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FAQ's Opiate Detox Florida In De Leon Springs Florida

Is Suboxone, Subutex Or Any Form Of Buprenorphine Available In The Philippines?
I Am Prescribed Suboxone In The Us But By Law, My Doctor Can Only Give Me 2 Months Worth Of Medication. My Wife And I Are Going To Be With Her Family In The Philippines For 3 Months. I Have Been Trying To Find Doctors In The Philippines That Prescribe Buprnorphine But I Have Not Found Any. Is Buprenorphine Even Available In The Philippines?

Sweet life: This is referred to as a Dangerous Drug (DD) in the Philippines. To get a prescription you must bring a statement from your US DR. & then find a DD licensed DR here. You can find one at a larger hospital or sometimes at a public hospital. They will not give you a 2 months supply at a time however as things are very strict.
Send an email to this place & ask about the availability, strength & price.

It might take 2 days to get a reply so be patient. Have you asked your druggist or DR about extra pills for a vacation? Sometimes that will work

Is There An Alcohol Rehab Near Pasadena?
My Friend'S Asking Me If I Know Of An Alcohol Rehab Here In Pasadena But I Have No Idea What To Tell Her. See, Her Brother'S An Alcoholic And He Finally Agreed To Enter An Alcohol Rehab. If You Know A Rehab In Pasadena Or Somewhere Nearer To Pasadena, Please Answer My Question. Thank You.

Yes, I think there are alcohol rehabs all over California. Check the first link I've posted below to see if there is one in Pasadena. It's good that you're helping your friend. Tell her to give all the support she can give to her brother. I wish you well.

Buprenorphine (Subutex) Tapering & Detox/Withdrawal?
I Have Been On Buprenorphine For 9 Months And Am Worried Because I Have Started Abusing It. I Am On It As Part Of An Addiction Treatment Program. I Spent $15K On Treatment Last Year, Came Out Of Treatment And Relapsed Less Than 2 Weeks Later. The Chains Of Addiction Have Had Me Wrapped For Years And I Have Allowed It To Steal The Wonderful Person I Was (Though, I'M Still An Alright Guy). I Will Spare You The Self-Pity And Excuses. The Point Is, I Took One 8Mg Pill This Morning And By 9Pm I Was Sweating And Had Hot And Clammy Skin, Much The Same As My 'Old' W/D'S From Opiates/Opioid. I Just Want My Life Back. I Want To Get Completely Clean And Free Of Any Crutch, Escape, Excuse, Shame, And Drug. I Don'T Think I'Ve Ever Wanted To Be Mediocre And 'Just Normal' And Live Life In The Middle More Than What I Want To Right Now. I'Ve Made A Mess Of My Life And, Though Things Are Leagues Better This Year Than Last (Praise God That I'M Still Alive To Fight This Battle), I Was Recently -Though Lovingingly And Compassionately- Chastened By My Pharmacist. I Took The Medication As Prescribed (One 8Mg 3X/Day) For The First 8 Months, And It Has Been Only In The Past Month That I'Ve Been Taking More Than What'S Prescribed. At The Height Of My Opiate Addiction I Was Taking Upwards Of 40-60 5Mg Percocet/Day Or Close To 500Mg Of Oxycontin (Back Surgery Had Some To Do With It, But Not All Or Even Most), Depending On What I Could Buy, Beg, Bribe, Steal, Or Lie To Get. Life Is Nowhere Near As Awful As It Once Was, But I Don'T Like That I'M Now Using 4, 5, 6, Or 7 Seven Pills/Day When I'M Only Prescribed 3. They Don'T Even Make Me 'High' Because This Specific Medication Has A 'Ceiling Effect' Which Means One Can Benefit Only A Particular Amount And Anything Beyond That Is A Waste. I Haven'T Been To A Meeting In A While, And I Know That'S Part Of This, But I Really Would Love To Hear Advice From Someone Out There Who Has Tapered From This Particular Medication (Or Suboxone) And Fought To Find A Way To Stay Clean. Please Be Nice, I'M Not Worthless. I'M Not A Loser. I'M Just An Addict Who Is Sick Of Letting His Demons Get The Better Of Him. Any Advice On How To Taper Would Be Welcome. Please Do Not Suggest Any Illegal Activity, Switching To Another Substance, Or Lying To My Doctor. Thank You In Advance For Your Empathy And Kindness! Best, Dlh

You already know what you need...counseling, and lots of it.

You may have had a nasty addiction to oxy, but this new addiction is much much worse.

Like you said, there is no reason to be taking more sub, and there was no reason to be taking 24 mg's to begin with.

4 mg's a day would have been a good starting dose for you. 1 mg of sub is equal to 50 mg's of morphine.

