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FAQ's Best Drug Rehabs Center In Hampton Florida

I Live In Colorado And I Need More Information About Drug Rehabs. Help, Please.?
I Also Need To Find Drug Rehabs For My Son. How Will I Do This?

First, you need to do a list of the drug rehabs near your area. I already included some resources below. You can also check the yellow pages. Then, you should call the rehabs and ask them about their treatment options, rates, etc. Good luck! I hope your son gets himself recovered soon.

How Do I Find A Heroin Rehab For My Brother?
My 18-Year Old Brother Has Been Into Heroin Use Since My Parents' Divorce. I Somehow Understand Him, But I Just Can'T Stand The Fact That My Brother'S Nearing A Haywire Condition. I Know I Ought To Extend My Assistance, And I'M Now Actively Searching For A Heroin Rehab That Can Help My Brother Recover. Are There Any Insights?

Heroin is the most widely abused substance today, and it's quite threatening that teenagers are the most vulnerable prey. It is partly because teenagers are more experimental and have easier access to the substance. But as the demography of the victims grows, heroin rehabs are also multiplying in number. In fact, there are rehab centers that are dedicated to heroin treatment alone. Most of them offer programs that incorporate withdrawal, detoxification, medication, therapy, and counseling.

I am sure that once your brother has undergone a rehab program, your fear of him nearing haywire will be dissolved. Good luck to you!

Continuation Of Heroin Overdoses After A Near Fatal Od?
I Have Been A Heroin Addict For About 10 Years. I Was Clean For 6 Months Before A Bad Relapse Where I Overdosed And Ended Up In The Hospital. It Was Almost Fatal, I Was Not Breathing When The Paramedics Arrived. I Unfortunately Have Continued Heroin Use Through This Week But Am Finding That No Matter The Amount, I Blackout, Or In Other Words, Have Less Serious Od'S. I Come To Within A Short Amount Of Time, But It Is Very Unusual For Me. Did I Do Some Sort Of Serious Damage To My Brain Or Body From The Near Fatal Overdose? Is My Liver Maybe Damaged Or Is My Body Somehow Responding Differently To The Shots Of Heroin? I Am Obviously Going To Get Clean Again Because It Is Clear That My Next Injection Of Heroin Could Quite Easily Kill Me, But I'M Worried About Irreversible Damage. Has Anyone Ever Heard Of Similar Experiences?

You are more likely to receive useful responses from chat rooms and forums about heroin addiction. Many former heroin users say that methadone (a synthetic heroin like opioid- diacetyl morphine - see ) is even more addictive than the natural stuff.
Detox and rehab is a tried and true way. Google: "heroin addiction; resources; (your location)

There are medications that may help. View

Read: Beating Heroin, by Neil Beck, from your bookstore, or (enter "heroin addiction" in their searchbar) and view about addictions for more resources.

Try hypnosis, as shown, and join a support group; go there when the urge to abuse it occurs.
Hypnosis is merely a heightened state of suggestibility, in which you are better able to communicate with your subconscious mind.

85% of people are suggestible, to some degree, so you could either preferably seek professional hypnotherapy, or, if not an option, has: Overcome Heroin Addiction + Cloud Nine.

Expect to feel bad for a few days, to a week. Codeine is derived from the opium poppy, as is heroin, so you could take it for a short while (see the label) if not using medications.

Have things to keep you occupied (if you are capable). Google "support groups; heroin addiction". http://dailystrength may have some, or Myspace, Yahoo, or Google groups.

How To Detox For A Drug Test?
My Husband Takes A Drug Test Tomorrow And I'M Starting To Freak Out And Was Wondering If Anyone Had Some Good Tips? I Already Know People Say It Stays In The System For 30 Days But People Have Passed So Whats The Secret? If You Suggest Detox What Do You Think Of Omni Drinks? Please No Negative Answers! I'M Just Looking For A Little Help To My Anxiety! Thanks! Btw He Hasn'T Smoked In A Week And We Wasn'T A Heavy Smoker, Just Within The Last Month

THC does stay in your system for about 30 days depending on your usage. With heavier usage that can rise to 6 weeks. Be careful of the urban legends that are running around. There are a lot of legit techniques available that will help you not only clean your system, but help you understand the drug testing process. Search Around for these technique. As far as detox drinks, you also might want to look at Ready Clean. And you might also want to give him a test yourself to see if you have a problem. These are available all over the internet for really reasonable prices.

