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FAQ's Opiate Detox In Hampton Florida

Can Anyone Give Me Tips On How To Find Alcohol Rehab Centers In Woodsville, New Hampshire?
My Sister'S Just Recently Admitted To Herself That She Does Have A Problem Regarding Her Alcohol Consumption. I Now Have Her Consent To Put Her In An Alcohol Rehab. Any Ideas On How To Find The Right One For Her?

You should peruse through the yellow pages. You'll surely find a list there of the alcohol rehabs near your home. Call each one and inquire about the treatment methods, medication, etc. Getting recommendations from a doctor or healthcare provider is also a good way of finding an alcohol rehab. Good luck, and I hope your sister recovers soon!

Why Do You Suppose Health Stocks Are Climbing?
Http://Www.Marketwatch.Com/Story/Price-Of-Health-Care-Bill-Goes-Down-Reports Http://Www.Marketwatch.Com/Story/Health-Care-Stocks-Rally-As-Reform-Debate-Builds

The health reform that passed in committee on Wednesday would require all Americans to buy health insurance. Who wins? The insurance companies. When people have prescription drug coverage they won't be happy using advil for minor aches and pains. They will get a doctor to prescribe something stronger. The drug companies make more profits. When people become addicted to prescription pain killers the rehab centers see a boom in business. All this forced insurance means every business in health related fields makes money. That causes their stocks to gain value. If the stock prices are increasing now it's because investors see all this happening in the near future.

To A Medical Doctor About Opiate Addiction And Paws (Post Acute Withdraw Syndrome)?
I Have Off And On, Mostly On, Been Addicted To Prescription Pain Medications (Opiates) For About 10 Years (I'M Almost 30 Now, And Started At Age 19-20). I Have Tried To Quit Many Times, Failed Many Times, Did Succeed Once Early On, For 6 Months, But Started Again (Thought It Would Always Be Easy To Quit). It Is Literally... A Nightmare Now. I Have A Child, I Am Single (My Parents, God Bless Them, Have Helped Me Take Care Of Him, But I Would Do Anything To Get From Underneath This Medication To Do This Independent, Just Cannot Do It Sick, And My Paws Seems To Never End), And Don'T Know How I Am Ever Going To Be Able To Get Off Of It... Or A Dependable Form Of Medication To Maintain The Addiction (Methadone, Suboxone). I Guess What My Question Is, Are There Doctors That Prescribe Methadone For The Maintaining Of The Addiction, Not For Pain? Suboxone Would Work, If I Could Afford The Medication. It Is Literally Cheaper To Stay On The Street Medication That Route. The Only Other Option Are Clinics, Which Take Money But Do Not Take Insurance (Or Just My Insurance). In All Honesty, That Is No Different Then A Drug Dealer, Only Legal. At 11 Dollars A Day, I Cannot Afford A Monthly Cost Of $300+. When I Asked Them About The Price, They Simply Stated &Quot;Well, It Is Cheaper Than What You Would Pay Most Drug Dealers.&Quot;. It Is Pretty Sad, That Doctors Would Prey Upon People With Such Problems. I Really Don'T Know What To Do. I Am Not Weak Willed, I Could Easily Maintain Myself, Without Overdoing It, If Only I Could Just Get A Prescription For The Medication. It Seems Not So Much That They Want To Make Sure You Are Taking The Right Amount, But Rather That They Want To Cash In On The Money You Are Paying For It On The Streets. I Am Losing Hope.... Meetings Don'T Help, I Don'T Need To Talk, I Need Medication. You Tell A Doctor This, He Treats You Like A Walking Turd, Like A Robot Programmed To Turn You Away Once You Mention It ( They Teach It To You I Guess In School), When You Are Literally Begging To Just Be Able To Function, Like Him Or Her Does Normally. My Son Keeps Me Going. Rehabs Are The Same... No Money = Cold Turkey Suffering Experience That Ends Most Likely With You Back On It.... Lots Of Money, Medicated, Doesn'T Really Matter, Because Having Money..... What Is There To Really Worry About? You Can Get The Meds Anyways. Everyday, I Lose More And More Of My Intelligence, Lose What Made Me.. Me. I Live In Kansas Too, Which, Is Sooo Much Worse When Dealing With Doctors. My Pc Prescribed Me Naproxen To Deal With Withdraw.... &Quot;Thanks For That Aleve&Quot;.. I Guess, Anyways, My Question, My Main Question, Once Again, &Quot;Are There Doctors That Prescribe Methadone For The Maintaining Of An Opiate Addiction, In Kansas?&Quot;. Can'T Afford Suboxone, Can'T Afford A Rehab That Works, Can'T Afford The Legal Drug Dealers At The Clinic. I'M Done Carrying On.... Just About Out Of Hope.