Watch this pod cast

Question For People Who Are On Or Who Ever Used Methadone Before.?
I Have A Oxycontin Addiction, And Tomorrorw Im Going To Go To A Methadone Clinic Near Me. I Have Insurance, But I Am Broke As A Joke. Is Methadone A Lot Of Money To Detox With? I Don'T Know How It Works In A Clinic. I'M Going To Be A Outpatient, And I Just Need To Know If They Can Still Help Me, Considering I Don'T Have Much Money. Do You Pay A Lot At Methadone Clinics? Or Is It Cheap Or Free With Insurance?

All that nonsense about methadone being more addictive, getting in your bones, etc, is just that, nonsense. Methadon withdrawl is much more mild than heroin WD, it just lasts longer.

As for your question, I think it is up to your insurance company, most won't pay for Methadone maintainance.At the clinic I went to, 21 day detox was $360, while monthly maintainance was $360 the 1st month, $280/month after that. But, methadone is not really a good detox drug. It can work, but I am willing to bet that when you start getting down to the lower doses, you are going to start to get really sick. You would be much better off just getting on maintainance. $280/month sounds like alot, but add up how much you are spending per month on OC. I bet the M'done is cheaper.

I am not sure what they can do to help you financially, that is something you have to ask them. But, I don't think your insurance will pay for it. Most insurance plans want you to go to a 7-10 day inpatient detox, at least mine did. You can also usually pay per day or per week at methadone clinics, if that is easier. That way you just have to come up with $15 or so per day.

Anway, I'm rambling now. Good luck.

Science Homework Help? 10 Points..?
The Question Is: &Quot;Methadone Is A Drug Used To Help Heroin Addicts Come Off The Drug. It Is Still Addictive. Research The Effect Of Methadone. Explain Why It Is Used And Why It Is Not Always Successful.&Quot; It'S Not Me Being Lazy Im Gonna Research But I Would Appreciate Some Help, 10 Points For The Best Answer =D

Methadone Benefits
Methadone works. It is an effective treatment for illicit opiate users. Methadone users are more likely than users participating in other forms of treatment to stay of opiates.
Methadone will greatly minimize cravings and keep "dope sickness" away.
Methadone is affordable. It is almost certainly cheaper than the cost of illicit opiates, and generally costs only a few dollars a day.
Methadone is legal and if used as directed is very safe. You do not risk arrest or imprisonment while using methadone. Because it is very affordable, you do not need to break the law to get money for drugs.
Methadone users greatly reduce their risk of HIV, HEP C and other diseases associated with intravenous drug usage or an addicted lifestyle.
The daily routine of visiting a clinic for a dosage, although inconvenient, can help people to get back on a normal and productive schedule.
Regular contact with healthcare professionals improves health and well being and keeps you in contact with other people motivated towards change.
MMT Negatives
While on methadone you remain physically dependent on opiates. You will need to follow your dosage routine exactly to keep withdrawal symptoms down.
Methadone therapy is controversial, and there can be a stigma attached to participating in an MMT program. Employers cannot by law discriminate against you, but they may not be impressed to find you are "addicted to methadone".
Methadone maintenance can be a very long term commitment. Some people stay on methadone for decades, some forever.
For the first while (long while) you will have to go to a methadone clinic every day to take your dose under supervision. This can make work, travel and family life more difficult.
You may have to give urine samples under supervision.
You may find that methadone has unpleasant side effects. Some people find that methadone makes them feel "foggy". Others complain of weight gain, sexual side effects, tiredness and aches and pains. Everyone reacts differently to methadone.
Methadone is an opiate and you can overdose on it. If you take too much methadone, or combine methadone with certain other medications, there is a risk of death.
Methadone is physically addictive and a methadone detox is difficult and painful.
Methadone is a long lasting opiate. This is an advantage for maintenance therapy, (you don't need to take it more than once a day) but it means that withdrawal symptoms will last for a longer duration than would occur during withdrawal off of a drug like heroin. Withdrawal can take a month or more.
It's a very effective treatment for addiction, but it comes at a price. It works very well and is well tolerated by some, and others find it unbearable. It is not something to take lightly, but it is something that can work.

How Can I Help My Cousin Find A Drug Rehab In Altoona, Pennsylvania?
I Promised My Cousin That I Would Help Him Find A Drug Rehab Since I Was The One Who Tried So Hard And Was Incessantly Persuading Him To Get Himself Treated. I Really Want To Help Out, But I Don'T Know What To Do. Any Suggestions, Please?

You should definitely check out the links I sent you below. One is a locator of drug rehabs near your area, and one is a list. Be sure to inquire so that you would be able to get your cousin into a drug rehab that would be best for him. It would be good to consult a doctor too and get recommendations. I wish you luck, and I really hope your cousin gets well soon enough. It's a good thing that you convinced him to get himself treated.

