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FAQ's Opiate Detox In Destin Florida

Will I Be Okay? 3 Mg Of Buprenorphine?
I Have A Very Low Opioid Tolerance Should I Be Concerned

I am assuming you already ingested this.

Buprenorphine is a partial opiate agonist. So it has a ceiling.. 'less is more' in therapeutic benefit.

So it isn't a drug that you take 30mg's and you get 'higher'.. in fact it would have the opposite effect -- as the receptor antagonistic/agonistic ratio would change and kick out currently bound opiates.

At any rate -- there is not absolute direct conversion for bupe to other opiates due to it being a partial agonist, and generally being a different animal all together.

That said -- 1mg of buprenorphine is equivalent to anywhere from 20-40mg of Oxycodone and similarly Hydrocodone (as both of these are quite similar despite anecdotal reports in potency mg/mg).

So 3mg of buprenorphine could be as low as 40-60mg of Hydrocodone/Oxycodone (I'm sure you are familiar with one of them) -- or as high as 120mg of Hydrocodone/Oxycodone.

So with a low opioid tolerance there is a chance it could be a bit much for you. That said, it is generally a safer opiate due to it's partial agonistic properties. In that it isn't as likely to cause overdose or death.

My best advice if already ingested is to have someone around you and let them know just to watch you.. if you start to become overly sedated, have any shallow breathing etc.. to get some some help.

If you have not ingested it - 0.5mg of this to 1mg would be plenty. I don't advocate breaking the law -- but I also don't advocate law overriding our rights of our property (especially our bodies). As long as you aren't out driving or otherwise in a position to harm anyone else.. it is your decision.

Be careful,.. and the safest thing you can do.. again,.. if ingested is to have a friend or someone around to just be ready to get you help should this prove to be to high for your tolerance and cause respiratory depression, etc.

Stay and be safe,

Will A Detox Center In Nyc Help Someone Detox From Methadone?
I'Ve Been On Methadone Treatment For Over A Year Because Of A Heroin Addiction. I Want To Get Off It Because I Want To Go Into A Program For Alcoholics But They Dont Accept People On Drugs. I Don'T Want To Do It At Home Because I Know Its Extremely Painful And Dangerous. I Live In Nyc. Is There A Detox Center That Will Detox Me From This Drug?

Narconon can help you. I'm not sure about NYC but there is one near Boston. You should call them tomorrow, go to the website for more info.

About the withdrawal, there is no better solution than the Narconon program. They will help you all the way, they same way they helped me.

I was an addict to many drugs for over 15 years and tried to quit cold turkey many times. I also tried many rehabs unsuccessfully until I found Narconon. I have been 100% clean for over 15 years now--I drink a beer occasionally though.

I remember that we had set up a detox center in NYC after the 10-11 Attacks to help all the emergency personnel that fell sick due to the toxic air spread around the city. Fireman, police and other emergency personnel that did the detox swear by its benefits. There must be one of these centers near by but I suggest to call to get exact data.

Also, I recommend that you go to the Narconon website and learn about the program and why it works and why is the best program in the world and in use in more than 40 countries.

You can do it. You won't ever regret being free of drugs for good.

My Boyfriend Used Heroin?
I Have Been Dating This Guy For 7 Months. He Was An Ex-Heroin Addict. He Was In Rehab For It For Two Years. Tonight I Found Out He Has Used Heroin Twice In The Passed Week. He Is Going To Live With A Relative In A Different State For A Month Or So, So That He Will Not Continue Using. How Likely Is It That He Will Come Back And Be Fine? I'M Not Sure What To Do. He Seems Very Serious About Not Using Anymore. I Don'T Want To Be A Fool, But What Is There That I Can Do For Him If It'S Not Likely For Him To Stop Using?

I went into rehab for alcoholism 4 years ago and haven't touched a drop since, I've kept sober since then by going regularly to Alcoholics Anonymous meetings, your boyfriend, if he's serious can do exactly the same by going to NA (Narcotics Anonymous) meetings, you can find the nearest one to you through my link.

If no one had supported me I would be dead by now, my doctor told me so, if you are serious about him and he seriously wants to get off it permanently then help him.

I Need To Find Free Or Low Cost Live-In Rehab Centers For Alcohol & Drugs, In Bay Area Ca.?
We Live In Fremont, Ca.- But Any Info To A Center Of Low Cost, Or To Br Real-&Quot;Free&Quot;&Quot;- In Any Near Location...Can Be My Family'S Savior. Please , Any Related Info Is So Appreciated. Thank You

*** Delancey Street program in San Francisco, is rated highly. It is free, if it court ordered, but if not, I'm unsure of the cost. In Fresno, there is a Women's live in Facility, called "Spirit of Women" and for the Men "The Salvation Army" they both provide intensive inpatient, all the way to sober living houses, and employment of the graduates. Good luck in the Recovery process.***

Help Urgent!My Brother Is Alcoholic But No Rehabs Will Take Him Because He Takes Methadone What Rehab Will?
My Brother Wants Help But No Rehabs Will Take Him Because He Takes Methadone He Over Came Oxicottons About Year Ago Thats Why He Takes It . What Does Addict Do When Rehab Turns Him Down It Does Not Help.So I Need Find Rehab Center Quick And I Have Ran Out Options Pretty Much. This Really Is Matter Life And Death I Do Not Wanna Lose My Brother.If Any One Knows Place In New Mexico Or Near That Will Take Him In Would Be Great Help. Thank You Very Much.

I'm very sorry to hear about your brother. I've had close friends who have experienced the same types of addictions as your brother and know how horrible it is to see a loved one go through it.

Try Lakeview Health. They take individuals with Methadone addictions and alcohol addictions. I'll leave a you link to their website in the source section.

