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FAQ's Heroin Rehab In De Leon Springs Florida

How Dangerous Is Intravenous Cocaine Use, Compared To Insufflated?
I'Ve Used Cocaine Quite A Bit, Went To Rehab Not Too Long Ago, And Am Currently At Almost 9 Months Clean. The First Time Around I Relapsed At 3 Months But Only Used Half A Gram (Intranasally) And Threw The Rest Away. I Keep Thinking About Shooting It Up, And Was Wondering, How Much Worse Is It For You To Shoot It Compared To Snorting It? Thanks.

The dependency for injecting cocaine is 4.5 times more intense than snorting it. That means the dependency for injecting cocaine is also 1.5 times more intense than smoking crack-cocaine, unbelievably.

When you snort cocaine, only 40% on average makes it into your blood, taking 3-5 minutes on average for the affects to take place - which means the peak is not as high as injecting it.

When injecting cocaine, 100% makes it into your blood, taking just 10-30 seconds on average for the affects to take place - which means the peak is the maximum it can ever be, making the craving more intense and the comedown worse.

It is also very easy to overdose injecting cocaine. It appears the average man can overdose on just 0.8 grams of cocaine being injected.

Detox Infomation?
How Long Does It Take To Detox Off Lorcetts ....Xanax..... And .....Somas.....I Was In A Detox Center For 10 Days And I Feel Like **** We Were Eating Honey And Drinking Gatorade.

Hi, detoxing off from loracets is a pain in the as& and although it can make you feel like you are near death, it is doable and it will take some time..different for different feel well again..but don't give up. It is a short acting opiate and if you have already been 10 days have gotten the worst of that behind you..just try to get some support and you will continue to feel better as the days pass. Your brain is still adjusting to making those natural "feel good chemicals" that the opiates were doing so it's natural that you don't feel like yourself, but please be will feel better. As far as the xanax, if you have detoxed off from them..that's even better. It is one of the worst things to come off from and if you have made it this long, you'll be fine..again, I would strongly reccomend some sort of therapy or a support group to help you cope with this and not to slip back. The somas I don't have any experience with but I had a friend that took many and was in re hab many times for it but from what I learned, it is probably the easiest of the three to deal with detoxing from. whatever you do, don't let anyone convince you to turn to methadone...that is the worst and many people are not educated enough when they start this program and it is said to be 10 times worse than coming off heroin. If you have made it 10 days now, you'll be fine..just allow your body some time to get back to normal. The first time I detoxed off loracet, I still didn't feel like myself 29 days later but I could function..and I picked up again. Something I will always regret. Hang in there. You have got the worst part behind you and if you want, you can e-mail me. Best wishes!

For How Long Was Sanjay Dutt On Drugs?
How Long Was Drug Use?

He actually experienced with drugs from an early age. In 1982, Sanjay had a hit with Vidhaata. However Sanjay's personal life took a turn for the worse and he began to lead a life filled with booze, parties and drugs. Meanwhile the media too were ruthless and kept printing stories of how his mother Nargis's ill health had worsened due to her son's drug addiction. They also criticised him as an actor. Sanjay already knee deep in depression was further pushed in his drug addiction. His drug addiction began to affect his career too, Sanjay was being considered for the film Hero, but later Subhash Ghai opted not to cast him due to his drug addiction. His father Sunil Dutt decided to intervene and tried his best to pull his son out of the darkness. Sunil Dutt sent Sanjay to a drug rehabilitation centre in America. Sanjay stayed there and recuperated for several months in the rehab centre and through sheer effort kicked off his drug addiction.

How Long Does A Heroin Addict Have To Stay In Rehab On Average?
I Would Like To Know For A Story I Am Writing, And I Am Also Wondering What Kind Of Treatment They Recieve. Anything, Even A Tiny Bit Of Information, Will Help. Thanks!

I'm not sure have you looked on drug related sites like wikepida or anything on rehab etc. I'm not sure though. I do know that heroin addicts go onto a drug called Methadone which has similar effects but it is to help wean them.