I Have Been On Methadone For Near 30 Year Now In The Uk. I Want To Get Off It But Dnt Seem To Be Getting Anywhere, Can Anyone Help?

The important thing is to be proud of yourself for coming as far as you have, However unfortunately in the UK there is a stigma attached to those who take methadone these individuals are looked down on and thought of as "Users." people will look at you sideways and judge that you are still a user and once on methadone there is a massive lack of support with the idea of "Why bother they will just use again."

A lady I work with is an ex heroin addict and alcohol abuser she had numerous police convictions she attended an NHS based rehab and was terrified of what was to come and yet felt very supported when undertaking her rehab to the point of creating the "Users group." don t think she came from a great background and had a great network of support because she didn t, she found herself alone after the death of her father and her daughter taken from her care and states that she owes her life to the support she had. She began the users group and volunteered within the rehab center where she began to feel a sense of purpose and meaning to life this was when she decided to apply for a job in the mental health sector not expecting to get it due to her history but she got the job and is proud to work caring for others though she still continues her work in the users group.

I would encourage you to join a users group to find meaning and understanding and to speak to like minded individuals who have had to deal with the same struggles you have had to deal with together hopefully you will be able to find meaning and purpose along with the support and courage to come off the methadone. You cannot change the past but the future really is yours for the taking it is just taking that step to do it but you do not have to do this alone.

A Lady Was Arrested For Having A Heroin House With Her Kids In It Near Where I Live. Should Her Kids Be Taken?
I Want To Know If People Think Her Kids Should Be Taken Away. She Was Caught With 5 Other People In Her House, And They Were All Either Using Or Selling Drugs, With Her 3 And 1 Year Old Children There. There Were Needles Laying Around And Everything. What Kind Of People Do This. It'S Pretty Sad, You Need A License For A Car, A License For Your Dog, But Any Idiot Can Have Kids.

Yes any idiot can spread there legs and make kids.. but it takes a real woman to be a good mother and that lady is not a woman she is a drug whore.. them kids need to be taken away asap if they were not already taken. Once a person gets on to them hard drugs them drugs take over everything it does not matter to them that they have a family that loves and needs them. They have no worries as long as there drugs are there to lift them up then screw everything else.. Them kids are going to have to be tested for everything since the needles were around they could already have hepatitis or worse HIV... ya don't know what kind of people that pig had around her house.It is a total shame what people do to there kids. they are for sure going to need help when they get older
i can't imagine what they have already gone threw living in that house...Rehab will not do anything for her either everyone i know that ever went to rehab stayed clean for a couple weeks but went right back to there drugs.. them kids need to be taken away and addopted out to a family that will love them and protect them.. I know what its like because my brother has been battling drugs for years. and he gets at the point where he will disappear for weeks at a time.. he was getting at the point where he was doing coke at home with the kids there til i reported his sorry *** and of course rehab did not help he just keeps his drugs away from the house.. If it was up to me i would put every person that thinks there drugs are more important then there family and kids in a mental intuition and give them all drug overdoses so they could rot in hell...

And i don't care if i offended any drug lovers who might be reading this....

Drug Test For My Adderall Prescription?
I Have Been Prescribed 10Mg Of The Instant Release Adderall 2X A Day Since Around Oct Of 2012. I Have Never Filled Them On The Exact Monthly Basis- (I Don'T Take Them On Weekends, Etc) So I Try To Draw The Script Out For As Long As Possible Since They Are Quite Expensive To Refill Every Month ($75 Per Month). I Have Recently Found Out I Can Get Them Online Through My Insurance At Three Month Supply Intervals For The Same Price I Pay One Month For At The Pharmacy; But Need My Doctor To Write The Script For Three Months (Or 180 Pills At A Time). I Also Feel Like My Prescription Isn'T Cutting It For Me Anymore. I Am Showing Signs Of Of Losing My Concentration/Focus And Am Becoming Easily Distracted Again, So Both My Mom And Dad Called In (I Didn'T Want To Raise Any Red Flags By Not Having Them In On It) And Told The Drs Office They Would Like My Script Increased Along With The Script For Now 3 Months At A Time. The Doctor Told Me The Script Was Ready And That I Could Pick It Up Today.... I Went In And They Said I Would Have To Pee In A Cup In Order To Get My Script This Time. They Said Nothing About A Lab Or A Waiting Period Just, &Quot;Pee In The Cup And You Can Walk Out With Your Script&Quot;. I Was On A Very Tight Time Constrict Today So I Told Them I Would Have To Schedule It For Another Time Since I Had Zero Time To Spare. While I Have A Feeling This Is To Make Sure I Am Not Abusing My Prescription I Am A Little Worried Because I Do Use Marijuana. I Am 18 And Am Responsible With My Actions So I Am Not Looking For A Speech About Using Illegal Substances. I Am Just Wondering If A) Anybody Has Had Similar Experiences And What Their Outcome Was, And B) If They Would Take My Script Away If They Did Find Thc In My System. I'M Going To Detox And Am Leaving For Vacation Next Week So I Figured The Combination Of Both Detox And Time Will At Least Lessen The Amount Of Thc In My System. (I Do Smoke Quite Frequently But Not Large Quantities). Thank You Taking The Time To Read This And Thank You For Answering If You Do Know Anything About This.

