nothing, and you will be so glad you did it. I sure am. The place I went is called Keystone, and is in Canton, South Dakota. I don't live anywhere near South Dakota, but it was the place my psychiatrist recommended, and he said that he has sent many patients there and they have had great success. Keystone has one of the lowest relapse rates of any recovery facility in the country. If you insurance won't cover it, they'll charge you on a sliding scale based upon what you can afford. It isn't one of those fancy, cushy rehabs where somebody like Lindsay Lohan might go, but it is comfortable enough. The bathrooms are clean, the beds are comfortable, and the blankets aren't too scratchy! I was worried I might feel like I was in prison, but it wasn't like that at all. It was much more pleasant that what I imagine prison might be like.

I'm sure there are facilities closer to where you are and you're probably more inclined to go to one of those, but I just wanted to share my experience with you and encourage you to seek help as soon as you can, and I wanted to put in a good word for Keystone. I highly recommend it.

I Was Using Heroin For About A Week,Today I Took 20 Mgs.Of Methadone Will This Sustain Me Throughout Today,And?
And I Have Only 20 Mgs. Left Hopefully To Save For Tommorow,Cause From Past Experience My Worst Two Days Of Withdrawal Are Usually The First 2.


Methadone is not a good solution these days, it creates it's own problems. Try Suboxone or Subutex. You must get it prescribed by a Psychiatrist. Also the co. that makes it gives doctors applications for two-three patients to be on it for free (it's $285/ mo., cash price) You have to ask for it though. I know people with a much worse habit than you and they are functioning great with Suboxone maintanence. It essentially stops the kick!!! It gets rid of opiates in the body (Subutex) and then Suboxone does not allow you to feel high even if you did opiates again!

SUBOXONE is the first opioid medication approved under DATA 2000 for the treatment of opioid dependence in an office-based setting. SUBOXONE also can be dispensed for take-home use, just as any other medicine for other medical conditions.

The primary active ingredient in SUBOXONE is buprenorphine.

Because buprenorphine is a partial opioid agonist, its opioid effects are limited compared with those produced by full opioid agonists, such as oxycodone or heroin. SUBOXONE also contains naloxone, an opioid antagonist.

The naloxone in SUBOXONE is there to discourage people from dissolving the tablet and injecting it. When SUBOXONE is placed under the tongue, as directed, very little naloxone reaches the bloodstream, so what the patient feels are the effects of the buprenorphine. However, if naloxone is injected, it can cause a person dependent on a full opioid agonist to quickly go into withdrawal.

SUBOXONE at the appropriate dose may be used to:
Reduce illicit opioid use
Help patients stay in treatment

Suppressing symptoms of opioid withdrawal
Decreasing cravings for opioids

What Is/Was Your Biggest Sobriety Motivator?
I'M In The Middle Of A Professional-Level Presentation Directed Toward Health Care Workers And It Is About Helping Substance Abusers Seek Treatment And Capitalizing On Their Readiness To Quit, Not Our Pressures To Influence Sobriety. I Have A Mountain Of Literature To Support My Claims But I'D Like Some Real Life Experiences To Shape The Direction Of My Content. I Don'T Believe It Is Possible To Force Sobriety Upon Someone Who Does Not Express A Desire To Quit Using Their Substance Of Choice And This Is The Issue I Would Like To Address. Cookie-Cutter Detox/Rehab Plans Ultimately Will Not Work Because Every Substance User Has Unique Needs. For Those Who Are Using Or Have Used Substances (Alcohol, Prescription Drugs, 'Softer' Street Drugs (I.E. Marijuana), 'Hard' Street Drugs (I.E. Heroin, Cocaine, Mdma), Household Chemicals (I.E. Huffing Paint Or Glue), Or Other, What Inspired You To Seek Treatment? What Inspired You To Continue With Your Treatment? What, If Anything, Caused You To Relapse And Resume Using? Common Motivators Include But Are Not Limited To: Pressure From Family (Especially Spouse/Children/Parents/Siblings). Pressure From The Criminal Justice System (Facing Arrest, Etc.) Sudden Change In Health Status (A Life Threatening Overdose, Adverse Reaction, 'Bad Trip', Etc) Financial Strain Risk Of Other Health Problems (Increased Risk Of Hiv, Hepatitis, Tuberculosis, Sexually Transmitted Infections, Etc) Pressure From Coworkers Or Boss Child Protective Services (Risk Losing Custody Or Visitation Of Children, Etc) You Can Respond Via Email If You'Re Not Comfortable Sharing Here. I Really Appreciate Your Courage To Share Your Story And Hope That Your Input Can Influence My Research And Ultimately Lead To A Better Screening Tool And Treatment Plan For Substance Abuse.