Where Is A Good Inpatient Drug Rehab Near Tampa Fl?
I Am Looking For A 28 Day Inpatient Treatment Program Near Tampa Fl. I Would Like To Know If Anyone Knows Of Anywhere To Go. And What Each Place Is Like.

Not sure how near Tampa you are looking for, but there is one in South Florida that my mother went to called C.A.R.E. Florida. They were of immeasurable help in getting her off drugs and booze. My mother was using a mix of pain meds she got from being in a bad car accident and alcohol that she thought would help her cope with losing her job because of not being able to work after the accident. It was a downward spiral from there. They were really good at C.A.R.E. Florida about providing a controlled but nurturing environment for her to recover in. Their program provided for a lot of involvement with my family which helped my mother feel supported in her rough time. I truly feel that my family would have one less member if it weren't for them. They are worth checking out.

I hope this was of help to you, and whomever you know struggling with grips of addiction.

How Can I Find A Drug Rehab Center In Moorpark, California?
My Best Friend Confided To Me That He Is Addicted To Cocaine But Wanted To Stop Already. He Asked Me If I Could Find A Rehab Center Where He Can Undergo Substance Abuse Treatment. His Parents Do Not Know That He'S Been Using Drugs That Is Why He Asked Me To Keep His Problem A Secret.

Finding a drug rehab in Moorpark, California is not much of a problem. With the help of the Internet and telephone, I am sure you'll be able to find one near your place. You can begin with the links I've posted below. They will certainly be of great help. However, I think that the bigger issue is how you're going to tell the problem to your friend's parents. If there are people who could help him more than anybody else, they're his parents. I think you should convince your buddy to confide to his mom and dad, too.

Finding Good Herion Addiction Rehab Centers?
My Husband Is A Heroin Addict And Hence I'M In Search Of A Really Good Rehab Center Away From Our Home Country. I Need To Know How To Assess Rehab Centers I Find Online And What Are Your Recommendations Anywhere In The World. I'M Not In Search Of A Cheap (In Terms Of Prices) Rehab Center Yet Not Extremely Expensive Ones. I Have A Budget Of 26,000 Us$ And Insurance Is Not Paying For That. I Also Need To Know What Is Considered To Be An Average Length For A Good Program Because Some Centers Say 6 Months And Others Say 4 Weeks!!!! How Can I Know What Is Best For My Husband.???!!!!! P.S This Will Be The First Time For My Husband To Get Admitted To A Rehab Center. Within 1 Years He'S Been On And Off Drugs 3 Times. Right Now He'S Not Using Heroin Injections And Never Did. He'S Only Inhaling And Smoking Heroin. He Has Very Low Self Esteem And No Confidence In Him Self At All.

Most treatment centers start at 28 days. The length can depend on the person and work they do in treatment and the assessment of the clinical team. The longer a person stays in treatment, the better the success as they are building a strong foundation to go home on. An average 45-60 days is a good gage.

Assessing rehab centers - my advise would be to ask a lot of questions. What is the programming, how many individual sessions will he receive, what is the treatment philosophy, do they work on just the mind or the person as a whole? A good center works on the mind, body and spirit. Is there a family program and how can you take advantage of that being in another country. Will you be in the states or where ever he is while he is in treatment? Does the center deal with international clients? What is the aftercare plan when he leaves?

I have sent a couple family members thru treatment and I absolutely know that you can have your husband back! A reputable center that I know of is The Sundance Center They have a doctor on site, treat the mind, body and spirit, deal internationally and truly care about the person.

Having the doctor on site assists with any issues that come up. Your husband may have to go to detox at a hospital first but that would be dependent on when was the last time he used prior to admission to the center.