My Family Are Drug Addicts.How Should I Handle This?
Since My Mom Knew My Dad He'S Smoked Pot. When I Was Six Or So She Was In A Major Accident And Her Doctor Gave Her Vicodin. She Began Taking It And Shortly Became Addicted To It. During This Time My Father Was Running A Trucking Company And Had Always Had An Anger Problem So He Would Constantly Yell, Call My Mom And I Names, Smash Things, You Name It. My Dad Ended Up Having A Quadruple Bypass On His Leg Because He Had A Blood Clot And Doctors Told My Mom He Was Going To Die. He Didn'T But He Also Become Addicted To Vicodin. Thankfully, He Weaned Himself From It. My Mom Worsened. She Actually Got To The Point Where She Was Stealing Prescription Pads And Writing Her Own Prescriptions And Getting More. She Ended Up Becoming Suicidal Once, Trying To Cut Her Wrist, And Cut My Older Brother When He Tried To Pull The Knife From Her. Throughout This Whole Thing My Dad Was Still Yelling Constantly And Being Abusive. He Would Call Me Names Directed Towards My Weight, Make Me Do Situps In Front Of Guests And Scream At Me For Simple Things Like Not Being Able To Find Something. My Mom Frequently Put My Brothers And I At Risk By Driving With Us While On Vicodins (Even Through Mountains). When I Got A Bit Older My Mom Quit Taking The Vicodin But Years Later I Discovered Not Only Was She Back On Them, But She Was Also In Addition, Taking Tramadol And Trazadone. I Discovered This When She Blacked Out, Passing Out On The Floor And Falling Down. In Addition To Her Taking Vicodins, I Discovered She Was Also Stealing Mine I'D Had For A Tooth That Was Infected By Sneaking Into My Room When I Was Sleeping. Now, My Mom Has Sleep Apnea And Is Not Using A Machine But Taking Trazadone (A Sleeping Med/Anti Depressant). I Found Out She'S Getting Them From Multiple Doctors. She Also Had A Job Where She Could Have Been Putting Others Lives At Risk. My Brothers Are Addicts Also. I Am Now Living Far Away From My Family And Am Happily Married To My Husband Who Treats Me Great. What Do I Do?

"I am now living far away from my family and am happily married to my husband who treats me great. what do I do?"Can you see how that might be unclear as to what you mean?
So Assuming, that you mean that your feelings or life feels undone or you don't know if you should just stay away from them, or how to resolve your feelings, about your childhood and now if you walk away, what to do with your many feelings. Is that kind of it?
You also mentioned that you were taking vicodin and said it was for a tooth ache... are you still taking it, are you now addicted? If not then good for you, If so, you need to deal quickly with your own addiction , find a low cost detox place near you, do that an;d follow up with addiction counseling , ongoing for a long while, so you can sort through your feelings and thoughts about family etc.
I think you need this anyway.
YOu need education of first, addictions, and what they do to anyone, Next , what they do to families, and the effects of addicted parents on the children. You have lived it and know some of it, but an objective opinion and observations would be helpful in most cases. If there is such a thing as objective.
You need to look up the 'alcoholic roles in families ' and read. find your self there.
It could be that you feel strongly that you need to 'rescue' them all, or that you feel lost outside a dysfunctional family, or that you are wondering how you are going to raise your own children, or that you may use drugs/alcohol to attempt to quell your own pain. Or maybe you wonder about enabling them or you may think love that you desire may come in the form of enabling you.
All good questions and observations.
All of which you will do a lot better if you get the healthy support around you, that does not enable you or your family and knows what healthy relationships are. the chances that you have actually found someone who is healthy and are living together is very slim , but possible. Most people are subconsciously attracted to those that remind them of the familiar setting they grew up in. O ooo....
On of the reasons therapy is recommended is to find those things out Before mistakes are made, and if after, what one can do about them. Once that is conscious, not just a subconscious 'drawing' to others for unknown reasons, then you /anyone can watch for the things to avoid and make better decisions in friends, mates, an surrogate family.
I do think you need surrogate family and healthy friends if you are going to stay healthy.
As far as your own family, I think it is wise to deal with YOU first , and then talk to rehab peole about how to or if you can help your family.
It is normal for anyone to love and want their family to be well, and that feeling will likely stay with you in this life time.
Whether or not it actually happens.
That is why the term 'grieving what 'might have been' comes to mind when in situations like this. A person has to recognize what they wanted that was not met, that they may want that from parents and family their whole lives and it may never come to fruition. They/you still have to grieve for what you lost/did not have.
You also have to create a good life, a loving family and fill in with therapists, friends and surrogate family what you missed out on, so that you can also give to your own children what they need now.
You need to realize that you and your children may always be at risk of addictions of alcohol and drugs /meds, and need to stay away from them , especially the addictive ones. it may be that you cannot take any at all.
You need to now learn about feelings, how families work, how healthy realtionships work and how to stay healthy and have a good healthy happy life, without feeling guilty if your family is not there yet.
All that you will need help with.
Go here and find someone with experience with children of alcoholics and let them help you clear out the pain, like you mentioned about doing sit ups, the humiliation , but more than that, what you missed and other messed up 'messages' you may not be aware of, like you may really wonder if you know what love is or if you are lovable, or somehow ruined for life , etc.,,
that works the absolute best to do all that. find a way, someone may have student in traiing to help you for free. ask.
If it were me, I would also do something like this,, because drugs and alcohol can really mess up ones spirit and make it vulnerable to negative energies.