You will to go to a methadone clinic to be maintained and the price must be pretty well regulated as it's $11 a day here too. It's crazy because if it's for pain you could fill the trunk of your car with $11I worth of methadone tablets. If you still have pain issues a methadone clinic won't touch you.

Talk to your general practitioner and insurer to see if there is some type of reimbursement that you may be able to get from a clinic You should try a mental health professional (by which I mean a psychiatrist) if you are looking to go through methadone or suboxone detox. That who you want for either maintenance or a slow detox. You really need to do your homework on doctors with this. Too many do not give a damn about withdrawal and will drop you off a cliff. You need to make it implicitly understood that if there is going to be a dose tapering that you have some control over dose. Nobody has to tell you why cold turkey doesn't work. You need to get down to about 5mgs and step off or 5mg every other day and then step off. You will still feel like crap and methadone is sneaky. It'll stay with you for an extra 36 hours or so, then the symptoms of withdrawal kick in for 3 or 4 days.

The real trick as you have found out is to break the mental dependence addiction cycle. I try to suggest to people that they put their drug money in to tangible goods instead. Buy that 60" flat screen. Get the surround sound system. Buy the kid a bunch of toys (not too many you don't want to spoil them). Buy some Savings Bonds or other long term investment. If you're clean and sober and your drug money is tied up making you more money where you can't get it, you will avoid temptation. Good luck

I Have A Severe Drug Problem But I Am A Functional Part Of Society. I Need Help!!!?
I Have Been Addicted To Pain Killers For 3 Years But I Am Now Addicted To Subutex For The Past 2 Years. I Can'T Stop Doing Coke On The Weekends And Drinking. I Don'T Know What The Hell I Should Do?!!!! I Am A Very Functioning Addict. I Have My Bills Paid And My Family Fooled Nut I Just Cannot Take This **** Anymore!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I Want Out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! God Damn It!!!!!!!!!!:(

I'm a recovered alcoholic in my 4th year of sobriety thanks to Alcoholics Anonymous, apart from AA meetings I also go to one CA (Cocaine Anonymous) meeting a week, although it sounds Cocaine specific it's not, it's a program exactly the same as AA, they even use the same 'Big Book' of Alcoholics Anonymous, the main difference is that it's an organisation for the addiction of ANY mind altering substance, whether it be Alcohol, Cocaine, Pain killers, LSD etc.

My link will help you find a meeting near to where you live, you will meet people their very similar to yourself with a variety of addictions, it's free unless you want to contribute to a collection they have, they are not judgemental in any way and will help you beat your addiction, that's a guarantee if you stick to their 12 step program of recovery.

Rehab is also a good option as long as it's not just a detox centre but also use a program of recovery.

I was also a fully functional alcoholic but i would have died if I had not stopped.

Is Anybody Out There On Methadone?
I Live Near Methadone Clinic. Can'T Help But Notice That The People That Go There Look Like Wrecks. Is Methadone Worse Than Heroin?

Well, it saved my life.
Methadone was, and in fact, continues to be the most successful form of maintenance based treatment for opiate addiction. It has been studied far longer, and deemed far safer than other maintenance therapy drugs, and statistically, methadone-treated addicts have the highest rate of recovery once they have completed treatment, compared to both maintenance & abstinence based treatments.
Methadone does not impair cognitive ability, motor skills, or produce a feeling of euphoria- and once a person starts a methadone program, the methadone binds to the same receptors opiates normally do, making them fairly ineffective when taken in conjunction with, in terms of a “buzz”. It still retains the danger of overdose, b/c the toxicity is present. I'm not entirely clear on what you mean by them seeming to be "a wreck"- so i'm going out on a lim, and guessing you mean they look like they're still on drugs. Unfortunately, there are folks who don't make it- and who abuse meds while on it- but they are quickly caught due to frequent drug screening, and if they continue to abuse, they are kicked off the program.
I'm assuming we're all familiar with the science of addiction, but if not: the long and short of it is that our bodies produce endorphins- natural pain killers- in small amounts, as needed. Opiates- drugs derived from the poppy plant- (heroin, vicodin, Darvon, oxycontin, morphine, dilaudid, etc.)- when taken, cause an influx of these endorphins. When a person takes opiates on a regular basis, the human body, which is extremely adept at conserving it’s natural resources- recognizes that the person is providing them with more than enough synthetic endorphins through opiates- and the body stops producing it’s small amounts. So when an opiate addict suddenly stops using opiates, the body goes into an endorphin-deficiency, causing the person to become very ill.
Until the last decade, addiction was not recognized as a disease. Since then, the medical community has found evidence of “addictive” genes, in the form of THIQ- a chemical produced from opiates & alcohol by certain people thought to contain the addictive gene. Those without the Addictive gene don’t process the opiates or alcohol the same way, and therefore, do not turn any portion of them into THIQ, the way a person with the addictive gene does. THIQ is believed to be part of the reason that an addictive-prone person develops such strong cravings & is unable to stop using, compared to the non-addictive prone. There has also been some suggestion that the genetically addictive prone were born with an endorphin deficieny, and have likely never had the proper amount, which is what drives them to seek that elsewhere.
The first thing you have to understand is that MMT- Methadone Maintenance Therapy- when used for opiate addiction is not a “quick fix”, or a short term solution. There are other routes~ cold turkey, or detox- detoxes are usually in hospital like settings and last 4-5 days; during which they wean you down with mild narcotics in decreasing doses, like Ultram and Bupranex. The actual meds vary by institution, but bear in mind detox is not considered recovered. After detox, the best chance at recovery requires residential rehab- upwards of 6 months’ worth- followed by a halfway house, then IOP (Intensive Outpatient Therapy) and Aftercare~ and this may all take more than 1 year. A year in which you can’t work, live with your family, or do anything else but focus on recovery.
I would never reccomend MMT to an addict newly seeking recovery- total abstinence should be the goal, but if someone has tried all the avenues, more than a few times, and been unable to get clean, then MMT can be a life saver.
MMT has the highest success rate among opiate treatments- but the best chance of sobriety comes to those who spend a MINIMUM of 2 years on the program. The program involves taking your daily dose, and doing some counseling, but otherwise, you are able to immediately start over-
I’m assuming you’re familiar, but in case not- opiate addiction, unlike other drugs, causes a physical dependence. If an addict suddenly stops using opiates, they become severely ill. Methadone is an opioid agonist- not an opiate, but a synthetic drug that works on the same receptors in the brain that opiates do, and therefor “tricks” the brain into thinking it’s getting opiates.