I agree with above. If you test with a less "level" by not taking them every day they will think your selling them. If your level is high then you are abusing them.

TELL your DR that you do smoke some to help you. He CANNOT tell your parent's due to the HIPA laws. It will be much better than him finding it and assuming that your addicted and have a higher chance to become addicted to the Adderall.

Assistance Or Grants For Drug Rehab?
My 17 Year Old Brother Is Addicted To Heroin And Other Drugs. My Mom Is Single And Poor. Is There Any Type Of Assistance Or Grants For Drug Programs, Or How Can I Earn Or Raise $50,000.00 To Get Him Into A Program?

depending on where you live their are rehabs that have a sliding scale price, if you dont have a job naturale you dont have any money so they still admit him there i a waiting list sometimes

I Have A Two Part Question On Online Alcohol Rehab?
Part One Is Has Anyone Heard Of Www.Powertoquit.Org It Says It'S Free And A 3 Month Program But The Only Review I Could Find On It Said They Charged The Guys Card And Kept Charging It Even Though He Canceled. Part Two Is I Need To Have An Online Rehab Site. I Can'T Afford Too Much Money. You Know Cuz Addicts Don'T Have Alot Of Cash On Hand. So I'M Looking For Recommendations Of Free Or Inexpensive Sites. Please Don'T Comment On How You Get What You Pay For And You Can'T Put A Price On Your Health. These Comments Come From People With Health Insurance Through Work, Etc. I Don'T Have That Option Currently. Thanks For The Help In My Do Over In Life.

From what I've heard, when it comes to rehab online, it's not likely to work. There is a program, in CT it's called Alcoholics Anonymous, it's free, every week a group of people show up at a designated location and talk about their addiction and what brought them to their addiction. They have milestone ceremonies (so-to-speak) when a person has successfully remained clean and sober for however many days, weeks, months whatever. The only way to get clean and stay that way is to go to your nearest Mental Health facility and ask questions. Or go to the hospital and ask. Just say you want to get clean from whatever substance you have been using and you're not sure about the programs in the area that could help with that; aside from detoxing in a hospital, that is. Out-patient programs.

Can I Smoke Marijuana Still?
Well Here'S The Story.... I'Ve Had A Ton Of Scary Experiences In My Life Nde'S (Near Death Experiences) And They Traumatized Me... Well Lets Get To The Point, So I Used To Smoke Marijuana Like Everyday, No Problems, Just An Outgoing Mood And Calm As Hell.... But I Had To Go To A Psych Hospital For Like 9 Days, And Haven'T Smoked Weed In Like A Month, But When I Got Home, I Rolled A Joint, 3 Hits... And My Heart Was Pounding And I Felt Like I Was Going To Pass Out, I Was Seeing Like Colors And Demons In Reflections Of Windows Out Of The Corner Of My Eye... I Called 911 And An Ambulance Came, In The Ambulance My Whole Body Was Numb... They Took Me To The Er. My Heart Rate Was 167, I Used To Have A Prescription For Ativan, But I'Ve Ran Out Of That... But I Just Want To Know Why Did I Have Such A Bad Reaction? I Used To Smoke Everyday, No Problems. But Now If I Barely Take A Hit I Get Paranoid And Check My Pulse And Start Panicing... Does Anyone Know Why I Had Such A Bad Reaction? And Ever Since That Hospital Visit Of My Heart Being 167, I Haven'T Been Myself... My Anxiety Spikes Hella Up If I Think About My Experience... Does Anyone Know How To Cure It? Do I Take Some Xanax Before I Smoke Weed? I'M On Abilify And Trazodone Daily, Should I Not Smoke While On Those Medications? Please Give Me Some Help. Don'T Say &Quot;Drugs R Bad Fer U&Quot; Or None Of That ****. I Know They Are, But Marijuana Used To Make Me A More Outgoing Person... And Happy As Hell.... I Want To Continue Doing It But I Don'T Ever Want To Experience Something Like That Again... Any Tips? Like Should I See A Shrink? And Get A Real Prescription For My Anxiety Like For Example Ativan Or Another Benzo...? I Don'T Abuse Them.