My Mom Is A Drug Addict And Needs Rehab Badly?
My Mom Is 56 Years Old. Before All This Started She Was A Happy Normal Successful Woman. She Worked Tirelessly To Help Support Me, My Brother And My Sister. She Kept A Spotless Home And Drove Me Out Of State Every Weekend For Gymnastics Meets. My Dad Had A Pretty Tough Job And Worked Long Hours So It Was Mom That Did Everything For Us. Things Were Great Until I Got To Be About 15. My Dad Lost His Job And Started Doing Hard Drugs. They'D Always Smoked Pot But I'M Talking About Meth And Cocaine. First It Was A Little Here And There And Then It Got To The Point They Were Both Addicted To Meth. My Older Sister Was Already Out Of The House. Neither Of Them Were Working, My Dad Had Several Little Bullshit Jobs Here And There But He Could Never Keep One For Longer Than A Few Months And Whatever Money They Made Went Generally Right To Their Drug Habit. Eventually I Moved Out Of The House At 17 Just To Get Away. My Brother Was 14 And Too Young To Do Much About It So He Got The Worst Part Of It. We Were Never Hungry Or Abused Or Neglected. They Just Did A Lot Of Drugs And Things Were Really Crazy, I Remember Fights That Left Huge Holes In The Walls And Lots Of Threatening Divorce. Fast Forward To Now, That Was About 8 Years Ago, They Have Both Calmed Down But Have Turned To Prescription Drugs Instead. My Mom Is On So Much Medication For Depression, Fibromyalgia, She'S On Anti-Psychotics, You Name It, She'S On It. My Dad Still Drinks And Takes Stuff Like Xanax 'Recreationally' But It'S No Longer The Party It Used To Be. Mom Is No Longer Able To Care For Herself, I Really Think Her Mind Is Just Gone From All The Drugs And Stuff They Did Before And The Pills Just Pushed Her Over The Edge. She Is No Longer Able To Care For Herself, My Dad Says He Has Had To Wake Her Up And Change The Sheets And Her Clothes Because She Has Used The Bathroom While In Bed. She Cannot Cook Or Do Chores Or Even Dress Herself. I Haven'T Had A Real 'Mom' For A Very, Very Long Time. Today He Called And Told Me He Found Her Wandering Outside In The Road Barefoot. I Am 22 Starting Out With A New Family Of My Own, We Have A 2 Year Old And One On The Way. My Sister Is 33 And Has 2 Daughters Of Her Own, She Is Married As Well. My Brother Is 18 And Is Headed Down Pretty Much The Same Path Our Parents Went. Dad Informed Me Today That He Was Tired Of Caring For Her And Wanted To Move Out Of State With His Mother. He Said &Quot;She Can Go Live In A Home Or Something.&Quot; My Sister Has Nothing To Do Them, My Brother Is Obviously Useless, And I Live Out Of State And Am Not In A Financial Position To Really Do Anything. I Don'T Know What To Do. I'M Not Sure If It'S Just The Medication She'S On Now That Is Doing This To Her Or If Her Mind Really Is Gone. I Kind Of Have Come To Terms With The Fact That I Will Never Have My Mom Back. But I Have To Do Something, She Cannot Care For Herself, And I Really Think My Dad Would Just Up And Leave Her. I Asked Him If She Would Be Able To Care For Herself And He Said He Wasn'T Worried About That Anymore. What Can I Do? How Does Rehab Work, Since She Is Over 55 Does She Get Any Kind Of Gov'T Assistance? How Would I Even Go About Starting This Process? Please Help Me. I Don'T Know What To Do And I Am Scared For My Mom. It Seems Like Everyone But Me Has Forgotten That She Gave Us The Best Years Of Her Life Being A Good Wife And A Good Mom And Now She Is Just Some Crazy Lady That Is A Burden On Everyone. I Appreciate Any Advice.

As hard as this is going to be, your mother needs to be mentally assessed by a psychiatric team, which means she should probably be admitted to her local psychiatric institution. There, the team can put her in a comfortable room and do a wash out of her medication so she can start fresh and see if maybe her medications are causing some of her mania. They will be able to see if she needs to stay there or if she is able to get into assisted living. Nursing homes should be looked at as well. Your mother sounds like she has had some hard times, and now she needs someone like you to help find her good care.
Your brother you need to get into the nearest available drug rehab youth center so he doesn't end up in the same place as your parents. Call Social Services and ask them where to start for him.

What Is The Heroin Addict'S Sex Life Like? Increases Or Decreases? Anyone Out There Out Of Experience?
Any Recovering Addicts Out There? My Boyfriend Was An Addict Before Rehab , And He Has Changed Into A Violent Human Being.. Heroin Shuts Down Emotions, And I'Ve Heard Makes Erotic Sexual Experiences More Intense.. Or Is It The Other Way Around?

If your on opiates such as heroin, morphine, oxy's, ect it will effect you sexually when you are high, but not once you get off it. It makes it feel good (better than normal) the whole time but almost impossible to finish, so for the ladys its like a guy on viagra. Opiates such as heroin shut down certain emotions, its very true. So if he is a mean person now, unfortunately he is most likely naturally mean or still having withdraw symptoms. For me I am kind of a ******** high or not. NOW lemme tell you also. I have never done heroin. I take oxycodone, and oxycontin. Both which are very very powerful opiates, with the dosage I take it would be just as powerful as about $5000 street price of heroin each month and also takes methadone to get off of and get rid of withdraw symptoms just like heroin. However its prescribed due to multiple herniated disks and degenerative disk disease in my back. This means for me, I am a addicted to a prescribed drug that at this point I need badly, if I were to get off of my prescriptions cold turkey I would be a very very upset person for I couldnt imagine how long, but I am truly one of the kindest people someone could meet when I am off the drugs. I would do just about anything for anyone who is truly in need, and still to this day even on oxy's and truly addicted I donate my time to local old folk homes with my dog to give people something to look forward to.