As opposed to using heroin, you have a safe, clean, reliable dose. You have eliminated the need for IV use, and the need to hustle. Does that sound better?
The very basis of why methadone has been successful in treating opiate addicts is because it works in a time released capacity- rendering it incapable of producing feelings of euphoria or, in laymen’s terms, unable to get you high.
Now- someone who has never taken methadone before, who takes a large enough dose, may experience marked drowsiness- but that’s why Methadone Maintenance Clinics (MMT) follow strict regulations that entail starting every new patient/opiate addict off at the very low dose of 20-30mg, regardless of their height, weight, or tolerance level to opiates. From there, each patient is seen by the clinic physician on a weekly basis, and given the small increase of 2 -5 mg once a week, until they are “stabilized”- meaning they’re feeling normal- not in acute physical withdrawal from the sudden lack of opiates in their system. From that point on, there is a blood test called a peak and trough, that measures the serum levels of the methadone in the patient, to ensure their dose is of a therapeutic level, and not so high as to cause drowsiness.
There has been a lot of propaganda in the press lately about the dangers of Methadone- the bulk of which is directly related to a few celebrity deaths that were caused by the mixing of methadone and alcohol, or methadone & other medications. What is not so well known is that NONE- ZERO- of those cases involved opiate addicts taking methadone in a methadone maintenance program. All of them were the result of a personal physician prescribing methadone for pain, to patients who abused the medication by taking it with other drugs, creating a lethal reaction. The Harrison Drug Act made it illegal for physicians- general practitioners- to prescribe methadone to patients for opiate addiction. Only MMT clinics, which are strictly regulated, may prescribe it for addiction. MMT clinics require frequent, SUPERVISED, random drug screens (so anyone on methadone for opiate addiction cannot be abusing other meds, or they would be kicked off the program); as well as one on one counseling, group treatments, state required classes, state required physicals and blood tests, as well as anything else the individual’s counselor feels they need. They must complete treatment plans and goals on a monthly basis, demonstrating they are moving forward with employment, housing, etc., and they are not permitted to take many medications, even when prescribed by a physician, if there is any chance of an interaction. For example, benzodiazepines are well known for their ability to interact with methadone in a way that induced euphoria- (i.e., a buzz)- and are a major no-no. The MMT clinic will prescribe another medication that will not interact, if necessary, but using the benzo’s will result in being kicked off the program. A general practitioner, on the other hand, can prescribe methadone to whomever he sees fit for pain management, and there are no other regulations.

The removal of cravings is MMT's biggest benefit, and where other treatments- suboxone, detox, etc- fall short. Suboxone does some good here, but in studies, trials, and other reviews of MMT clients who converted to Suboxone, it is not nearly as effective as Methadone is in taking them away.. While acute physical withdrawal is hell, the chronic, mental withdrawal, and the lingering physical withdrawal symptoms like insomnia, leg cramping and that awful crawling out of your skin feeling. Those can take upwards of a year to dissipate without methadone.
In the near decade I have now had sober, I have turned my life around. I a m a mother, a wife, a business owner, and a tireless advocate for the rights of addicts and MMT.
Not everyone agrees that MMT is a good thing; but I find that the majority of them have not had first hand experience, or have simply been misinformed. There are tremendously ridiculous myths about MMT, and as someone who found her life again through it, I feel it's an obligation to educate others. I strongly support reform and regulation of policy- the strict adherences iomposed on MMT clinic clients may seem like a pain, but they are what protects us as well- and should be in effect for ANYONE prescribing MMT- not just for opiate addiction.
I don't expect everyone to agree with me- I simply ask that you take the time to educate yourself on BOTH sides of the story- only then can you make a truly informed position.
If you have any other questions, feel free to email me- i run a website & facebook group that focusses on MMT education.