Go to an AA meeting and listen.

You have an academic approach to this and have asked a general audience. Listen to drunks getting sober. All of your questions will be answered. Also other addicts of different substances will attend the meeting as well. The path of recovery is the same.

I am presuming you have read the 'big book' the bible of AA.

You are welcome at AA meetings. Any help from the academic community on this disease is much appreciated. You do need to respect the anonymnity.

As is said at meeting, welcome to AA. You have paid the highest price for admission than any other dub in the world.

And thanks for being willing to help and understand.

What Do I Do Now That I'Ve Been Detoxing For A Month From Oxycodone With Methadone?
I Was On Oxycodone (50 Mg Daily) For Several Years. I Requested My New Doc To Get Me Detoxed. She Put Me On Methadone 5Mg 3 X Daily For 1 Month And Then 2X Daily And Last Month Once. Well When I Went To Get The Second Script She Refused Stating She Believed I Was Not A Cronic Pain Patient (I Have Fibromyalgia/Cronic Fatigue) But Rather An Addict. So When I Asked Her What I Was To Do She Referred Me To A State Detox Clinic And Told Me To Tell Them I Needed To Get Off Methadone. Well I'M Almost Out Of Methadone And It'Ll Take Time To Get In If I Decide To Go. I'M So Fearful For My Physical And Mental Health (I Am Disabled From Major Depression). I Don'T Know Where To Turn. I Recently Lost My Husband Who Was My Whole World And Am In New City. I'M So Angry At This Doc For Getting Me On Methadone Rather Than Easing Off The Oxy And Then Just Dropping Me In Such A Humiliating Manner. Please Help Me With Some Advice.

You definitely need another doctor. You should have never asked to drop the OxyContin. In spite of all the misinformation, it's a good medication for people that need long term, round the clock dosing. Being on 50mg for years you should have realized that the myth of constantly escalating doses is just that - a myth. You were stable and you traded it for...this.
The state detox clinic will likely not be helpful anyhow. They do not treat pain and they will tell you so and show you the door being very apologetic about not being able to help you. But on the flip side, the clinic would likely give you your "graduation" papers at 5mg.a day. That's a small dose. So you can go ahead without paying exorbitant prices for one of the cheapest drugs there is. That's my suggestion to you as far as the withdrawal issue goes. The worst of any physical symptoms if any at that dose, will be over in a week. If it hits hard you will be ragged out just like if had just gotten over a bad case of a stomach virus or food poisoning if you ever had that. Narcotic withdrawal is very similar.
Of course that doesn't do squat for your Fibro. You need a new doctor, whether this doctor is new to your case as a primary or pain physician or not. It's inhumane to deprive you of any type of pain control. You should have minimally, by the most narcophobic of physicians, been given one of the recent arrivals, Cymbalta or Lyceria for Fibro/neuropathic pain. I haven't had the displeasure, but I understand they can be helpful in reducing the severity of withdrawal symptoms as well
You sound like you do not trust this doctor and I don't blame you. Too many are misinformed from dramatized media reports and ignore the science they have been taught to respect. That often makes them dangerous with these medications, using chronic medications for acute conditions and vice versa. Bad patients don't help but it's not always their fault.
Stretch your meds, of course, even a tiny bit of taper can be helpful, but you may be ok with such a low dose. In any case you need a new doctor. Try pain web sites, fibro sites particularly. Many have doctors lists for docs that know this condition well. Try and think of some interview questions particular to your experiences with Fibromyalgia. You are hiring an employee after all, not the other way round. Don't be intimidated. They put their pants on one leg at a time too and if they took OxyContin for years and were suddenly forced to stop, they would feel the same things. Withdrawal has nothing to do with addiction, many other medications do the same thing, but when it comes to narcotics, you would be amazed how many doctors forget that. Good luck

I Feel Hopeless And I Want To Give Up.?
I Can'T Stop Drinking Or Abusing Prescriptions Drugs Like Rivotril, Xanax, Adderrall, Provigil, And The Worst Of All--Ambien. Cuz I Love It And I Take It During The Day It Makes Me More Social. I Am Slowly Dying And I Hate Myself. Please Help Or Suggest.