Marijuana is not the same product I used back in the 70's. Back then addiction and withdrawal symptoms were not common. I am a recovering addict...more alcohol and booze. I would in the industry and I know from the frontline that marijuana today is nothing like it use to be.
You can get addicted today and if you go off of it you will have withdrawal symptoms. It takes les time to detox from heroin. With heroin the detox will last 3 - 7 days. Marijuana can take much longer and you may experience anxiety or panic attacks, irritability, aggression, sleep disruption, depression, headaches, digestion problems, nausea, dizziness and night sweats.
Yes, seeing a psychiatrist and psychologist could help you deal with the anxiety. It would be helpful to find someone who deals in addiction.
**BE CARFUL** Prescriptions like xanax can be 10x worse than what you are experiencing now. I deal with average joe's who think they are getting help with their anxiety using certain meds and it just makes it worse and the detox can last a long time.
Talk to a therapist about this. Anxiety and panic attacks do not have to rule your life. There are solutions.
I hope this helps.

How Do I Get A Family Member Off Drugs?
I Live In Maryland And My Close Aunt Has Been Abuseing Prescription Drugs For Awhile Now. She Has Stolen From My Parents And Other Family Members. The Other Night We Couldn'T Even Wake Her Up Because She Gets High Then Takes Sleeping Medication So She Can Sleep. But Enough Is Enough. What Can I Do To Get Her Into Rehab Or Just Get Her To Stop.

I would love to give you a brilliant solution that will solve everything and help you get back the relative you knew and loved before drugs came into their life. Sadly, I agree with Erik. You cannot do anything to get them to stop or to go to rehab. If they are addicted to drugs they will choose drugs over family and relationships time and time again, using family members money and resources to get more drugs. You can ask your family member to go to rehab but they are likely to say no and if they do go they are likely to be unsuccessful.

The sad truth is that you need to set firm limits. No use when they are in your home and if they are stealing from you make them leave. If they arrive under the influence tell them to go away. Tell them that you love them but that you will not tolerate being stolen from or having them using or under the influence when they are with you. This is a time for a tough love approach. They cannot be near you or in your house unless they go to rehab. You need to stick to your guns and accept the fact that if they do not want to change they will not.

As another user suggested, if you know they are doing something illegal you can call the police and a judge could force them to go to rehab but they may not. This may result in them becoming angry and wishing to cut ties with you, though ultimately that may be what you need to do.

Many people going into rehab will relapse multiple times. Be prepared for a long road and do not put your family in a situation where you are enabling this person to use. Get some therapy for the sober people in your family to figure out how to cope with the potential loss of this person.

One very good and free resource is Alanon which is AA for family members of addicts. It is a great place to get support from others in your shoes. Good luck!

Does My Son Need Rehab?
My Son Recently Got Caught Smoking A Lot Of Marijuana. He Also Took Xanax And Other Prescription Drugs Such As Ritalin And Adderall. There Are Texts On His Phone About Cocaine. He Denies Wanting To Do More Drugs But His School Says He Comes High Everyday And Always Looks Stoned. He Is 18. They Said To Send Him To Rehab. We Have The Finances To Do So, And I Sent Him To A Drug Couselor Who Is Ready To Send Him Next Week. He Says He Has Stopped All Drugs And I Haven'T Seen Him High In A Few Weeks And He Hasn'T Been Out With His Friends. This Is Since He Almost Dies 2 Weekends Ago Because He Overdosed And Had To Be Rushed Via Ambulance To The Er. Now He Drinks All Day Long. He Just Had 5 Drinks With Vodka And Cranberry Juice In The Past Hour. What Do You Suggest?

We are happy to hear you are willing and able to get this young man professional help. There is no better time than now to get him into rehab while he still fears dying or else you'll probably be attending his funeral in the near future.

No less than a 90 day program. 28 day programs don't work. Don't take no for an answer. His life depends on professional strict guidance immediately. You are his last hope and your last hope for a peaceful and stable family life. Otherwise you will have to ban him from your family forever.

I'M A Heroin Addict?
Ok, To Start Im A 20 Yr Old Male. I Started Using Heroin About 5 Or 6 Months Ago, When I Was 19. I Really Hate What Ive Become. I Have An Awesome Girlfriend, Who Doesnt Have Any Idea About My Problem, Actually, None Of My Family Knows. Im A Very Skilled Guitar Player, But Havent Done Anything Productive Since I Started Using. I Know That In A Twisted Way, Im Fortunate To Be Seeking Help This Early In My Addiction. So Yes, My Withdrawal Period Will Be Easier Than Someone Whos Been Using For Years But, At The Same Time, Im To Far In For It To Be Anywhere Near Easy. Going Cold Turkey Is Not An Option, I Tried, And Became Extremely Sick, And I Never Want To Feel That Way Again. Also An In House Rehab Center Wouldnt Work, Because I Have A Fulltime Job And I Really Dont Want Anyone To Know About This, My Family, Friends, Or Co Workers. Once Im Off, Relapsing Wont Be An Obstacle. It Wont Happen, Im So Ready To Be Off This Damn Drug. Man, A Methadone Treatment Would Be Ideal, But I Want A Doc.