Some other resources:


* (NAMA_ National Alliance for Medication Assisted Recovery , is one of the leading sources of information and education on methadone for MMT)

Is There Any Methadone Clinics That Take Medical Assistance Insurance In Or Near Largo Florida?

No shortage at all. I entered Suboxone, not just because it works better. If your providers do not cover it, and only want you on Methadone, I'd consider pricing and paying out-of-pocket. Methadone has this cruel tendency to become a life-long addiction of its own. It blocks junk like vodka blocks gin.

ps. Subutex/Suboxone are formulations of Buprenorphine.

Any Side Effects To Buprenorphine In Cats?
I See Someone Asked About Buprenorphine Being Used To Treat Heroin Addiction In Humans. Well, The Vet Prescribed It To Both My Cats For Pain Relief Following Their Dental Cleanings. One Cat Had A Tooth Extracted. I Administered This Medication And One Cat Is Flopped Down, Zoned Out, And Purring Against My Leg. The Other Cat Is Sound Asleep. Will This Harm Them In The Long Term Or Will They Suffer Withdrawal Once The Medicine Runs Out??

Buprenorphine is a synthetic opiate that binds to opiate receptors and stimulates them. It is similar to one of the original opiates, morphine.

Opiates are a class of drugs originally derived from the poppy flower. When comparing potency, opiates are compared to morphine.

That is as accurate of an answer you can get.......good luck
Buprenorphine is 30 times as potent as morphine and does not result in the negative gastrointestinal effects typically associated with morphine.

Precautions and Side Effects

While generally safe and effective when prescribed by a veterinarian, buprenorphine can cause side effects in some animals.

Buprenorphine should not be used in animals with known hypersensitivity or allergy to the drug.

The drug should be avoided in animals with kidney disease, underactive thyroid gland and Addison's disease.

Buprenorphine should be used with caution in animals with head trauma, compromised cardiovascular function and geriatric or severely debilitated animals.

Since it is metabolized by the liver, buprenorphine should be used with caution in animals with liver disease.

Buprenorphine may interact with other medications. Consult with your veterinarian to determine if other drugs your pet is receiving could interact with buprenorphine. Such drugs include certain antihistamines, tranquilizers, barbiturates and monoamine oxidase inhibitors.

In rare cases, buprenorphine can slow breathing, as with other opiates.

The most common side effect of buprenorphine is sedation.

Due to a high index of safety, overdose is rare.

How Long Is Drug Abuse Rehab?

technically- the rest of your life.

but generally as long as it takes.
2-4 weeks is standard (voluntary)
many people stay at rehab for multiple months depending on their habit and ability to work past their problems

How Long Is Methadone Rehab And What Is The Process?
My Soon To Be X Husband Is In A Methadon Rehab Program. I Haven'T Spoke To Him In 2 Months. I Am Worried About Him And Would Like To Know What He Is Going Through. Is He Able To Use A Phone And Can He Leave For A Weekend. Also How Long Is This Type Of Program. He Had Been Addicted To Pain Medicine For 6 Years And Methadone For About Two Years.

Obviously he is in an inpatient program, cause they do have meth clinics you go to daily. from what you say, 6 yearsof opiate addiction he was probably admitted into a detox first(hospital floor for addicts closed off to everyone else) depending on the amount of pills he was taking and the dose of meth he was on will depend on how long he stays usually 9-14 days they give you the methadone the highest dose they will give u is 40mg and they take you down 5 at a time until u r clear. they hold u a day w/o any meds and release u the day after usually. if u havent spoke to him in 2 mths they probably talked him in to going straight to a 28 day rehab, which is what they try to do with everyone provided u have insurance! its pretty strict when u first go in cause when you leave detox u r still pretty sick. I guess depending on where he went, the rules would vary, but i never heard of a place that didnt allow u to call your family. Im guessing he doesnt want to talk to u. I wouldnt take it personal, hes probably feeling pretty crappy, it takes a good few months to feel better and sometimes almost a year before u can sleep normally and just feel comfortable in your own skin. The rehab is completely drug free and its alot of groups and AA/NA meetings if he went in volontarally he could leave when he wants. If he was mandated by the courts he could get stuck in a program more like a TC, theraputic community which could be anywhere from 6mths to 2 years. some places allow visits 1a week like sundays. dont worry, he is in the best place he can be. methadone sucks, and it really takes a toll on the body. i swear i think heroin is easier to detox off than that crap. it feels like forever. Im sure you will hear something soon. but keep in mind hes in there to fix himself so sometimes the outside world is too much for someone to deal with, hes got enough problems of his own in there to bring in stuff that will mess w/ his head and throw him off track. i hope this was helpful and didnt put you to sleep.