Good Luck to you and your husband. I'm glad you are supportive in his getting sober. I know that was key in my husband getting sober and staying sober to this day! We were able to heal together and build a better life with each other's support. I can say that the person I fell in love with is back and stronger than ever.

I Am Addicted To Pain Pills And Would Like To Detox Using Methadone?
I Am Addicted To Pain Pills And Would Like To Slowly Detox Using Methadone And Live In A Kind Of Small Town That Does Not Have A Methadone Clinic. The Nearest Clinic Is An Hour And Half Away And Requires That I Go Daily To Take My Dose. I Would Like To Know If Anyone Knows A Doctor In Stillwater Oklahoma Or Close To It That Would Help Me Do This. I Have Tried To Call A Couple Of Doctors And Clinics And Not Only Did They Not Have Anyone To Help Me, They Spoke To Me With An Ugly Attitude. I Am Not Drug Seeking, I Have All The Pills I Want, What I Want Is To Get Off Them And I Can Not Do That At This Time Without Having Physical Withdraws Along With Mental. I Would Like To Slowly Detox Using Methadone Over A 2 Month Period Of Time. I Am In Counsel To Deal With My Psychologica Problems And This Week I Start An Anti Depres. That Will Take Several Weeks To Get In My System And Start Working. Is There Anyone Out There That Can Help Me Find A Doctor. I Am Not Able To Miss Work To Go Inside Det


I understand your issues regarding the difficulty withdrawing from your medications. I also understand the responses from both of the previous responders. In many ways they are both correct. However, for most people addicted to pain pills, methadone is not a way to avoid withdrawals. It is a way to avoid withdrawals, without getting the euphoria from the medication, until the counseling is effective.

Methadone is a fine medication when appropriate. It is excellent for pain control, and once was the best method for addiction recovery from opiates. However, methadone has a half life of 155 hours. This is significantly longer than any pill you may currently be taking. That means that when you stop taking the methadone, unless you are placed on another medication, you will have withdrawals often for 15 to 21 days.

In addition to prescribing this medication for pain patients; prior to specializing in pain management I was on methadone for severe pain for an injury sustained while on active duty with the Army. After 5 years, I was able to control the pain from the injury, and was ready to stop the methadone. After wearing the dose down for several months, I finally stopped. The severe withdrawals were 2 weeks, I continued with mild symptoms for another 10 days. Understand, I had no psychological addiction problem; but the physiologic dependence was very strong.

I would urge you to discuss your addiction medicine options with an addiction medicine specialist. I would strongly recommend a controlled Suboxone program, where you pick up the medication daily. It would be better if you could go for an inpatient detox program.

Whatever you choose, I wish you the best.

I Am Looking For A Drug Rehab Clinic And Would Like To See Reviews And Ratings.?
I Am Interested In The Western New York Area. Preferably Buffalo, Ny. It Is For My Mother Who Is Addicted To Prescription Pain Pills. I Want Have A Place Set Up Asap. She Has Been To A Rehab Before And Had A Bad Experience. I Want To Find A Better Facility So That We Can Convince Her.

Here is a listing for treatment facilities near Buffalo. It should help.

I Am Coming Off Of Suboxone, I Am Finished With My Detox Program I Dont Want To Use Anything But..?
The Withdrawal Is Horrible Right Now. I Dont Feel Half As Bad As I Figured Though But I Do Feel Horrible. Hard Time Sleeping. The Things That I Am Usually Interested In Doing. Are Not Interesting To Me At All. I Have No Energy. I Hear There Are Some Vitamins Or Something I Can Take To Help Me With The Energy. Does Anyone Have Any Ideas Or Anything That I Can Do To Help Ease All Of This. It Is Horrible. It Kind Of Makes Me Not Want To Stop Them But I Have To Or I Will Be Using Suboxone As A Crutch For Years Now. I Dont Need To Depend On A Drug To Keep Me Up! Thanks Alot!