First off you need to go to detox before anything else. They will detox you with methadone for 5-7 days and they also give you tranquilizers and motrin it is very comforable thats what I had to do it was very easy no pain at all. Then I had to go to inpatient for about 30 days but you dont have to do that. Then at the detox they will help you get into a methadone clinic or a doctor for suboxone. I am on suboxone and it is much better than methadone try to go on the suboxone maitnance program. But you need to tell your parants and no docs or meth clinics will do anything untill you go to detox. I recomend Rushford Center in Middletown Ct. Thats were I went n they are really good there. If not call 211 info for detox in your area. Good luck and I hope everything works out for you.

Can Anyone Recommend A Good Drug Test Detox Kit For Marijuana To Pass A Drug Test For A Job?
I Had Smoked About 4 Days Ago My Last Marijuana Joint. I Had Been Smoking Regularly About 2 Weeks Before That. I Am Hoping To Land A Job But The Job Requires A Drug Test. I Am Looking For A Product That Can Help Me Pass A Drug Test That Is Reasonably Priced And Can Be Purchased Easily

Forget it.
The only thing that drug detox kits succeed in doing is to take money out of your pocket and put into the bank account of the seller.

There is nothing you can do or take that will miraculously change how your body handles pot metabolites. Human physiology does not work like that. 30 days, more or less, is how long it takes until you will be clean.

What Would Happen If We Legalized All Drugs!!!!!?
This Is For My Report, So Please If You Got It Off A Website Give The The Url. If Not Well You Shall Just Remain The Anonymous Genius. =) Ok So Here Is Are My Questions Some Reporters Say That People Abuse Prescription Drugs, Because They Are Legal, So It Makes It Seem They Are Safe. And Also Prescription Drugs Kill More Then Illegal. Do You Think That Legalizing All Drugs Would Have This Same Effect? Would The Death Rate Go Up Or Down? Would You See A Change The Crime Rate?

it would be worse than it is now. As it is now people who want drugs can pretty much get them. If they were legal and they could get them it would be the same as now except we would have less people getting rehab out of force b//c they were arrested.

If they sold the drugs legally and taxed them higher than they are now the druggies would resort to more crime than they already commit to get high. Crime would not stop b/c drug addicts commit a lot of crime to support their habits.

Then if the drug were costly, people would find a way to sell them cheaper on a black market. There are bootleggers who sell alcohol even though alcohol is legal. They sell to minors, they sell it on days when liquor stores are closed at a higher price b/c people are desperate when they want something and can't get it.

Methadone Vs Suboxone?
Question....Ive Been On Methadone For Over Five Years, Been In Clinic, I Was On Oxys For 4 Yrs, Before That I Was Taking Lortabs For 5 Yrs, So Ive Been An Addict For About 13 Yrs Or So, Anyways, The Clinic Here Has Raised Price To Almost 100 Dollars A Week, Cant Afford It, So Im Tapering Down 12Mgs For 5 Wks, Thats All I Can Afford, Then Im Goin To Rehab To Switch Suboxone, Then Get It From Doc. Insurance 40Bucks A Month, But Does Suboxone Have The Same Pain Killing Qualities As Methadone Does? Because I Know That Methadone Is Covering Up The Pain That I Have Or That I Dont Even Know I Have,So Is Suboxone Gonna Be A Better Thing To Get On To? I Really Dont Have A Choice Now But I Just Want To Know What Im About To Go Through...Thanks

Physically you shouldnt feel a thing. Subuxone is good for getting off opiates. But lets be honest, the hard part is staying off the opiates and the recovery needed to to do so. Unless your choosing to stay dependent (which you have the right) just kick and get on with it already. Good luck!

How To Help A Heroin And Meth Addict?
I Have A Family Member Who Has Done Heroin For 6 Years And Recently Started Doing Meth. She Will Just Go Missing, We Will Search For Her, Find Her, Bring Her Into Detox Or Bring Her To Her Moms But She Just Sneeks Out Or Leaves Detox. She Says She Wants Help But Everyone Is Exhausted From Searching For Her And Worrying 24/7. I Am Wondering If Anyone Knows Of Any Rehab Centers Decently Priced That Will Actually Work. She Has Insurance That Will Pay For In State (Arizona) But I Feel Like She Would Be More Successful Outside Of Az Since She Wont Know Anyone To Go Pick Her Up. We Don'T Have The Money To Pay For Treatment And If Anyone Knows Of Way To Pay To Get Help Please Let Me Know. Thank You!

Let me guess your in phx arizona?I am to. Drugs are really bad here in phx honestly. Your right getting her out of phx is your best bet honestly.