24 Hour Pill That Keeps You Awake?
What Would Happen If Scientists Invented A Pill So That Humans Could Be Awake 24 Hours A Day? Note That It Can'T Be 24/7 Since That Would Be Inhumane, And Near Impossible Since Humans Need Mental, And Physical Rest, But Could It Be Invented For Those Who Need It For Work Related Activities And Such? What Do You Think? Would You Take It?

There would be no such thing as a single pill to keep you awake for 24 hours as it would have to be a powerful stimulant but still the body would rid an detox it within a matter of hours. However multiple doses over the coarse of 24 hours would be able to keep one awake for that period. This is closely related to stimulants including cocaine, amphetamines, and adderall. With the dangers of these drugs in relation to the brain and also the harm done to body due to lack of sleep i wouldnt take multiple doses repeatedly.

Questions About Heroin? 10 Points!?
Don'T Worry! I'M Not Going To Try The Drug And Never Ever Will, I'Ve Already Got An Addiction To Cigarettes And Ice Coffee. I'Ve Got Enough On My Hands :P My Questions Are: How Much Does Heroin Normally Cost? How Many Times Do You Have To Do It Before You Become Addicted? How Hard Is It To Get Off? What Does It Feel Like When You'Re On It? What Does It Feel Like Coming Off It? How Long Does It Last? How Long Does It Take For The Coming Off To Stop? Can People Tell You'Re On Heroin? What Do The Cravings Feel Like? Thank You :D

I was an addict for over 15 years but luckyly it was not to heroin or any of the opioids, pain killers, downers, antipsychotics, or any other meds. I was addicted to marijuana and alcohol mainly, but this led many times to other drugs as 'friends' often had many other choices at hand.

I've seen people injecting heroine and it is not pleasant to see. I decided I was never going to put that s**tuff in my veins. I've pretty much seen everything about drugs and addicts as my path took me that way.

Now, clean for over 15 years, I help others recover just like I did. Heroin and opioids are some of the hardest drugs to get rid of the addiction. Of course there are now many synthetic drugs that are even harder to get off of, like Methadone, which was theoretically designed to get you off of Heroine. But there are others even worse than Methadone.

I'll try to answer your questions in the same order.

1- Prices vary widely depending on location, dealer and purity. Ranges from $10-$30 per dose (a little packet of about 1"). Some packets have a stamp on the outside, like a trademark, Obama, for example.
2- Addiction is not always at the first try but it definitely is one step closer to addiction. What about if you like so much that high? Wouldn't it be tempting to try it "just one more time?"
3- How hard is to get off? Just read this link:
4- It feels like you are in a dream--according to an addict I met in rehab. He said that the first times were the best and that he felt like in a coocoon and everything was soft like cotton but with time he just wanted to feel the soothing feling and not the pain.
5- The symptoms of coming off when addicted, "he said these included, vomiting, diarrhea, uncontrollable shakes, cold sweats, goose bumps, hot flushes, aches and pains that will not go away, muscle spasms, semi-permanent insomnia, anxiety and suicidal thoughts."
6- Lasts 4-6 hrs.
7- This Q is not too clear but if I understand it, it is like any other drug and the effects fade off gradually as the body neutralizes the drug (as it is a poison to the body and it fights it off). After you come down you end up in a sort of state of depression. Not only you start missing that high felling but now the body has used up its reserves of certain chemicals and nutrients used up in trying to balance its health and wants to recover by going into a lethargic state. This is a sort of hangover and the body needs to recover, not to get high, which is what all addicts do.
8- I could tell if you are in heroine or on many other drugs but not everybody else can as they might not have a trained eye. Also, it is not easily to differentiate between certain drugs but somebody high on Heroin shows pinpoint pupils. Other signs are not as obvious if the addict hides all the marks the needles leaves on the body. Chronic addicts are easy to spot by anybody as their health deteriorates and they start looking like zombies.
9- If already addicted the cravings are more like an anxiety or fear of the withdrawal symptoms mentioned above.

Some treatment clinics only substitute one drug for another, these are usually suboxone or buprenorphine, other opioids, and some even offer diacetylmorphine, which is a synthetic heroine. In the end the addict just gets his drugs from his clinic. The Narconon program does not use drugs at all and the withdrawal symptoms are managed with a scientific holistic approach. A heroin addict doing the program at the same time I did said that this was the easiest way he had ever come through the withdrawal from all the programs he tried before.