You can count on 30 days of feeling horrible, followed by a period of PAWS. What dose are you jumping off at? You should taper down to at least 0.5 mg a day, and preferably less.

There are no vitamins that will help, but there are some meds that can help. A prescription sleep aid, like Ambien or Trazadone, clonodine to help with anxiety, and possibly a benzo, like Valium for a short time if you don;t have an addiction to them already.

What you need to prepare yourself for is this is going to be different than detoxing from a short acting opiate like heroin or oxy. Detoxing from those drugs usually takes 5-7 days...Suboxone is not as intense but the w.d. lasts MUCH longer.

You are right to get off the stuff though as it will only cause more problems the longer you are on it.

Check out for support or email me for some help.

I was on sub for near 2 years and have been off everything for nearly that long. Life is MUCH better off sub.

Hang in there, you can do this, just mentally prepare yourself it isn't going to happen quickly or easily

I Need To Get My Dad Into A Rehab Center In The Uk Wheres Best?
My Dad Is Addicted To Alcohol And He Wants To Change We Don'T Have A Lot Of Money So Where The Best And Reasonably Priced Rehab Center To Get Him Into? Xx

go here for all that information

Is My 18 Year Old Daughter Back On Drugs?
Well She Got With A Guy And They Ended Up Living Together And A Year Into It We Were All Suspicious That He Was An Heroin Addict With A Major Crack Habit I Told Her To Get Out But She &Quot;Loved Him&Quot;.. Cut A Long Story Short He Got Her On Heroin And Crack Cocaine Also Injected Her And Puttin Her In Hospital With Heroin Overdose. They Are Now Splt.. She Got Herself Clean Eventually After Being On Heroin And Crack For Year, She Did A Subutex Detox Which Didnt Work But The Methadone Detox Did (Or So I Thought) Lately She'S Lost Alot Of Weight Not Eating, She Has Alot Of Spots And Sores On Her Face And Arms, Legs Etc.She Is On Benefits And Most Of The Time She Tells Us She Hasn'T Been Paid Or It Goes Extremley Quick And Telling Me She Has No Money By Sunday She Gets Paid On A Friday, She Talks About Drugs Alot, And Alot Of People Call Her A Smackhead, Crackhead In The Street Her Hygeine Isnt Great I Always Tell Her To Get A Shower And Wash Her Clothes.She Has Blister And Burn Marks On Her Right Thumb She Just Says Its Where She Bites Her Skin. I Kicked Her Out She Is Living With Her Father And I Moved A Short Journey Away To A Differant Town Only See Her On Weekends. Her Father Hasn'T Said Anything To Me But He Is Never There He'S Always Working Or Out Drinking. He Is Working Away At The Moment So She Is All By Herself With No Food Etc Her Nan Gave Her £20 But Im Not Sure If It Was Spent On Food Or Something Else. She Is Also Drinking Alot And Sleeps Around And Still Goes To The Local Drug Clinic But If She Is Clean Why Go. Do You Think She May Still Be Using Heroin Or Crack?? Outsiders Opinion Would Be Great.

The moment I heard "£20" I made up my mind she's back on heroin, and possibly even crack cocaine. £20 is the average price for half a gram of heroin or cocaine in the UK.

My only advise would be talking to her, and trying to talk her into getting help. As a parent I'm sure you will know what to say.

Good luck.

Methadone Question Wondering?
I Understand That Methadone Is Medicine To Help Get Over Addiction To Heroin. How Long Must It Be Taken And How Much Does It Cost? Any Estimates?

Good afternoon,
Methadone is synthetic opioid, used medically as an analgesic, and a maintenance anti-addictive drug. In other words, it has two main uses: It's giving to people who are addited to various opiates, Heroin being the most well known, but also Oxycontin and a few other drugs. It's second use is as a standard pay reliever for those with chronic pain, like me. As for its price, it's considered to be one of the cheapest, if not the cheapest Narcotic out there. It's so cheap, in fact, like insurance companies push as alternate to things like Vicodin. As for how long and how much must be taken before getting off Heroin, it depends on how much Heroin you've been taking, and for how long. Methadone will help you get off; But you'll still have to probably go through some rehab. I take a very small dose, for example. One 5mg tablet, twice a day. So 10 mgs. A serious addiction to Heroin can go up to 500 mgs a day in some cases. This normally doesn't happen however. I hope this helps you. Stay safe, friend.