Can Anyone Recommend A Good Alcohol Rehab Facility In The East Bay Or Bay Area?
Cost Is An Issue, But Not The Bottom Line. We Are Concerned For My Adult Son Who Just Lost His Twin To Alcoholism. He Has Been Trying, But He Is Headed Down The Same Path Due To Being Unable To Find A Job And Dealing With The Loss Of His Brother. Websites Will Always Put All Positive Info Out, So Personal Opinions Due To Personal Experience Is A Good Source Of Information And Recommendations. Thanks In Advance For Any Help!

For a global option with very reasonable pricing (due to medical tourism cost structure) see the DARA Rehab people in Thailand. They have top notch rehab staff and program, and a great vacation-style get-away wrapped around it. Cheaper/higher quality than anything in the USA/UK...

Location Of Rapid Detox For Alcohol Center Near Modesto, Ca.?
A Couple Years Ago I Ran Into Some Tragedies In My Work And Personal Life. I Started Drinking Alcohol To Help Me Sleep. It Worked. I Felt Great When I Wake Up And I Perform Great At Work. However, The Amount Of Alcohol I Am Drinking Has Increased To The Point Where I Do Not Know What To Do. Since I Only Drink In The Privacy Of My Bedroom Right Before I Go To Sleep Very Few People Are Aware I Am Drinking. Now I Want To Get The Alcohol Out Of My Life But I Am Having Problems. I Work Full Time And Like The Place I Am Working At. If I Were To Go Cold Turkey The Side Effects Would Be Obvious Everyone I Work With. I Know Because I Have Already Tried And Get Terrible Results. To Avoid This Issue Altogether I Want To Do Rapid Detox. However, I Am Having Trouble Locating A Place That Offers Rapid Detox Near Modesto, Ca. I Have Been Looking On The Internet But Have Only Found One Place About 90 Minutes Away. If Anyone Knows Of A Place, Please, Let Me Know. Thanks.

Sorry to disappoint you, but there is no such thing as a "rapid alcohol detox". there is such a thing for heroin, but alcohol dependence is quite diffferent. If you have withdrawal symtpoms that are mild (tremor only), you could still safely detox yourself. But if after 24 hours you find withdrawal is causing sweats, itchiness and intense craving, you need detox.

Even if you detox yourself, staying off alcohol after detox is the greater challenge for everyone who has done it. For that you need the support and advice of people who have been there. AA is free. And myriad studies show nothing works better than AA.

Now here's the GREAT part: you have a job and are insured! Its all paid for already and you cant be fired if you go voluntarily into treatment (under CA law). If you lose your job for whatever reason BEFORE you get into treatment, that golden opportunity is missed, and you pay megabucks which you no longer have for treatment. Call your job's HR department and get information about treatment.

How Do I Quit Doing Cocaine?
I Don'T Do Cocaine Unless Im Drinking, But Just Because I'M Drinking Doesn'T Mean Im Doing Cocaine. I Really Enjoy Drinking With Friends... My Boyfriend Of 3 Years Does This All With Me. I Don'T Want It When I'M Sober, Only After Drinks. I Want To Quit The Coke Because I Feel Its Bad For Me, And I Don'T Like Being Wide Awake At Sunrise... How Do I Quit And Still Keep Drinking And Have Fun Being Young? Also I Would Appreciate Tips On How To Approach My Husband To Be About This. Thanks In Advance :)

Maybe, go to CA or NA meetings to learn how to stop this addiction, and maybe go to rehab, as you might need medical help. You could lose your money, your house, your marriage, but you could also stop buying it. It is laced with whatever. You have to do business in a nefarious and criminal way. How can we help you? Ask your family and friends to spend time, get a sponsor, and go to a meeting every day. That is free, and they are practically on every corner in every church or vacated store front. I think there is one around the corner from me as I see people driving in and sitting in chairs through the window. I see another one near a shop in a nearby suburb. They are listed on the internet by location.

Does Anyone Know If Those High Priced 50.00 Gnc Detox Drinks Work For Drug Screenings?
Can Anyone Tell Me The Best Way To Utilize The Product? I Know I Shouldn'T Be Doing Drugs...But It'S Just Weed @ Least It'S Not Crack =)

well buy one of those drinks and buy a home drug screen test and give it a shot

Anyone Else Taking Suboxone For Opiate Dependancy??
I'Ve Bene On It For 1 Year And And Almost Done, But A Little Scared.

Hi! I have a degree in Pharmacology and teach the subject. We have one module that cover buprenoprphone (Subutex) and Suboxone (buprenorphone + nalaxone).
As with any medical "advice," this is not meant to be a substitute for proper, one-on-one professional help and should not be taken that way. This is simply my feedback.
Now that I have that legal stuff out of the way, here goes:

"Bupe" the main active ingredient in Suboxone, has a very long half-life, meaning it stays in your body for many days after a dose. (up to 10 days in some people).
A LOT depends upon the number of milligrams you are taking daily now. If you've been on it for about one year, I'd really need to know what dose you started with and how you and IF you) have been lowering (tapering) your daily dose.
There's no way around SOME withdrawal after a year of Suboxone. The withdrawal should NOT be anywhere near as intense as the withdrawal from whatever opioid you were taking before going on "Sub." However, the withdrawal from Sub is protracted meaning it usually lasts longer than withdrawal from most all other opioids.
One way or another, there's going to some "price to pay" as your body adjusts to life without Sub.
There are other meds that are gven that are NOT narcotic (Sub is a Schedule-III narcotic in the USA), that can help ease the w/d's from Sub.

It's COMMON to be scared! But don't let your mind make any withdrawal worse. As you probably know, withdrawal from opioids can be hellish and the anxiety of worrying about going off Sub CAN and WILL make your w/d worse.

Don't waste your money on any OTC (non-prescription) products to help. Some use Kratom, which, imo, is JUNK.

Are you still under a doctor's care with the Sub or not? Keep in mind that if I'm going to help you, you'll need to be 100% honest with me!