I hope this answered all of your questions and if you need to learn more about drugs just go the the Narconon website.

How Long Does A Cocaine User Typically Stay In Rehab?
I'M Aware This Is Next To Impossible To Determine, So If You'Re Not Going To Give Me An Actual Number Of Days, Then Please Don'T Answer This Question. If Someone Has Been Using Coke For Three Years Daily, About How Long Could You Estimate Them To Need To Stay In Rehab?

General rule of thumb for rehab to actually work (i.e. not just to detox, but also to reap the long-term benefits of the therapy element of the programme) is 4 weeks if you are over 25 and 12 weeks if you are under 25 - this amount of time allows you to detox safely and comfortably and develop the skills you need to remain abstinent and keep control in your life.

There are lots of advice sites that can give you more info and help you find a suitable clinic, check out or

I hope this helps.

How Long Will A Heroin Detox And Rehab Take?
My Brother Is Going To Get Himself Treated And Heroin Detox Is Part Of The Program. I Wonder How Long It'Ll Be 'Til He'S Out Of The Treatment Center? He'S Going To Undergo An Inpatient Program.

Well, how long the treatment will take depends upon the needs of your brother. It also depends on how he's going to respond to treatment and how he'll behave in the treatment center. Rehab usually takes a few months, and can extend to a few years. Hopefully your brother will recover soon.

What Is A Therapeutic Community Rehab Center? How Long Is It For Someone Who Detoxed From Methadone?
What Is A Typical Day Like?

It's probably a drug rehab center. It takes a while to detox from methadone. I had to take it for pain for several years, though I was on a relatively small dose compared to what they give them. I would say that it would depend on the dose and how long they have been on it as to how long the detox might take. Methodone withdrawl can be VERY severe. They say that it's much worse than detoxing from heroine, but I couldn't say for certain. I CAN tell you that it causes severe vomiting and diarrhea and makes you feel like crud! It's NOT a fun thing to have to experience. Even on my small dose, the withdrawl was VERY severe.


About The Drug Buprenorphine Hydrochloride?
My Cat Just Went Through Major Surgery Tuesday They Said She Has Liver Problems From Bein Over Weight Put A Feeding Tube In Not Sure For How Long But Will This Drug Make Her Sick I Put It On Her Gums Twice A Day?

Buprenorphine, a thebaine derivative, is a synthetic partial opium like.
It has some activity at the mu receptor which gives it a longer duration of analgesic action. Buprenorphine is considered to be approximately 30 times stronger than morphine. However, morphine is a much stronger pain reliever due to the fact that morphine has more activity at the mu receptor (found in the cells). Respiratory depression, decreased heart rate, and blood pressure are possible with this drug. it last about 8 to12 hours, ehh from my little known knowledge that is, what i would recommend is some stuff called rescue remedy for pets its all natural!, it works just as good it relaxes them! which is what they really need! after all that stress & without all the dangers involved, i used it on both my cats after surgery, hope this helps! best wishes

Heroin Was Thought To Be A “Cure” For Morphine Addition.?
Heroin Was Thought To Be A “Cure” For Morphine Addition. Methadone Is Given To Heroin Addicts To Help Them Control Their Drug Use. Using The Readings And Your Knowledge, What Is Your Opinion About The Use Of Drugs To Get People Off Of Drugs. How Is It That Our &Quot;Solutions&Quot; Cause New Problems? Discuss The &Quot;New&Quot; Epidemic Of Opiod Pain Killer Addiction.

It's more complex than simply "giving them drugs to get them off drugs."

This is really only done for heroin addiction, which I'm assuming you've never dealt with, or you'd realize that the addiction of heroin is SO strong, that it's nearly impossible for addicts to quit on their own- these are the words from my doctor, believe it or not. With coke addicts for example, they may be REALLY addicted, but the withdrawal and cravings are nowhere near as intense as with heroin, that's why there's no "drug to give coke addicts to get them to quit coke." Only with heroin addicts (or opiate addicts- same thing basically).
Many heroin addicts want SO BADLY to quit, but even after they're done with their detox, heroin changes the chemistry of the brain so much, that it takes at least two sober years until their brain recovers from the damage. The only problem is that UNTIL those two or more years have passed, the addict will be plagued with drug cravings and "mental obsessions" of doing heroin every day, all day. That's why it's nearly impossible for them to quit on their own, without aid of a prescribed substance such as methadone. It doesn't "replace the high" as many people think, it just gets rid of the mental obsessions and cravings for the addict.

For educational purposes, I'll break down the two drugs given to heroin addicts so you can understand them a bit more. There's Methadone and Suboxone. Being a recovering heroin fiend, I've had experience in this awful world.