Oxy And Heroin Detox Similar?
If Someone Is Using 240Mg Of Oxy A Day Would Their Detox Have Similar Symptoms As Heroin Would Have? Do Most Oxy Addicts Switch Over To Heroin? And Why Do They Switch Over?

Me and my boyfriend have been addicted to OC for almost a year now, and on the very rare ocassion that we cant get oc's, or any type of oxycodone, we will get black tar heroin (or "cheeba"). I've never done it long enough to get withdrawals from it, but i would safely say they are the same. Oxycontin is basically heroin made in a lab. Its the same thing. I dont think i'll ever make the switch, i want to quit before that ever happens, but keep in mind that in large cities right now, one oxycontin 80 sells for between $65 - $80 per pill, and in smaller towns, around $100 each. For someone that is addicted to these, you are constantly breaking the bank to stay functional during your daily life, NOT just to get ****** up all the time. It is very common for oc addicts to make the switch because heroin is cheaper, but it also depends on how the user abused OC first. We smoke them, and i dont like the taste or feel of the heroin, it doesnt get me high the same way oc does. I think people who shoot up are the ones who make the switch most often. Also, heroin isnt that much cheaper really. When OCs were everywhere, they were only $40 and thats the same price of cheeba.

Where Can I Buy An Opiate Detox Kit In/Near Boston??
I Need To Buy An Opiate Detox Kist Because I Am Going To Be Drug Tested On Monday. Does Anyone Know Where I Can Buy On Locally In Or Near Boston, Or What Type Of Stores I Should Be Looking For? I Called Gnc, They Have Nothing.

A great way to get rid of anything in your system is to buy from I have used them in the past and the service is awesome. Family run operation that understands how you feel and how much privacy is a concern. Fantastic place, I can't say enough about it! They have home drug test kits too!

Average Price Of Drug Rehab???
I Have A Friend Who I Believe Needs It. I Am Going To Try To Give Her A Basic Average Price Range. Please Serious Questions Only... If You Don'T Know, Then Please Don'T Geuss. Thank You!!!!!!

it really depends on so many things. If she doesn't have money they might be able to help her get assistance. I can tell you one thing. They do not believe in someone doing the work for another. The person who is the addict has to show inititive or they know the person is not ready to get better. You helping her is showing her you want her to get better. If she wants to get better she will pick up the phone & call anywhere. It is really a spiritual journey. The belief is when they are ready the teacher will arrive. I don't agree with it . I lost my son while we waited for him to do these things. I know he wanted to get well. I'm just telling you she has to make the call. When she does she will find a place she can afford. The price ranges vare from nothing (Salvation Army) to the places movie stars go to. Sometimes their just aren't enough beds so that is something that has to overcome. I would just grab a list of phone numbers & call places. I have already told you what they will say to you calling for her though. Part of recovery is learning when we want something the whole Universe is there to help us. So this part of her desiring it is important. If she shows she wants it she will find a place she can afford that will help her.

What Are The Prices Of Lortabs And/Or Oxycodone In Mexico?

Have fun if you dont speak spanish talkin to the doctor for those prescriptions. If you really need them go to your local doctors in the US..If not try rehab. To many people are getting addicted to the drugs and think its ok...

Kratom For Opiate Withdrawals?
I Know That Kratom Acts On Opiate Receptors In The Brain, So I Know It Can Be Used To Alleviate Opiate Withdrawal Symptoms. I Also Know That Kratom Can Be Just As Habit-Forming And Can Result In Similar Withdrawal Symptoms To Those That Come With Opiate Detox...But What I Really Want To Know Is That If I Use Kratom Only During The Time That I'M Experiencing Opiate Withdrawals, Will I Experience Opiate Withdrawals Once I Discontinue Using Kratom? Or In Another Way What I Mean To Ask Is, Does Kratom Just ''Post-Pone'' Opiate Withdrawals?