My 17-Year-Old Daugher Is Screaming &Quot;I Got That Boom Boom Boom&Quot; And Flailing Around- Is She On Drugs?

Ma'am, you have my greatest sympathies. It appears as though your daughter may be addicted to crack cocaine or methamphetamine. Both these drugs can cause hyperactivity, and delusions, as it appears your daughter is having right now. It can also cause uncontrollable movements, which explains the "flailing around."

You should be able to pick up a drug testing kit from your nearest drug store. I strongly recommend testing your daughter immediately. If she test positive, as I'm sure she will, I recommend having her enter an in-patient detox and treatment facility as soon as possible. I also recommend that you check her room, vehicle, purse, backpack and other belongings for drugs. If you need assistance, contact your local law enforcement agency. I'm sure they would be more than happy to assist you.

I Need To Find Alcohol Rehabs In Canajoharie, New York. Help?
I'M Doing A Survey Regarding Alcohol Usage Of Teens, And I Would Like To Get More Information Directly From Rehabs As I Might Do Some Interviews As Well.

I'm pretty sure that the links below will help you in your search for alcohol rehabilitation centers. You can also look through the local yellow pages. There will surely be a list there of the alcohol rehabs near your place. You can probably get some information from your local health services department as well. Good luck! I do hope that you get all the information you need.

When Should I Stop Taking Suboxone?
My Husband Is An Ex Addict, He Had Ended Up Getting High About Two Weeks Ago And Now He Is Taking Suboxone, I Would Like To Know How Long He Should Take This For? He Only Got High One Time So I Feel That A Week On Suboxone Is More Than Enough, And Do You Think It Is Harmful? Or A Good Thing For Him To Take It Whenever He Feels The Need?

Suboxone is more a long term treatment drug. It can be used short term, but the benefits are largely from longer term use.


Suboxone is Buprenorphine combined with Naloxone. The buprenorphine is an opiate/opioid just like codeine, hydrocodone, oxycodone, morphine, heroin, fentanyl, hydromorphone, and all the rest. It binds to our opiate receptors and 'fulfills' the need the brain is craving to put it simply.

The Naloxone is an opiate 'blocker' -- the purpose of this is to keep people who are taking Suboxone from being able to get high. Theoretically if one uses another opiate while on suboxone they won't get the same or any effects from it.. it is a measure of prevention of abuse of other more harmful drugs to the body.

So, suboxone is prescribed for addicts who can't just 'quit' or perhaps can't go through rehab and quit.. keep relapsing etc. The main benefit is they can take the one pill/film daily and feel 'normal' and get their lives in order without the withdrawals and cravings they have been going through while on other substances.

The term 'clean' while taking suboxone is relative -- it is sort of like saying I am clean and on methadone treatment.

I don't take away from anyone who is bettering themselves with suboxone -- it isn't the same 'high'/'euphoria' their drug of choice was and they have elected to take it. With this medication they can , again, get their lives in order and it is a fundamental step in the recovery process.

Some people may stay on suboxone for years,.. some a few weeks.

In my opinion it is more advisable for someone who is an I.V. user of drugs to stay ON the suboxone for a lengthy period of time and get support from AA/NA, therapy, and generally allow their brains to process living life out of the 'chase' of finding the next fix, high, etc. Learn to live normally. Later down the road they can begin to taper the suboxone if they truly want to be 'opiate free' and 100% clean of exogenous opiates.

As for being harmful,.. well , that is relative. Harmful as in toxic -- no. Deadly, no.

The only downside to suboxone is that it has a long half life,.. meaning when one attempts to withdraw from suboxone it can be quite difficult as the withdrawals can last longer than shorter acting opiates. It is a trade off.

Further, people need to understand addiction is a disease, it isn't what you consume or necessarily how you consume it. And realize that while on suboxone they are clean in a sense, but technically not clean.. they are still taking an opiate drug thus the brain is not re-regulating the opiate receptors to normal levels.

The key here is harm reduction. If someone is shooting up heroin, or other opiate drugs they are at risk of contracting Hepatitis, HIV, STD's, infection, collapsed veins, infection, and other deadly disease. Moving to a once daily , legal, Rx like suboxone takes all of that harm out of the equation. Further it takes the real risk of law enforcement catching up with someone out of the equation.

Your husband needs to follow the doctors advice, and really needs to get tools to deal with addiction -- whether this is AA, NA, private therapy,.. etc it is up to him. But having the tools and mindset on how to live 'clean' takes time and practice. The suboxone can give him that opportunity to prepare himself.