First, let's start with Suboxone. MOST heroin addicts would PROBABLY be okay on Suboxone. It usually comes in strips that dissolve under the tongue. It hits only a few of the same receptors that heroin affects, so it stops the addict from going into withdrawal, and it takes away the craving, because it "tricks" the brain into thinking it's on heroin, without actually filling all the necessary receptors that heroin does, so slowly, the addiction to heroin withers away as they take their Suboxone every day. It also has Nalaxone in it, which makes it so they can't use heroin while they're on Suboxone- it simply won't take effect. Much harder to abuse than Methadone.

Then, we have Methadone. Usually comes from a clinic, and easily abused. To be honest, Methadone is SUPPOSED to ONLY be given to heroin addicts who have SUCH a high tolerance to opiates, that Suboxone wouldn't be able to "reach" them so to say, because of Suboxone's ceiling effect. So if you've only done heroin for a couple years, you'd do well on Suboxone. If you've been on heroin for 20 years, Suboxone probably wouldn't work, and you would have to use Methadone.
The controversy with Methadone is that is hits every single receptor that heroin does, because the chemical structure is almost exactly the same as heroin. So basically, the addict would still be addicted to an opiate structure, but at least when they go to a clinic, they won't have to worry about overdosing or getting shot during a drug deal. Also, Methadone clinics aren't the best at weaning their patients off, so you end up with a bunch of people who've been going to the Methadone clinic for 10 years. This is why Methadone isn't a doctor's favorite choice.

Both Methadone and Suboxone are only supposed to be given to the addict to sustain their addictive tendencies until their brain recovers from the opiate damage (at least two years). After that, they will begin to wean the patient off.

So yes, it is a solution. Because if these substances didn't exist, there would be many more cases of heroin and opiate addiction, without a cure. I know first-hand. It's not like withdrawals from Ambien or Seroquel or cigarettes, where you're restless and irritated for a few days, then you're back to normal. It's nothing like that. I detoxed twice and was locked inside my house, forced to withdrawal from heroin. Even after 3 weeks being clean, I thought to myself everyday "I'm so glad these withdrawals are over and I'm not addicted to heroin anymore... now as SOON as I can get out of the house for 15 minutes, I can't WAIT to go shoot up some heroin, it'll make the rush even stronger!" It's not because I'm stupid- it's because my brain will not quit craving this substance until I go two years being sober. And I know it's impossible for me to be sober through willpower alone. If I tried it that way, I'd fail.

There's many addicts in my place who want to get clean, but can't do it without the help of out Suboxone or Methadone to distract our brains.

How Long Is Rehab For A Drug Overdose?
Today, I Found Out That My Long Distance Boyfriend Overdosed On Pills That He Took To Keep Himself Awake. His Parents Are Putting Him In Rehab, And They Took Away His Phone, So I Have No Way To Contact Him. I Have Not A Clue How Long Rehab Would Be Or When I Would Get To Talk To Him Next. We Live Almost Nine Hours Away So There Is No Way That I Can Go See Him. Could Anyone Offer Me Any Help/Ideas? Thank You In Advance.

I did psychiatric intake work at a good mental health hospital for decades and I can answer your question here:

Drug rehab takes about 28 days for a full program....but that is not your question here and you have left one hell of a lot of information out:

1) How old is your boyfriend? Is he a minor or an adult? If he is a minor child, he is probably enrolled in an adolescent behavioral program and those programs can take up to three months, depending on his problems.

2) You say that he "overdosed on pills that he took to keep himself awake." All right, what kind of pills were they and what is the name of the medication? Do you think this is an "accidental overdose"? Was this a suicide attempt? Does your boyfriend have a long-standing problem with street drugs and drug experimentation? How did he get these "pills"? Are they prescription medication and who prescribed them and for what?

3) By law, anyone...even minors can have mail (you know, snail mail?) so you can write him a letter and mail it to him at the hospital. But if he is a minor, his ability to use a phone or go online will be a privilege that he has to "earn" within the program and usually only parents and immediate family are allowed to be contacted for a minor.

4) We don't rehabilitate people who have taken an "accidental overdose". If you are in rehab, you have a serious problem with drugs and alcohol. Period.

So, you really don't give much information here. If you want the facts, you need to telephone his parents or guardians and perhaps they will tell you.

I wish your boyfriend all the best and I hope he gets straight.

What Helps With Opiate Withdrawal?
What Are Some Home Remedies That Help With Opiate Withdrawal. My Boyfriend Doesnt Want To Go To Detox He Would Rather Do It At Home. But We Were Trying To See If There Was Anything Over The Counter We Could Buy To Ease The Withdrawal Symptoms. Someone Please Help Us.

Do not go cold turkey this can be very dangerous!!

Now a plant called kratom is said to be very help full in opiate withdrawal. This can be bought of the internet at reasonable prices.

It acts on the same receptors as opiates and supposedly stops you from getting sick.

Check out these web pages

There is some good info on this forum and you will be able to find alot of help from people who have gone through what you are going through.