Kratom will take away 90% of the w/d from opiates, but it really depends on how much opiates you were on. Example, I was taking 12 10/325mg norco a day for 3 years straight, no days off. I took the KRATOM EXTRACT and it was awesome. I was thinking I had to be on suboxone, but all the doctors that RX suboxone KNOW you are in a bind and will ask a hefty price to be on their program. I was freaked out at first about the suboxone and decided, NO, I am not going to do it. I ordered the Kratom Extract from TKK (Kratom King) and used that 5 times a day for 2 weeks and slowly tapered down on the Kratom, about 5 days (so actually 19 days total). I had 1-2 days of feeling of blah.. but was fine. I was/am SO happy. The suboxone crap is trading one opioid for another and didn't want to do it, plus the price from the doctor was off the charts. Go with Kratom, but get the EXTRACT, and use the capsules they offer. I took 3 capsules 5 times a day for two weeks and 48 hours after that, done son! I was very proud of myself and still am. Opiate free and no Suboxone crap, plus you would HAVE to go to N/A meetings if you went the Suboxone route, I don't have time for that. Good luck, it will work, trust me. FYI, I took ibuprofen too before I ate my 3 meals for the day. Look around on the net, it took 8 hours I bet of research before I did it and SO glad. FYI too: you will get the runs, it's your bodies way of cleaning out, be happy that you have them, I lost 15 pounds due to constipation from the Norco's. It's been 3 months now and feeling like a million bucks. YOU MUST HAVE GOD IN YOUR LIFE = PERIOD!

How Can I Find An Alcohol Rehab In Lyons, Nebraska?
I Want To Find An Alcohol Rehab For My Son. He'S Really Addicted To Alcohol, And I Hate Seeing Him This Way. I Really Want Him To Get Better.

You can always check out the yellow pages. There'll surely be a list there of the alcohol rehabs near your place. Just ask around and inquire to pick the right one for your son. It would also be a good idea to go to a doctor and ask for recommendations. I hope your son recovers soon. Good luck!

Has A Detox For Marijuana Worked For A Job Drug Test?
Serious Answers Only. I Smoke 5-6 Times A Day, Every Day.(Prescription, I Need It :)) If You Used A Detox And It Worked, What Was The Name, Price, And How Often Did You Smoke? I Haven'T Smoked In 2 1/2 Months And I'Ve Been Smoking Spice But Now After Reading Bad Reports On Spice, I Would Really Like To Smoke The Ganj....

Talk to Frank. There you may get the honest it is only gonna be wishy washy. its crazy **** to some headz sometimes.

Drug Rehab Centre??
I Know That Opening A Drub Rehab Centre Is Good Because Addict People Can Be Hopefully Cured There... But Does It Have Any Disadvantage???...Like...Affects On The Poeple Around...Or...The Houses Prices Going Down?? Any Thing?? Thanky Ou

first off when talking drug rehab you never want to be saying "cured", its one day at a time. A drug rehab program is just like any other medical facility. If its an inpatient center then it is usually by other medical offices. It is not strategically placed next to the mall or high school. Any actual blow-back would be positive (meaning more treatment, less addicts). Any bias would be drug stigma perpetuated by popular culture.

How Much Does Cocaine Addiction Rehab Cost?
I Was Just Wondering How Much A Cocaine Addiction Rehab Would Cost For Maybe Like A 60 Day Program. In New York City, And The Price Like Without Insurance. Thanks! Information Would Be Great!

Morgan, Cocaine addiction can be very serious. Many everyday people have lost jobs, homes, family, friends, and loved ones because they could not tame thier cocaine habits. I suggest you seek some help. Here is a site that has addiction information and a directory of addiction treatment centers so you can help.

Get healthy!