There should be NO shame with addiction. It IS a TRUE disease and unless others have been there, they will NOT understand.

So...what am I saying? -- Calm down! You WILL be okay. The ONLY concern I have about you (or anyone) going off Sub is IF you have a history of high blood pressure and/or heart disease. Withdrawal can cause an increase in blood pressure & heart rate. But so can anxiety and worry.

Be PROUD OF YOURSELF for coming this far! Take that pride and make it work for you! Look at all the stuff you've been through and know this is the end of the race. Look at it as a marathon where you are almost at the finish line but know the last few steps can be a bit unconfortable. But you CAN do this!! Also, keep in mind that ANY withdrawals you may have when you stop Sub are just the feelings of your body getting rid of bad stuff and getting back to normal.

Feel free to email me if you'd like. I'd be happy to help and be there for you so that 2008 can be a GREAT year for you, your friends, and family.

Hang tough my friend...and be DAMNED PROUD!


(my email address is D---PT---Pharmacy Just take out the dashes ---- from in between the letters! I do it that way so my email address doesn't come up on a Google search)

What'S The Most Comfortable Yet Fast Way To Get Off Methadone Maintenance?
I Am On Methadone,My Current Dose Is 78 Mg'S. I'Ve Been On It For About 7 Months Now. And I Have Not Used Since;Other Than Pot. But Every Time I Start Decreasing My Dose,It Hurts Too Bad,Too Quick. And I Can'T Seem To Go Any Lower,At This Point. So I Usually Just Raise The Dose Back Up Again. I Am Stuck And Do Not Know What To Do. I Really Want To Finally Be Off Of It For Good. I Feel So Ready! And The $60 A Week Fee Is Too Much And I Never Even Have Money To Go Out And Do &Quot;Normal&Quot; Things Like Ppl Who R Not On It,Cuz Of Such High Costs. I Know I Was Spending Way More On Heroin. But I Am Not Using Heroin At All Since I Have Been On The Methadone. *Please-If There Is Anybody Out There Who Has Experience And Not Just Opinions Or Even Just Second-Hand Knowledge;Let Me Know What U Have To Say About This! I Am Desperate!

Unfortunately there is no quick and comfortable way to get off methadone. You have to do it slowly and a little at a time or you will be miserable. You shouldn't go down more than a couple of mg at a time. From 78mg it can take over six months to get off. I know it sounds like a long time but considering that you are dealing with a fatal disease it's a small price to pay to be successful. There are no quick fixes.

I know that you feel you are done with addiction and ready to get off methadone and live a normal life and I sincerely hope that's what happens. But you should be aware of the fact that the relapse rates are very high when people get off methadone after a short time in treatment. Right now you can stay off heroin because your brain isn't craving it but as soon as you no longer have methadone the need to use heroin will come back. Close to 90% of people who get off methadone after just a year or so end up relapsing. You may of course be the exception and I can understand the desire to get off but I hope you take the risks into consideration. Please keep in mind that if you relapse it's no shame in going back on methadone.

If you want some tips about detoxing off methadone you can come to this forum that is for people on methadone. There are several people there that have good info about how to taper.

If I Took Q Carbo Today And Was Drug Tested In 2 Days Would It Still Work?
If I Took Q Carbo Today And Was Drug Tested In 2 Days Would It Still Work?

doubtful - the minimum (very minimum) time it takes for a drug (cocaine, amphetamine, pain medication. narcotics) to "get out" of your system is 3 days/72 hours, and this is for the urine test only it: takes 30 days to clear your blood. Marijuana however stays in your urine for 30 days. Also the detox teas and similar products are nearly just as bad as testing positive, because the results will usually come back as "cloudy" non-readable, which shows you are trying to hide something. Today you can get a synthetic urine kit in either powder or liquid that comes with complete directions (temperature is imperative) and different prices, starting at about $35., and can be purchased at any "head" shop where paraphernalia is sold as well as some smoke/tobacco/pipe stores and adult bookshops. Also if you do use a detox solution be sure to drink more water than you can possibly imagine, as well as green tea and cranberry juice. Hope all works out 4 U and HAPPY NEW YEAR!!

How Can I Find Soboxen?
I Have An Opiate Addiciton That Has Pretty Much Ruined My Life Ike All Drugs Do I Cannot Afford To Take The Time From Work To Recover.I Have Heard About A New Medication Out There And I Had A Friend Who Let Me Try One And It Seemed To Work.The Thing Is I Cannot Afford The Cost Of The Doctors To Have It Prescribed For Me.The Name Is Soboxen.I Am Going Thru A Divorce And I Cannot Give Up My Daily Life To Go Into Rehab And This Medication Lets You Go To Work And Complete Your Daily Life Without The Physical Withdrawals.I Am Looking For Someplace That Is Willing To Work With Me Financailly.Has Anyone Heard Of This, And If They Have Does Anyone Know Where I Might Be Able To Speak To A Doctor About Whether It Is Right For Me?I Truly Believe It Could Help Me, But Again I Cannot Afford The Upfront Price That Most Dr.'S Office Have. I Checked Around And It Is About $150 Per Appointment.I Live In Volusia County,Fl.If Anyone Know Where I Can Go Please Help.If You Need More Info Let Me Know.

Sorry. Soboxen is a prescription drug and if you try to get it without a prescription, you're just as bad off as you are right now.
Look in the yellow pages in your area for "free clinics" -- I know Florida has them -- I used to live there and heard about them all the time.