One: Tell everyone you know, including non-druggy friends. Unless you're related to cops. Two: Go to a doctor, you probably have a load in your system. They should recommend some form of rehab. Three: If you're not into God already, you may wanna give your life to him and pray! I'm crossing my fingers and praying right... NOW!!! No offense to danaean, but the vacation is a bad idea in my opinion. Taking a vacation and completely removing oneself from drugs period will make her withdraw and they need to be near loved ones who care. Not somewhere she'll be tempted.

Suboxone Withdraws, (Im Stuck & Need Help)?
Okay, About A Year And A Half Ago, I Was Addidcted To Roxycodone 30Mg I Got Up To 8 Pills A Day, It Was Horrible, I Relized I Needed Help, So I Went And Seeked A Doctor That Specializes In Suboxone Wich Is Suppose To Get You Off Any Addiction That Has To Do With Opiotes, I Heard Ot Was A Merical Pill, Well I Started Taking 8Mg Suboxone 3 Times A Day When I First Got On Them, I Easly Quickly Weened Down To 1 8Mg Pill A Day, Then I Started Breaking Them In To Qaurters, So The Doc, Switch Me To Now Called Subutex 2 Mg A Day, Wich Im Doin Fine On It And Its Such A Lil Amount I Thought Ok Now It Will Be Easy To Get Off, Noway I Try So Hard I Even Break That Pill In Half And Later On That Night Im Already Withdrawing Worse Then The Roxy Withdraws, Why And How Can I Get Off This Lil Bit Of Subutex, Im Only On 2Mg A Day, Why Is It So Hard, What Do I Have To Do, ? Someone Please Help, And Be Serious,

Subutex (buprenorphine) 2mg may not sound like a lot but it is equivalent to 100 mg of oral oxycodone or 150 mg of oral morphine.

The hardest part about getting off of buprenorphine is when you are down to a low dose, like you are, and you start reducing. You should ask your doctor exactly how to tapper off the medication- it will help if you and your doctor come up with a plan. However it is also important to let your body set the pace- some people need more time than others. It may also be worth staying on the Subutex for a while and don't try to reduce the dose. However if you are starting to go into some withdrawal in the evening then your dose needs to be reevaluated. You might ask your doctor about switching to methadone. The benefit of using methadone is that it is much less potent which allows you to reduce the dose in smaller amounts. If you take half of the Subutex that means you are reducing your dose by 50% and that will almost certainly cause significant discomfort. With methadone you would probably use about 10 mg two or more likely three times daily (or the full dose once daily). Then you can do something like use a full pill in the morning, half a pill in the afternoon, and a full pill at night and continue cutting the pills. You could even go down to 5 mg tablets and cut those. By doing that you are reducing the dose much more slowly and more controlled than you would with the Subutex.

You might also ask your doctor about using clonidine to help reduce withdrawal symptoms. It may be beneficial for you to take a small to modest dose of a benzodiazepine like Klonopin, Rivotril (clonazepam) 0.5-1 mg twice daily or Valium (diazepam) 5-10 mg 2-3 times daily or Librium (chlordiazepoxide) 10-25 mg 2-3 times daily to help reduce withdrawal symptoms. However benzodiazepines can be abused so they would need to be used cautiously although for some people it is not a very good idea to use them at all. But in general using other medications to help reduce withdrawal symptoms would likely benefit you especially when completely stopping.

Drugs like Subutex are a mixed blessing, they are very helpful to get people off other opioids but stopping buprenorphine or methadone is more difficult than other opioids and both drugs have a much longer withdrawal compared to drugs like oxycodone and morphine.

How Long Would It Take To Die From An Opioid Overdose?
I Work In A Pharmacy, & We'Re Thinking About Perhaps Beginning To Supply Special Kits That We Would Give Out To (Mainly) Heroin Users, Which Would Help To Minimise The Risks Involved, Such As Contamination & Overdoses. However, I Was Wondering How Long It Would Take To Possibly Die From An Opioid Overdose? And With Naloxone... Is There A Time Limit On Its Effectiveness? We'Re Also Counselling Various Customers About Otc Codeine Misuse & Abuse - I Was Wondering How Long It Would Take To Die Or Suffer Irreversible Damage, If Someone Od'D On Codeine (8Mg - That'S The Strongest That We Sell)? Sorry, This Is All A Bit Morbid. I'Ve Asked A Few Of The Locum Pharmacists That I Work With, But None Of Them Seem To Agree! I'D Be Grateful For Any Information That People Could Share With Me, As I'M Hoping To Learn More About Substance Abuse & Misuse Within The Pharmacy, So That I Am Able To Help Out & Understand More. Thank You! :)