Stopping Heroin Or Cocaine Addiction?
I Have Come Up With A Novel Idea. Would It Not Be A Good Idea To Put Heroin Or Cocaine Addicts In An Induced Coma For One Or Two Weeks? When They Wake Up The Sickness Would Be Gone!

Hell no I was an addict that is not the way to go as addicts would not know that they are over the pain and some people get goose pimples and feel strange weeks later.
I was hooked 10 years of my life wasted here is whats worked and I am still in treatment and is still working for me:
DETOX_ Thamkrabok Monestry
Recovery- New Life Thai Foundation
Western detox is really expensive here you get your flight to Thailand, make a donation to the detox, then 400 pounds (500 dollars per month) for the new life foundation. Please I did the Valium popping in hotel to get clean the thing with addicts is we replace one addiction with another sobriety is the only way here is cheaper than any where I have found even cheaper than holistic therapy I have tried plus your in Thailand with beautiful surroundings which is therapy in itself. I am learning mindfulness, meditation and so much more plus everyday I feel like I am productive. Please check out the links below for the first time in ten years I found a way that works so as NA and AA say as an addict the best way for me to stay well is to help others. Here is a little on where I am now to recover from my addictions. The New Life Thai Foundation is international recovery community for people who are suffering because of addiction problems, depression, stress, burnout, relationship issues or abuse. We are located in northern Thailand, near Chiang Rai.
Our mission is to cultivate a lifestyle that fosters inner growth and helps people to find meaning and purpose in life again. Recovery shouldn't be about profit here it is not and open to all to come and recover in a supportive and loving environment.

Medicine Question....(Suboxone)?
I Have Been Taking 8 Mg A Day Of Suboxone For Almost A Year And A Half And For The Last 7 Days I Have Been Taking Subutex Which Is The Same But Without The Blocker....Does Anyone Know How Long The Blocker From The Suboxone Will Be Effective?

The naloxone added to suboxone isn't the is added to suboxone to prevent abuse, although it really doesn't do that anyways.

The active ingredient in both Suboxone and Subutex, is buprenorphine, and that is what blocks other opiates. It also has a 47 hour half life, which builds up over time, so it would take you stopping the sub and waiting for several days before real serious withdrawl would hit, or you would be able to get the full effects from a regular opiate....and trust me the w.d would be severe jumping from 8 mg a day.

You don't really want to do that the tape forward and remember where it will take you. come on over to and we'll get you off the crap, or at least you can learn the truth from people who have used it and gotten clean.

How Can I Get A Quantity Of Methadone?
I Have A Prescription For Methadone To Treat My Dependence On Opiates. I Pay $13/Day And Drive 300 Miles/Week To Get It. I Have Been Clean For 1.5 Years And Want To Spend The Rest Of My Life Sober. (While Spending Approx $500/Month On Treatment, Gas And Vehicle Repairs, Etc.) I Cannot Afford To Get Help Addressing My Underlying Psychoses. And I Earn Too Much Money To Get Any Kind Of Social Aid. I Haven'T Found Any Health Insurance That Covers Methadone Maintenance. For Me, Drug Addiction Has Been A Symptom Of My Greater Disease. And I Need A Break In The Cycle To Get Into A Shrink. Is There Any Way I Can Buy A Large Quantity Of Methadone? What Is The Process, Price And Availability Outside Of The Usa? Is There Any Reliable Distribuitor Over The Internet? Detox Is Out Of The Question Until I Get My Anxiety And Depression Under Control. Please Help Me.

I'm not sure you can get it in large quantities, or people would just abuse it. I had a friend on it and she overcame her addiction and was weaned off of methadone. I didn't realize they let people stay on it for months and years. I thought the reasoning behind getting you on the methadone was to get you off the other stuff, then they get you off the methadone. Perhaps meeting with your Dr or counselor and plotting an amended course of action would be appropriate. Is there an MHMR facility in your area? It would seem that getting your anxiety and depression under control would be a priority as that is what is keeping you from getting off the methadone and opiates. Other than that I'm afraid the only advice I can give is to move closer to your supply.

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