What Help Is Available Within England For Heroin Addiction?
A Family Member Of Mine Has A Heroin Addiction. I Have No Idea How I Can Go About Helping Them, But Having Already Lost One Member To The Drug, I Do Not Wish To See Another Lose Their Life To It, Especially One I'M So Close To. I'Ve Done Some Searching, But Haven'T Really Found Much Information. It Seems The Only Real Help Available Has To Be Paid For And The Prices Are Extortionate At Best. I Don'T Have Much Money Myself, And Neither Does The Person I Wish To Help. If Anyone Has Any Information On The Laws Governing Addiction, Ie, What Can Be Done To Someone Unwilling To Seek Help Themselves, I'D Also Greatly Appreciate That. I'M Wondering If There Is Some Power Such As That Used Under The Mental Health Act That Relates To Drug Abuse. Thank You In Advance For Your Responses.

Hi, it's a difficult situation altogether. My brother used heroin for many years and my mum works for an NHS drugs team, and we live in the UK.

What we found was- it was very hard to get help initially, and the only way to do it was via the local GP. In order to access any NHS services (such as drugs teams or mental health services) you'll almost certainly have to be referred by a doctor. Some doctors are sympathetic to the situation, others aren't. But once you have a referral you may find you have to go on a waiting list. Mental health departments are often unwilling to deal with addiction, unless there's an additional mental illness as well. So you may only find help with a community drugs team, which may or may not have affiliations with the police. It varies all around the country. I know in my area, if you are in trouble with the police for drug possesion say, they are good at sorting out referrals to the drugs services, often more quickly than the doctors are!

I'm sure that wherever your relative lives, there will be an NHS service of some kind for drug users and it will be accessable somehow, but getting into the system can take time and may require repeated appointments and a lot of persistence. But it should at least be free. At the place where my mum works (and where my brother used to attend), there is a needle exchange, counselling, occupatioinal therapy, access to doctors, nurses and social workers and complete support for anyone who can make use of it.

They prescribe methadone (if that's the right choice, there are many alternatives), and do supported detoxes. They do accupuncture and workshops and home visits, loads of things really.

But of course their success rate is limited. They aren't there 24/7, there are staff shortages and budgets are always being cut. Some of the staff are brilliant, some less so.

At one point my brother did a detox at home with our GP's support and help, (though this was after a long time trying to get help), he was given advice and a selection of (legal!) drugs to help him through the first few days. It was totally effective, as effective as a 5 day private clinic detox costing £2000 would have been. But I have learned that for most people trying to get off heroin the first few days are hard but not nearly as bad as you imagine, even for heavy users. The problems set in after the initial detox is over, the body may be free of the drug but the need for it is still there. I don't know the best way of dealing with that. My brother had given up totally, got his life on track and was going to live abroad to change himself entirely for the better. Sadly he overdosed, out of the blue. I guess the lure of the drug was still there, and as he was drunk and having fun he thought why not.

Just keep trying and don't give up. You must keep pushing your doctor for a referral to get some help. You will get there eventually.

You were wondering about the law re/ addiction. The mental health act is there to help people who don't want treatment, but need it- but not usually if they're using drugs. It's not great, but there's a big division between mental health and drug services. It's awful, but if your relative doesn't allow you or someone to try and help, and refuses to seek any help or stop using, there's not many options open other than unconditional love and support (which is often the very hardest thing of all), and just sheer bloody mindedness in trying to get them to seek help... Keep an open mind too, so many people think that a methodone programme is the only option, which just isn't true. There are other drug treatments, many of which are safer and easier to live with.

Some people find that if they get involved in the criminal justice system (I know this sounds negative, but it happens a lot with heroin), they find supportive ways of detoxing and changing their behaviour in prison or in the community with a referral to a community drugs team.

I can't stress enough that things are different in every county and health authority. What we found, you might not. But start with your GP and if s/he doesn't want to know, keep going back and get second opinions or see another doctor.

Also go to They have lots of information and they people on the phones can help a lot.
I am sure something in your area will exist, and I wish you loads of luck in finding it.

Best of luck to you and your family, you have my sympathy and support, it can be so difficult. Best wishes.

Does Anyone Know Of A Nice Drug Rehab Center That'S A Reasonable Price?
My Price Range Is Probably At The Most, $9000 A Month And Maybe $13,000 For 60 Days. I Want To Go To A Decent Place. I Mean, I Know That This Is No Vacation But For That Kind Of Money, I Expect Nicely Decorated Bedrooms, Comforatable Bedding, Clean Meeting Rooms And Dining Area. It Should Also Have A Gym. Anyone Know Of Anywhere Like This? Oh, I Also Would Prefer To Go Somewhere That'S In A Preety, Tranquil Setting.

You can find a list of drug rehab treatment centers at

If I Took Adderall Today And I Have A Drug Test Tommorow Will It Still Show Up If Use The Detox Stinger?

It may, it may not. I imagine like most detox drinks, stinger mainly works by simply diluting your urine. Adderall is a mixture of four different amphetamine salts, such that it will show up positive for amphetamines in your urine for about 4-5 days. I don't recommend this, but if you can, try to acquire clean urine,place it in a condom near your privates and use this to take the urine screen.

What Should I Request For My Heroin Withdrawal?
I'M In A Hospital, Not A Rehab Or Detox, And Trying To Quit Dope. But All They Have Given Me Is Small Doses Of Xanax And Some Low Norco. I'M Going Totally Crazy. I Was Wondering If Anyone Had Suggestions On What To Do About My Cravings Right Now And My Withdrawal? They Told Me They Are Not Licensed To Give Me Suboxoin Or Methodone. What Should I Ask For? I'M Going Crazy. I Need To Get Rid Of The Cravings And All The Pain From Withdrawals. Thanks -Mike

You're lucky to get Xanax. In Australia they'd sometimes maybe give you a little valium, if you were lucky.

If you've only been using a short while, or you think you can kick it for real, then I suggest one of the following:

1. 5 day detox using a short term Subutex (aka Buprenorphine) regime

2. Short term in house (or at home if you have support) detox using Chlonodine (reduces blood pressure and adrenaline, so may make you woozy), benzoes like Xanax, maxolon (anti nausea), Quinine (anti cramps) cocktail.