Take care,

Antidepressants, Suboxone, And Alcohol?
Thanks For Taking The Time To Read This. I Have A Few Questions One Is I Am Going To The Doctor To Get On Suboxone Tomorrow However I Was Wondering The Effects It Has When You Mix It With Alcohol. It'S Important To Mention That I Make My Own Wine And Although I Do Drink A Fair Amount Every Week, I Don'T Drink To Self Medicate. I Do Have A Problem With Opiates And Depression. If Suboxone Dosn'T Play Well With Alcohol Is There Another Antidepressant That Would Work For Me? I'M Talking Like A Prescription That Dosn'T Even Warn About Drinking. Any Info And Advice Is Appreciated.

wait, you want to use sub as an anti D?

but suboxone doesnt mix well (because its buperenorphin with nalaxone)

subutex does, fine to mix... (no nalaxone)

but buperenorphin (opiate in suboxone/subutex) is still an opiate and mixing is always dangerous.

i get RXd subutex (friendly with my doctor, he trusts me and i am trustworthy) from my doctor so i CAN drink and not have to worry about being sick from nalaxone. now i dont drink everyday, maybe will get drunk once on the weekend, and have a few beers over the week.

but anti Ds should not be mixed with alcohol...

Are Computer Games Addicting?
My Son Could Play Minecraft For Hours. It Seems To Be A Productive Game, But I Think He'S Addicted Because His Grades Are Slipping And All He Thinks About Even Writes And Talks About Is This Game. I Read This: &Quot;Research Shows That The Chemicals Triggered By About 30 Minutes Of Play Rival An Amphetamine High. Eventually, A Process Called “Habituation” Takes Over — Rewiring The Brain And Creating A Physiological Dependence Similar To Cocaine Addiction. In Fact, The First Detox Center For Video-Game Addicts Opened In The Netherlands Recently.&Quot; (Ref Below) Anyone Had An Experience Where They Did Not Stop Playing Computer Games And Regretted It? Like Didn'T Do Well In School And Paid A Big Price Later? I Would Love To Tell My Son. See Http://Www.Focusonthefamily.Com/Parenting/Protecting_Your_Family/Making_Space_For_Character_In_A_Techoverloaded_World/Digital_Junkies.Aspx

Well, first things first, don't freak out about it (in fairness, it doesn't look like you are). The paragraph you quote may incline you to think computer games are addictive like drugs, when it would be a better comparison to say that they're addictive like cell phones, Facebook, soap operas (or TV in general), spectator sports, gambling, et cetera.

That point aside, yes... Games can be addictive. And anything addictive can be detrimental to other, more productive and responsible, areas of life.

Honestly, in your position I'd be inclined to limit the input. Restrict him to a certain number of hours a day, or reward study/chores with Minecraft time. I'd be careful not to be punitive... A few hours a day still looks pretty bad, but may be a half decent middle ground. Certainly, I'd rather my kid playing Minecraft for three or four hours a day over them watching television (which mindless and unengaging) or being on Facebook (which inclines kids towards narcissism) for a comparable amount of time.

Anyway, hopefully that'll be some food for thought. Best of luck.

Will I Fail A Drug Test If I Was Near Marijuana?
Okay, Today I Was With A Couple Girls And They Didnt Know How To Roll A Blunt And So I Do Know How. And They Wanted Me To Roll 4 Blunts For Them So I Did Not Thinking That Im On Probation And I Get Tested Every 2 Weeks, Anyways I Rolled The Blunts And While I Was Little Particles Came In My Mouth But I Spitted It Out And Made Sure It Was Out Completely And They Smoked One In The Car But The Windows Were Open I Smelled The Weed But It Wasnt Too Heavy Of Smoke. I Didnt Feel High Or Anything So The Next Day Which Was Today They Smoked The Other 2 Blunts In The Car Again The Windows Are Rolled Down Now Im Scared Shittless Cause My Drug Test Is Wednesday And Today Is Monday Im Afraid Im Gunna Fail. Its A Panel 16 Urine Test I Have To Go Down In The Lab And Take The Test Its For County Probation Its Really Accurate So Idk Guys Plzz Dont Screw Around I Need To Know Cause If I Fail I Go To Jail For 1 Year And My Charge Was Bs It Was Over A Freaking Driving Under Suspension Traffic Ticket And They Gave Intense Probation Im 150 Pounds And Im 22 Years Old And This Is What I Look Like Http://Www.Myspace.Com/Deeplystuck/Photos/Albums/My-Photos/99904 Thank You So Much

hey ur not gonna fail if if u did what you said. you have my word.

however you would fail if you inhaled the blunt smoke and got high. drinking water antioxidants like cranberry juice clean your system, exercising because thc stays in fat cells, saunas help sweat it out.
if you smoke frequently i recommend you find a good detox drink from your drug store. I go to GNC. Its expensive tho about $50 but im sure it will clean you right out with no side effects, accept for the cleanliness of your body.

yo and probationary jail time is wrong, the entire judicial system is corrupted with unnecessary punishments for meaningless crimes.

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