The time is takes entirely depends on the person and the amount taken, along with many other attributing factors. I don't want to get into it too much because I think kits of Narcan is an awful idea! That's encouraging heroin use by saying "Don't worry. Take as much as you want. Now you don't have to worry about dying because you can just use this handy, free kit with all the Narcan you could ever want". As a paramedic, I've had enough heroin ODs where I get to the scene and one of the patients buddies comes up to me and straight out says "he needs Narcan". I'm not all about giving it away to them.
But just out of curiosity, what do you see is the benefit of this?

What Can I Use To Detox For A Drug Screen Test On Monday?
What Are Some Ways To Clean Your System For A Urine Drug Test

sweat it out, pee it out or go to the nearest health and wellness store, they will know.

My Father Has Lost All Meaning In Life?
To Give A Little Background, My Father Use To Be An Amazingly Upbeat Guy. He Was Handsome, Successful, And Smart, Everybody Liked Him. He Surfed Everyday And He Worked On Boats. Eventually He Moved Us To Hawaii. He Ended Up Having An Accident At Work Which Led To Back Problems, Which Led To Prescription Drugs Like Oxycontin, Which Led To Addiction. For Nearly Six Years My Dad Was Gone From The Face Of The Planet, Absorbed In The Drug Entirely. We Left Hawaii, Moved To Big Bear, California, And Secluded Ourselves Amongst The Snow And Trees. To Understate The Circumstances, Those Six Years Saw Dozens Of Drug-Fueled Brawls Between My Parents, Police Intervention, And Near Death And Suicide. Amazingly They Finally Got Off The Drug And Got &Quot;Better&Quot;. However, We'Ve Went From &Quot;Having Everything&Quot; To Having Nothing And Living Off Government Aide And Food Stamps. He Has Retirement From His Accident In The Coast Guard Which Enables Him To Basically Sit Around And Watch Tv, All Day, Everyday. He'S Completely Unmotivated And Undoubtedly Depressed. And Depressingly His Behavior Has An Effect On All Of Us, Sapping Our Energy And Making It Difficult For Us To Live Normal Lives. So My Question Is, How In The World Can I Help My Father Get Back On His Feet? I'Ve Tried Convincing Him To See A Psychiatrist No, I Don'T Like People.&Quot; (Or Really He'S Scared Of Them) I'Ve Tried To Get Him To Meditate (Which Is My Cure-All For All This Madness) Again He Discards It. Does Anyone Have Any Suggestions? Any Help Would Be Greatly Appreciated. Mahalo.


I feel your pain. I'd like to write one of my famous 500 word replies but it is 1am, and besides you can read all my posts telling of my 15+ year drug addiction and how I recovered, fully recovered.

I have been drug and alcohol free for over 15 years thanks to the Narconon Drug Rehabilitation Program. I am a successful artist and volunteer for Narconon to help others with similar problems I went through. And believe me, if I could recover so can your father. The more time passed the more miserable I was and the more drugs I needed to cover the misery up. This seems to be the same pattern for all addicts.

I did several rehabs before finding Narconon. Narconon was the only with the exact technology on how to recover from addiction and also the only program that helps one to recover his honesty, self esteem, integrity and gives one new skills for life. I would not have made it without my newly acquired skills. This are unique and should be taught in school for all kids so that they don't fall in the same trap as the rest of us.

Narconon is recognized world wide and is the best, with the greatest rate of recovery than ANY other program or rehab. This program is scientific, natural, holistic (takes care of the whole individual), does not use drugs and it is educational at the same time. One learns invaluable skills that one uses everyday to succeed in life.

One key component of this program is its famous Detox. This part has been saving lives all around the world, from people exposed to atomic radiation in Chernobyl, to the same in Japan, to soldiers exposed to Agent Orange, to people exposed to the chemicals used in the Golf Oil Spill. All of this people will swear by this program. It return my health, my taste, eye sight, energy and love for life.

Check it out. I left you the direct link to Narconon below. Also, I left you another link to a "gold mine" that you and all of your family is going to have to read and that is going to help your father want to do the Narconon program. This link is to The Way to Happiness. Go to the site watch the videos. Buy it or download the PDF version and read it and then have everyone read it too. It will help you change your whole family's lives for the better.

You're welcome!

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