Please check this area out it should be very helpful

Good luck

Would Cigarettes And Heroin Be An Efficent Way To Lose Weight Quickly?
How Long Am I Looking At Being In Rehab?

Heroin gives you a bit of a drippy tummy but yeah it will work, Eat an apple and a can of tuna only a day and jog for an hour, smoke about 20 cigs a day and you'll lose about 10 pounds a week.

How Long Do Cocaine Addicts Usually Stay In Rehab?
My Brother'S Cocaine Addiction Is Getting Really Bad And My Uncle Was Able To My Brother To Agree Going To Rehab. I Know It'S Good And All He'S Going To Get Cleaned Up But That Means Moving Out Of Our Cute Little Two Room Apartment And I'Ll Be Moving In With My Uncle Until My Brother Is Clean And Out Of Rehab. So How Long Should He Be In Rehab If He Snorts Cocaine Every Two Days For The Past Year And A Half?

Detox is only three days. Depending on the type of insurance you have it can vary from 30days to 2years depending on the treatment center. After detox the recommendation for after care is the rehab part. Yes two parts, and may not be at the same place.

How Long Was Eminem In Rehab?Why?

He never says exactly but if you follow a time-line you can say a little under a year. He was addicted to/but not limited to Ambien, Vicodin,Valium and Methadone

Buprenorphine Cost And Dosage.?
Im Wondering About Buprenorphine As An Option To Other Opiates. Considering Obtaining Drug In Mexico. Need General Info And Types Or Mixes Of Drug. Also What Are The Procedures To Get Started. I Live In Sierra Vista Az. Close To Mexico.

Buprenorphine is used as a treatment for heroin dependence and also in helping people to withdraw from heroin and methadone.

The dosage of buprenorphine varies and is given in a case to case basis.As a guide, doses range from 4 milligrams to 32 milligrams per day for people with heroin dependence. There are certain phases in its use with different guidelines the reason why it may only be prescribed by a doctor who has a permit from the Department of Human Services (DHS).

In USA, a 15-day supply of 2/0.5 mg buprenorphine/naloxone tablets costs approximately $100 from a retail pharmacy.

How Is A Drug Rehab? (Therapy)?
I Needn'T You To Know Details, But I'Ve Been Having Drug Problems, (Cocaine And Alcohol) And I'Ve Just Accept I'M Trouble, I Just Want To Know How A Therapy Is, You Know, What Is Convinient? And, If I Get Interned... Do You Know... (Well, I Know It Depends Of The Case) Do You Know How Much Time, At Least, I'D Be There? At Least! And At Most? And... If I Get Interned... Which Kind Of Things Would I Do? And If In My Case Is Not Necessary To Be Interned... The Same Question, Which Kind Of Things Would I Do??

It depends and can vary in a lot of different ways, depending on your program. I have never personally been to rehab, but have many friends that have, some on several occasions. Outpatient therapy is seemingly more convenient (you get to live at home, etc), but most people I know who have gone this route initially find it hard to break their old habits.

For inpatient programs, the least amount of time I have heard someone staying is 1 month. For a therapy-only program, the usual stay is up to 6 months. School included programs may be longer do not know how old you are, or if this is relevant, but many inpatient programs for young adults have school components as well, so you can catch up (or get ahead) on credits. A friend of mine actually graduated early because he got so far ahead while at rehab.

Either way, most of what you do will be therapy. You will have a lot of time to yourself. Anybody who has been to drug rehab will tell you that it will only help you if you are committed to being helped. This means following all the rules and attending all sessions. For those who I have seen come through rehab successfully, they took their spare time as a time to better themselves (read lots of books, wrote, worked out, made a point to eat healthy, took up a new, non-drug related hobby). In either way, besides the mandatory therapy, what you do will ultimately be your choice, and the wrong choices may get you kicked out of rehab altogether.

How Long Was Nikki Sixx Addicted To Heroin?

6 years i think. From the start of the band to when he overdosed and went to rehab with his band.

What Are The Differences Between Buprenorphine And Methadone?
I Have Read Some Things That Say That Buprenorphine Is Now The Medication Of Choice Among Many Individuals Suffering From Opioid Addiction. I Was Just Wondering About The Advantages Of Using Buprenorphine As Compared To Methadone.

Though buprenorphine and methadone are both utilized for long-terma and short term opioid maintencance therapy, each one has its advantages as well as disadvantages.

Buprenorphine has a longer duration of action which can allow dosing to be done every two days, as opposed to methadone wherein daily dosing is required. Buprenorphine may also have a lower dependence-liability compared to methadone. Also, buprenorphine treatment may last from several months to a few years. Methadone treatment, however, is often indefinite and becomes a life-long regimen. Buprenorphine also has less severe effects of withdrawal when compared to methadone, which makes it easier for the patient to discontinue use.

I hope that satisfied your curiosity! :)

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