Help Help.How Long Would A 10Mg Methadone Stay In Your System?
I'M A Recovering Opiate Addict And I Took Methadone To Help Me With Withdrawals But I Have A Drug Test And Im Not Even Allowed To Have Methadone In My System (Its Not For Rehab Its For My New Job)

Well methadone is an opiate, and generally (depending on how much body fat you have) it Will be in your system for a week minimum, if you have a higher level of body fat then it could take as long as two weeks to a month. I would recommend drinking a lot of water/cranberry juice and cut down on how much you eat to speed up the process. You can also buy Niacin tablets at Wal-Mart that will help you clear your system, but they may make you pee a lot and may cause you to feel uncomfortable (sweaty, itchy, raised temp.). They don't have any serious side-effects health-wise, at least none as bad as methadone.

How Long Is The Average Drug Rehab Stay?

21 days i think may be

Ive Been On Heroin For About 3 Weeks Bout 6 Points A Day I Have Cold Turkyed It How Long Will Withdrawls Last?

The best thing you could do for yourself is call a detox centre and get all the information you need. It can be dangerous to do this alone, so stay in touch with someone or get into a detox or rehab elsewhere. And good for you!

I Am Addicted To Opiates. I Have Gone To Multiple Doctors To Get Them.?
My Question Is Can I Just Go To Any Of The Doctors That Gave Me Pain Meds And Ask For Methadone So I Can Get Off The Opiates And Not Have To Deal With The Withdrawl. How Should I Go About Dealing Wtih My Addiction. I Dont Have The Money For Detox Or A Treatment Place Plus It Isnt That Bad Of An Addiction But I Do Know If I Quit Taking The Pain Meds I Will Go Through Withdrawls For A Couple Weeks. So How Do I Get Methadone To Get Over This Addiction. Do I Need To Go To A Methadone Clinic Or Can I Just Go To Any Random Doctor And Explain And Are The Odds Good That I Will Get The Methadone So I Slowly Get Off The Opiate Addiction. I Am Not A Junkie So Dont Even Insult Me With Responses Relating Or Even Implying This. I Had A Back Disease For The Past 6 Years But Is Slowly Getting Better Through Treatment. My Doctor That Diagnosed Me Suffered A Major Heart Attack And Is Unable To Work Anymore So I Was Forced To See Random Doctors To Get My Pain Meds. Not A Junkie,Just Was In Pain

You can go to a methadone clinic in your area. Contact your local county medical services

They will do a blood to test you for opiates, which if are taking pain meds will show up. You have to test 'dirty' or they cannot administer methadone to you. Your first dose will be 40mg. I think and then you will be lower everyday for the next two weeks. It usually works for low level addiction.

They will give you an option to go through a 14 day detox (which I would recommend) or a maintenance program.

It will cost you about $180 for the 14 day deal but it is well worth not having to go through withdrawls if you don't have to.

Depending on what you have been taking, how much, and how long, you may or may not even have physical withdrawls.

You can tell by just not doing any meds for a day. If you are withdrawling you will have hot/cold spells, your bones will hurt, your stomach will cramp and you will have diarrhea. You could have some problems sleeping but that you will experience from the methadone also.

Here's a few links that may help.

When you are off them please don't make the mistake of doing them again. I have been in a pain management program for years for a spine injury and have seen plenty of people ruin their lives with pain medications. Do yourself a favor and once you get off don't go back.

I've been through all the withdrawls from pain medications, methadone, and even heroin, and it not worth the buzz for the price you will pay to get off them Good luck

My Mom Is On Probation. But She Did A Drug Test And Came Up A With Cocaine & Weed. How Long Could She Go Jail?
It May Be A Half Way House. How Long Will She Go Away?

You don't always go to jail.

She can be re sentenced on the original charge.

She can be given more probation and /or jail.

She can't be forced to go to rehab. as it costs a lot.

I'm sorry you have to go through this.

jail actually would be good as she would detox under medical supervision and be able to do some heavy thinking.

How Do You Deal With Surprise Visits From Long Time Friends Who Are Addicted To Crack Cocaine?
Loss Of Job; Dysfunctional Families;Reliability; Financial Dependency; Sexual Deviance; Paranoia

Well I know how you feel because I have had this happen to me. The awful truth is that helping your friend will most likely just enable them to use again. They really are just hopelessly addicted. If your friend really wants to get clean then you can find a rehab that will help them. If money is a problem then look up salvation army. If your friend is a really good friend then offer him some help. Otherwise tell your friend that you disagree with there lifestyle and you dont want that kinda life.

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