After the above have the Naloxone implant so that you can't use, even if you want to (or you can but you won't feel it and will waste your hard earned money)

If you are long term or mentally addicted then don't torture yourself bothering with the above. Just go strait onto Methadone or Suboxone (or Subutex) if you can still get it. Methadone is very much like Heroin, only in a controlled dose and without needing to inject but, be warned, it is MUCH MORE addictive and you'll be on it a long time. Subutex is similar only much less addictive and easier to wean off. It has the added benefit of partially blocking Heroin (by binding to the receptors like a stronger magnet) so that if you use, you probably won't feel it and will stop bothering. Suboxone is like Subutex on with some small amount of Narcan in it. The added Narcan is meant to just be there to stop people abusing the drug (by injecting it, even though it doesn't really give them a buzz apparently, but it can be crushed to a white powder, which makes people try). However, the added Narcan (the doctors will say) has NO effect when taken under the tongue. This is a lie. It's much more likely to cause precipitated withdrawal.

Precipitated withdrawal is what happens when the smack hasn't completely left your system and you take something with a partial or full blocker, like Suboxone or Naloxone. You'll go through the entire withdrawal in ONE DAY... so be very careful because once you take it, you can't undo it! Methadone will NOT cause precipitated withdrawal however, if you have been on Methadone and you want to change to Suboxone, be very careful and make sure you have enough of a break between the two that you go into full withdrawal and are screaming for the medicine. Otherwise, the precipitated withdrawal risk is really high

(EDIT: Someone above me said that any doctor is licensed to give you those meds. I don't know where they live but here in Australia that is wrong and I know it is for certain states in the USA. Only certain doctors have a special license to give Methadone or Subutex/Suboxone. You can usually contact somewhere to find out the nearest available doctor. In Australia you would call "Directline")

Drug Rehab Centers In Florida?
I Need To Find A Inpatient Drug Rehab Program That Has A Payment Program Or Price Goes By Your Income. I Have Absolutely No Insurance And I Am Not Rich So I Cant Pay 20,000 For A Program. I Don'T Need Just A Detox Center, I Need A Detox Center With A Drug Rehab Program Thatc'S Inpatient. Please Help I Need Help Immediately And I Am Not Rich. I Will Give 5 Stars To The Best Answer

hippocrates health institute

What Are The Best Top 10 Drug Rehab Centers In The Wold?
I Am Looking For A Drug Rehab Center To Check My Brother Into. It Doesnt Matter Which Country Or City, I Will Fly Him There. There Is No Good Rehab Centers In My Country. I Have Searched Online And Most Of The Top Ten Rehab Centers Are Celebrity Centers Or Very Very Expensive With Luxury Treatment(Example, Top Chefs, Huge Luxury Rooms, Etc). I Am Looking For The Best Treatment With Fair Price For In House Treatment. I Am Looking To Treat Smoking Weed And Hashish With A History Of Using Cocaine(He Over Dosed In 2010 And Almost Died, So He Only Smokes Now)

Top Ten include:

Caron Foundation (3 in the top ten)
Father Martin's Ashley
Lefscape Solutions (handle trauma treatment too)
Betty Ford
Palm Partners
Florida House

Not really sure who the last couple are, but those are the above are the top treatment facilities in the USA. I am also in recovery. Based on the success rate, I would choose one of the first five I named.

Need Help! Accidently Did Coke Laced Weed! How Long To Detox?!!?
Alright. Before Lastnight, The Last Time And Only &Quot;Drug&Quot; I Ever Did Was Pot, And Only A Handful Of Times A Near Exact Year Ago. Lastnight I Did It For The First Time In Over A Year, And Found Out Some Jerkoff Sprinkled A Tiny Bit Of Cocaine In It, And I Am Not Happy About It, And I Did Feel It. So Assuming I'Ve Started From A Completely Clean Slate, How Long Is It Going To Take For Me To Be Completely Detoxed From Both? Each One Takes How Long? What About Hair/Blood Samples?!! How Long Till I'M Completely Clean In Both?!?! Reason I Ask Is I Need To Be Looking For A Job Within The Next Few Weeks And I Can'T Be Positive From Stupid Drugs, Especially Something As Great Of A Magnitude As Coke!!

You are kidding, right?

First, pot stays in your system MUCH longer than coke.

Second, 'sprinkling' coke over weed is a WASTE! By burning it, the cocaine is consumed by the combustion and chemically altered before it ever gets to your system. That's why crack (and freebasing) was invented-it's a form of cocaine that will get you high when burned. Simply putting some powder on a joint is NOT the same.

It's like the difference between vegtable oil and sugar. Both of these substances contain ONLY carbon, hydrogen and oxygen atoms. However, your body reacts to the WHOLE molecule, not just the ingrediants. By combining the cocaine with baking powder before 'cooking' it, it's chemically changed into something else.

Did The Doctor Killed Michael Jackson?

I would say YES from what I heard on the 911 call. I'm a Nationally Registered Paramedic, and regardless of my license to practice medicine, most people in the community know that CPR is to be preformed on a flat, hard surface to insure adequate chest compressions. The "doctor", like most have already said was doing "CPR" (if you want to call bouncing a body up and down, with no adequate chest compressions or recoil) on a bed... Oh, and the whole new "MICHAEL HAD A PULSE"... Well that's great, because instead of performing mechanical ventilations, or any other form of breathing for him... He pushed on his chest. The thing that they don't tell you is that Demerol and Oxycodone do not stop your heart. They suppress your respiratory drive until your brain and heart become so hypoxic (lack of oxygen) that it eventually stops. Correct the problem by breathing, or ventilating to get oxygen throughout the body and usually the patient will wakes. Or, you could always give Nalaxone (Narcan) which reverses any narcotic or opoid overdoses and side effects.... So the doctor had two choices, breath or give medicine (if available, I understand, generally people don't carry Narcan in their pockets in case they come up on a cardiac arrest). So, ventilation should have been just fine... Usually Chest compressions will not hurt a person with a pulse... (Not advising that people start pumping on someone's chest who is awake)... But still. I'm curious to know whether the doctor or anyone in the room did ventilate MJ, or whether no-one there was willing to perform mouth to mouth??? Seriously, think about it... 80% of people who come up to a person who's not breathing, generally won't perform mouth to mouth because of the fear of diseases they might have....And multiple time the caller said to the 911 dispatcher "he's not breathing, were pumping his chest, but he's still not breathing...." Over and over again, pumping isn't working... You're right... Chest compressions are good for a patient in cardiac arrest... However, for a person in respiratory arrest, it's not all that beneficial. Ventilation and Oxygenation are the most important in that scenario, and it sounds like it wasn't done in a timely manner....
And now to give some insight about the doctor administering Demerol or the Oxycodone…. New reports are coming out that the doctor did not give it… Okay, so let’s just say he did give it and realized that oop’s.. I messed up…. When you are giving a drug that can suppress the respiratory system, their supposed to be monitored afterwards for a short period of time, due to that!.... So, if he gave it to a person (who probably weighed less the 110lbs, which suppresses faster then someone with more weight) and it killed them, I would try to deny that too…
So, to answer the question again… The doctor killed Michael Jackson… Or at least didn’t give him a chance to be brought back anyway…

How Long Does It Take To Physically And Mentally Detox From A Decade Of Opiate/Narcotic Use?
My Husband Stopped Taking Opiates/Narcotis After Ten Years Of Use (He Mainly Took Oxycontin During That Time...But Over The Past Year Has Taken Methadone, Hydrocodone, Etc. Cannot Remember Them All At This Point. He Has Ms And An Irresponsible Doc Put Him On Oxy From The Get Go Without Even Trying Something Less Potent. My Husband Got Addicted Fast. I Met Him About Four Years Ago And He Finally Agreed To Stop. (He Is Now Drinking More Alc, But That Is Another Story). The Last Time He Took Anything Was About Three Weeks Ago And That Was, I Believe, Oxycondone. Since Then, He Has Been Nauseous, No Appetite, Very Depressed, Sleeps All The Time, Has No Motivation, And Overall Weakness. His Doc Has Put Him On An Antidepressant But It Isn'T Working. I Am Taking Him To A Very Good Acupuncturist Next Week Who Uses Herbs And Other Methods. But I'M Perplexed. Can The Physical Withdrawels Still Be Happening After Nearly A Month? How Long Does The Emotional Part Of This Take To Heal? He Doesn'T Think He Needs Help With Any Of This..Except The Depression Part Of It. Thanks For Reading.

Yep, he is still going through withdrawals, it sounds like. These can include severe diarrhea, nausea, vomiting, chills, hot flashes, sweating, lacrimation (more than normal tear production), depression, lethargy, muscle twitches, among others.

Physical withdrawals are hard to guage as far as how long they will last. They are different for everyone, but generally the longer you use, the longer it will take to get over them. I used vicodin heavily for about 3 months and it took me 3-4 weeks to fully overcome the withdrawals.

Now the mental addiction is another story. Once people get addicted to something, they may be fighting that mental craving for the rest of their life. Ever seen that show "Intervention"? The counselors on there are former addicts and drug users, but they even refer to themselves as "addicts" who just don't use drugs anymore, because even while helping others overcome their addictions, they fight their own on a day to day basis, even though it may have been years since the last time they used. Drugs are very powerful, and it just takes having a strong support group, staying away from the stuff, and a whole lot of willpower/ strength to overcome it. I myself am still fighting my Vicodin addiction, and am losing the fight at the moment... Anyway, back to your question...

The depression part should subside along with the physical component of the withdrawals, but like I said, that craving will probably be in the back of his mind for a long time.

Has he tried the prescription drug Subutex or Suboxone? This is a controlled drug (as is vicodin, oxycodone, etc) but it is made specifically for people who quit using opioids. It works because it's called a partial agonist, which means it will bind to those opioid receptors, keeping them "happy" like there is some type of opioid in there. However, because it's "partial," you don't get the full effect of something like oxycodone. It just takes away the withdrawal symptoms (including the physical and mental ones like depression), without getting someone high. It also contains something called naloxone, which is an antagonist, so that people can't crush the pill up and shoot it up or snort it, or else they will go into immediate, severe withdrawal.

Now Suboxone can be addicting and cause withdrawals itself, but they're no where near what a "full agonist" like vicodin or oxy will cause.

The first time I quit Vicodin, my withdrawals were horrendous just after 3 months of use, so I can't imagine what your husband is going through. I was about to lose my mind so I went to the doc after 4 days of not using, and he gave me the Suboxone and it made all the diffference in the world. I didn't have ANY of the withdrawal symptoms I was suffering from anymore. I used that for about 3 weeks and felt great when I got off, albeit with some mild withdrawals that lasted a few days.

Your husband is basically suffering unncecessarily because this drug is out there to help people like him and me. Also, I believe suboxone can actually be prescribed for pain as well. If he doesn't want to go the traditional opioid route for pain, there is another drug out there called tramadol which is synthetic and binds to the opioid receptors, but it isn't addictive and apparently doesn't cause the horrendous withdrawals like opioids do. Along with working on the opioid receptors, tramadol also has been shown to inhibit the reuptake of serotonin and norepinephrine. Antidepressants work this way, so tramadol has been shown to help some people with their depression, as well as with neuropathic pain, both of which aren't affected by traditional narcotic opiates.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact me, and good luck with everything.

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